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Great information about praying Different kinds of praying and different ways to work it into your life The information is accompanied by a large number of examples that run the gamut of neo pagan traditions and deities I withheld a star because I found only a few of the prayers really calling to me to be underlined for later use This isn t to say the book won t be useful, but it will take several read throughs and some re writing until they hit my own personal sweet spot This still feels like a foundational book to put on any pagans shelf. A Book of Pagan prayer is an invaluable resource for the spiritual Pagan Ceisiwr Serith begins this gem of a book with thoughts on the role of prayer in Pagan life, how to and preparations for prayer, types of prayer, and composing prayers These first four chapters share solid information on incorporating prayer into individual Pagan practice Refugees from Bells and Smells Christianity will recognize this for a prayer book It is designed for frequent use, with a thick, water resistance cover, and sized to fit nicely in the hand The prayer categories offered cover many aspects of life including family times of the day times of the month times of the year times of life thanksgiving prayers and graces petitionary prayers and blessings litanies and mantrasI recommend this to anyone seeking to deepen their Pagan experience. There Are Many Reference Books On Elaborate Pagan Rituals But Never Until Now A Guide To The Most Basic Of Practices Prayers And Offerings A Book Of Pagan Prayer Provides The Pagan Community A Comprehensive And Thoughtful Selection Of Prayers And Shows Readers How They Too Can Create Their Own After An Introduction On Why To Pray, Author Ceisiwr Serith Explores How To Pray Through Words, Posture, Dance, And Music He Explains How To Prepare For And Compose Prayers, How To Address And Honor The Deities, And How To Conclude A Prayer Serith Also Answers Important Questions, Such As Why Should Pagans Pray Should Prayers Be Spontaneous What Are Offerings About Is All This Just Trying To Buy The Gods Off Gathered From Many Traditions Including Celtic, Germanic, Egyptian, Greek, And Zoroastrian This Guide Includes NearlySample Prayers Organized By Purpose For The Family And Household Times Of The Day, Month, And Year Life Passages Thanksgiving, Grace, And Petition As Well As Litanies And Mantras Whether Offering A Blessing, Celebrating New Life, Safeguarding Travel, Or Honoring The Seasons, Readers Will Discover Timeless Pagan Prayers For Worship, Spiritual Connection, And Personal Relationship With The Gods I really didn t think I would like the book I bought it a while back because it was written by Ceisiwr Serith, who has a website about the Proto Indo Europeans and then I realized that it was mostly Wiccan I changed my mind by the end of the book.The book starts out by explaining why pagans need to pray and make offerings and goes on to explain how to do that He also explains how to use what you know about a god and goddess to help you write your own prayers The selection of prayers he offers are really good, and very much inspiring, so even if I didn t use the prayers themselves I would have ideas on prayers He has gone out of his way to make the prayers appeal to everyone, on any path.What impressed me the most was the list of references at the end of the book The resources he used to write the book are all well known and respected in scholarly circles In my opinion this book is a much needed resource for pagans of all paths. This is my most cherished book of all time I purchased A Book of Pagan Prayer as a teenager and it quickly became a staple of my practice In addition to prayers, this book also offers a meaningful perspective on living as a Pagan it has only becomemeaningful to me as I get older In fact, this book continued to live in my nightstand and comfort me even when I wasn t a practicing Pagan This is a very useful book to have One doesn t have to worship from all of the different patheons mentioned to use this book as a tool The introductory material can be utilized by anyone with a rich, physical prayer life, including Christians and Pagans Many of the prayers in the second half of this book are quite beautiful, and what I like about it is that they are easily adaptable to serve your particular needs Owning this book might just encourage you to write your own prayers.I don t think I would pray through this book front to back, but it is a great foundational work I like that it is a Pagan book that is not just about spellwork but explores how Pagans actually talk to their deities. Finally, a book of prayer for Neo pagans, that isn t exclusively Wiccan Huzzah Highly recommended. I read this for one purpose only to understand why folks pray I ve only known the grovelling prayers of the head covered, trembling, fearful disciples of fill in oppressive deity here What are these Pagans praying for Aren t they supposed to be equal to gods and goddesses This book explained things really, really well for me Basically this you check in with your friends about how you re feeling what s going on in your life why wouldn t you do the same for a deity And there are many deities, many manifestations, to whom you can call on and address concerns comments They can help No beseeching required.I dig the whole take care of your surroundings belief of Paganism I think the Earth is a pretty big deal and deserves some respect But I m not convinced it s inhabited by fairies I d like to believe it, though I guess one needs to have a belief that the prayers have an ear, so to speak Sometimes it s enough to just voice concerns in an open space but others one needs to feel like the information is being processed and you re empathized with This book didn t do that but it didn t set out to do that It was my secret hope.What the author does do brilliantly is lay out the types of prayers and give some for occasions, times of the year, emergencies, etc I wish the chapter on mantras had been longer because I m kind of in to them for good luck rituals sake But if you re trying to construct a personal practice of any religion and need some guidance about what to say and when to say it, you can t beat this as a starting point.I can t believe I liked this as much as I did. This book is greatly needed in my opinion as modern Paganism focuses too much on magic and not enough on prayer and relationships to the Deities Serith suggests how to approach the gods, and the theology history behind prayer Not only does he include lovely prayers for a variety of occasions and deities from different cultures but also gives tips on how to create your own prayers It s also small and handy for traveling or ministry public advocacy.Recommended to any Pagan, both beginners and advanced When I was young, I had a little copy of the New Testiment, probably given to me by Witness or other person spreading the Good News It was, on a purely physical level, beautiful to me It was small, easily clutched in the hand, had exuisite silky pages and a sturdy, but soft binding etc etc I would read it before bed, just to experience the sensation of holding it my hand its contents, however, never inspired me.Today, I was having a sad morning, was feeling a bout of depression, and then the postman delivered into my hands something wonderful.It was a book, its physical beauty not far from my old New Testament it is a book to be clutched, carried close and reverently referenced Its contents, however, are not the mysterious gobeldygook of the Gospels of John, Paul or Ringo, but instead, a collection of prayers useful to a pagan like me The contents speak to me in a way that kneeling in a church never did and the author does not leave us with just these prayers but gives insights into the reasons and the methods that pagans may chose for their prayers It seems to me that this is the sort of book that will reveal something new every time it is opened, even if you ve already read it cover to cover There are general prayers, prayers for different purposes from thanksgiving to rites of passage to simply devotional, prayers to many deities from many pantheons in just a quick flipping through the pages showed me Roman, Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Native American, and even Asian names among others I couldn t place I have a feeling this book will be one that I will treasure for some time to come.