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An Alternate Cover Edition Of This ISBN Can Be Found HereMr And Mrs Brown First Met Paddington, A Most Endearing Bear From Darkest Peru On A Railway Platform In London A Sign Hanging Around His Neck Said, Please Look After This Bear Thank You So That Is Just What They DidFrom The Very First Night When He Attempted His First Bath And Ended Up Nearly Flooding The House, Paddington Was Seldom Far From Imminent Disaster Jonathan And Judy Were Delighted With This Havoc And Even Mr And Mrs Brown Had To Admit That Life Seemed To Be Filled With Adventure When There Was A Bear In The House So Yeah I read this to my kiddo on the assumption it would be nice and wholesome and, above all, CUTE.I suppose it fits the bill In a way In an old generation way In one of those generations that are sleeping the nice comfy warm dreams of the ever cozy and drowsy lives that can accept only a tiny little smidge of fantasy in their staid, solid, middle class English suburbia.I had to stop the book about ten times with my daughter because either she or I fell asleep on it It may be very cute in its way and it may be a real hit for some people, but lordy, to my girl and me this was BORING.Doing my part to ruin yall s nostalgia 0Peace out The entire plot of every Paddington story is he loses a sandwich. When the first trailer for that awful looking Paddington movie appeared, my kids asked about Paddington and I described him in glorious detail and then I realized something I knew that Paddington was a book, I had always known this But I had never read it My experience with Paddington as a child was limited to the wonderful cartoon, which used to play on the early Disney Channel If you re not familiar with the Paddington cartoon, you really must find it the people are hand drawn, with minimal colors, while Paddington stands out as an actual stuffed bear It looks exactly like the original illustrations But of course I promised my kids I would get the first book and read it to them, and so I have What a delight, too Each chapter is really a short story about one of Paddington s adventures They re all just the right length of time for an evening s reading session, with a few pen and ink drawings So charming The stories are all quite timeless, so there s no need to explain anything and the kids don t think it s old fashioned It s a bear at the seaside A bear shopping for a new coat It could take place anytime, any country, really We are excited to get the next book This edition includes a postscript by Michael Bond about how he came up with the idea, and his enjoyment over how Paddington has come to life over the years.