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After his parents disappear, 12 year old Henry York is sent to live with an aunt and uncle he hasn t seen since he was 4 He doesn t wish his parents any harm.but he doesn t really want them to come back either They are.odd Henry has learned over the years that his upbringing has been strange and markedly different from other kids around him He s learned to roll with it and through observation has found ways to fit in and make friends But just as he arrives and starts to settle in at his relatives house, he finds strangeness First there is the door to his grandfather s room It s been locked up tight ever since he died two years before And nothing seems to be able to open the door Then there are the cupboards Not the normal, sitting out in the open type cupboards These have been plastered over in the attic where Henry sleeps One night, he wakes up with plaster dust all over his bed.the cupboards are no longer covered And Henry s life will never be the same.One word sums up this delightful middle grade story Magical Just like the wardrobe in Narnia, the cupboards have the poiwer to connect to other worlds Henry and his cousin Henrietta work together to discover the secrets behind their grandfather s door, and what lies beyond the cupboard doors Just a lovely story 100 Cupboards is the first book in a trilogy Great introduction to a series I can t wait to read the other books I listened to the audiobook version of 100 Cupboards Narrated by Russell Horton, the audiobook is just under 6.5 hours long Horton reads at a nice, even pace and has a clear understandable voice I have hearing loss, but was able to clearly hear and understand him N.D Wilson is the author of several other middle grade books including the Ashtown Burials series 100 cupboards is the first book I read by Wilson I will definitely be reading the rest of the series, and reading of his other books My kids are grown, adults That said I still often read YA books They of course like books of any genre and reader level run the gamut from excellent to unreadable They also have a range of maturity level.I have mentioned before that books on the YA shelf can be YA,Ya or yA This one I d say is Yamuch young than adult.We open here with a young man who comes to live withwell we ll not go into the relationship as that s part of the story Let s say a distant uncle and aunt type couple..Anyway our parent less child gets a bedroom in the attic It s a fairly nice and even interesting place, except for that odd noise that seems to be coming from behind the plaster on the wall So being a well behaved and normal young man, he begins to chip the plaster off his wall Humm Underneath he finds the wall covered with small cupboards and an old fashioned mailbox.And there is evidence that these cabinets may have backs that open into different worlds.you know the kind of thing that happens every day.Well, from here things get, unusual I was a little uncertain as to what to rate this one I was leaning toward 3 stars because the story wanders around a bit and gets very slow at times Still a lot of that is because this is aimed at younger readers and I think the story telling style will appeal to younger readers.This is well constructed fun magical story and I think most will like it 3.5 to 4 stars Enjoy. I m quite conflicted about this book On the one hand, the premise is fantastic a wall full of doorways into other worlds some benign, some not so much But the names of the female characters were confusing they re all allusions to famous females incl Dorothy from Kansas but i also kept forgetting how old the little girls were supposed to be, because they speak and act like different ages all the time The town s name is Henry, and the two main kids are named Henry and Henrietta Huh My real complaint, however, is that so many issues were brought up and then just dropped that the book really doesn t stand on its own I have yet to read book number 2, but perhaps they should have been bundled into one We ll see Finally, there s just something odd about the tone of this book It reminded me of that film Big Fish, which I desperately wanted to like But it just left me kind of cold PS the violence mentioned by other readers didn t bother me at all The witch is appropriately disgusting, and is one of the cooler parts of the book plus, she s Arthurian what s not to like. I can t believe I made it all the way through to the end of this book Maybe because I just kept waiting for something to happen and really it didn t I have to give the author credit anyone that can literally write over 50 pages describing cupboards and one main setting of maybe a room This book started out great but really I felt like I was in sand and going no where fast, and it just kept feeling to the end I think it was the writing style, the style was of telling the reader then actually bringing it to life and having it happen for me There wasn t much dialogue so it was all told Very time consuming Great idea but not such great delievery of the story idea. Wow I really loved this book Deliciously creepy elements blend with terrific characterization, poetic prose and exciting plot Will update in a bit Edit Now to add a bit I like how the author has taken classic fantasy tropes, the lost Special One the Hidden World the Wise Fool and blended them in new ways I particularly like how Henry finds the world away from the smothering overprotective one his parents have created for him just as magical as the actual magical worlds he discovers exist behind the plaster in his bedroom at his Uncle s house What kind of world is it for a child who has never tasted a soda Never played baseball Never climbed a ladder A nice poke at the growing overprotectiveness that parents tend to display in our culture And the cupboards 99 worlds behind your head as you lay in bed, some brilliant and beautiful, some mundane, and some so frightening that they will make you faint There are scenes of such tension that my heart was pounding in excitement and fear for the characters There are scenes that made me laugh out loud with delight I loved the skillful use of language, the luminous descriptions that were never tedious There were elements that reminded me strongly of Narnia, with the witch in this book just as chilling as the White Witch of Narnia I m hopeful that the next in the series lives up to this first book. Let me make one thing clear the only reason I m deducting the 5th star is because this book does not stand on it s own It s very clearly the start of a series and I m greatly annoyed that now I have to wait for the next installment That being said, the scene with the chainsaw in the carpet is almost worth adding the 5th star backThis is a creepy little children s fantasy Give to fans of Charlie Bone, Coraline, Gregor the Overlander, the Narnia books, Chrestomanci, and yes that HP fellow There are some standard fantasy elements here orphaned child well, not really discovers magic items cupboards, lots and lots of cupboards that lead to alternate universes , uses said magical items well, actually it s his cousin that takes the first header through the cupboard and bad yet truly fantastical things result.I wish I had a better literary background the better to describe the writing It s somewhat surreal, Henry is deposited in the town of Henry, encounters locked rooms, ghosts in the bathroom, magical cupboards, all the while attending barbecues, playing baseball, and discovering unsuspected secrets about his origins The whole thing flows, rolling along like one of the tumbleweeds Henry s Uncle tries to sell to Japanese businessmen on e bay I love how Henry s Aunt and Uncle are obviously in on some secrets but are very accepting, loving and supportive of Henry, all without coming clean Can t wait for the sequel. After a pretty slow start, this book got weird fast One minute I m waiting for some action and answers, the next I m wondering how I fell into Tim Burton s brain It got so weird that it was a little hard to understand at times I m fairly fantasy versed and even I had trouble interpreting some of the stuff towards the end of the book Wilson really tried hard to start cramming in characters with speaking styles that were unique to their situation Unfortunately, this will probably leave many intermediate readers scratching their heads in confusion The story really dragged for the first half of the book There really was a lot exposition than necessary And then Henrietta fell down the rabbit hole and all heck broke loose It was dark and creepy and at times, hard to understand In the end, we didn t really get a ton of answers and I m not sure that I have much desire to continue the series I don t know that I will find out who Henry s parents are, or where all the 100 cupboards lead to because, quite frankly, Wilson didn t make me care enough about the characters I cared enough to finish the book, but was left pretty confused and not having much hope for the next book. Twelve Year Old Henry York Wakes Up One Night To Find Bits Of Plaster In His Hair Two Knobs Have Broken Through The Wall Above His Bed And One Of Them Is Slowly Turning Henry Scrapes The Plaster Off The Wall And Discovers Cupboards Of All Different Sizes And Shapes Through One He Can Hear The Sound Of Falling Rain Through Another He Sees A Glowing Room With A Man Pacing Back And Forth Henry Soon Understands That These Are Not Just Cupboards, But Portals To Other Worlds Scrub the bones Great line, and one of the most memorable This book felt like what C.S Lewis would have been if he wasn t British, didn t drink tea and crumpets every day and enjoyed college basketball. How can it get better 100 small cupboards hidden under plaster in an ordinary looking Kansas house where Henry has come to await word on his parents, travel writers being held by Columbian kidnappers His aunt, uncle, and three girl cousins seem perfectly ordinary, but there s a ghost who comes and goes from dead Grandpa s locked room, and there are those cupboards hidden behind Henry s bedroom wall Henry is a cautious, careful hero, somewhat adrift in the world, sucked into dangerous situations by his intrepid cousin Henrietta In between baseball games and family dinners, their strange experiments with the cupboards lead to all kinds of revelations with regard to their family, and letters that arrive through the cupboards warn of danger yet to come.This is a great middle grade contemporary fantasy for boys and girls, and for adults who still thrill at the idea of finding a closed, locked, HIDDEN cupboard