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EARTH RELIGIONS HERBAL MEDICINES For The Ancient Druids, The Healing And Magical Properties Of Herbs Were Inseparable From The Larger Cycles Of The Seasons, The Movements Of The Planets, And The Progression Of A Human Life A Druid S Herbal Shows The Reader How To Use Herbs When Creating Rituals To Celebrate Festivals And Significant Life Passages Such As Births, House Blessings, Weddings, Funerals, And Naming Ceremonies Drawing On Extensive Research And A Deep Personal Experience With Pagan Traditions, Ellen Evert Hopman Explores The History And Folklore Surrounding The Eight Major Celtic Festivals Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltaine, Summer Solstice, Lugnasad, And Fall Equinox Included In Each Discussion Are Complete Instructions On The Medicinal And Magical Uses Of The Herbs Associated With Each Celebration Using These Celtic Traditions As Examples, The Author Suggests Ways To Incorporate The Symbolic And Magical Power Of Herbs Into Personal Rituals That Honor All Phases Of Life From Childbirth To Last Rites Also Included Are Chapters On How To Prepare Herbal Tinctures, Salves, And Poultices Herbs Used By The Druids Herbal Alchemy And The Planets And The Relationships Between Herbs And Sacred Places Filled With Practical Information And Imaginative Suggestions For Using Herbs For Healing, Ceremony, And Magic, This Book Is An Indispensable And Comprehensive Guide To Age Old Herbal Practices A Master Herbalist, Psychotherapist, And Lay Homeopath, Ellen Hopman Is The Author Of Tree Medicine, Tree Magic And The Video Gifts Of The Healing Earth, And Co Author Of People Of The Earth The New Pagans

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    Goodness, this felt like a long book There is a lot of good information here, but you must be willing to read some serious lists Correspondences, associations, and uses for an impressive variety of herbs are arranged according to a greater purpose the 8 sabbats, the planets, Druidry itself, and the many stages and rites of passage in life This is most definitely a book you will enjoy being able to reference than you ll enjoy reading cover to cover But being the kind of reader I am, I did indeed read it straight through and recommend it.As is now common for magical books, A Druid s Herbal contains just as much information on healing with herbs as it does the magic of them This is not a selling point for me as I own many herbalism books already, and like to keep the two styles separate, but this one is works them together quite well Instructions for remedies are quick and simple, other chapters are referenced in parentheses instead of info being doubled up, and simple lists instead of explanations of illnesses diseases an herb cures keep things brief This allowed the author space to include both standard herbalist and homeopathic uses without wasting space The magical uses of each herb are just as succinctly described and come from well known and respected sources Having them arranged by festivals rites as they are makes this book especially useful when organizing events Before choosing the particulars of a sabbat ritual or other gathering, this would be a nice book to flip through for ideas I suggest, however, that if you keep a reference of herbal remedies you copy down into it the info you ll want right away This would be a hard book to search in an emergency.I find it odd that though this book is about and for Druids, it reads so much like a general Pagan book Knowing not as much as I d like of the particulars of Druidry, I cannot say for certain on this point.As a nice surprise, the appendices are first class A pronunciation guide to the Gaelic featured and a short list of fine mail order resources, combined with a good bibliography, a list of related books, and full indices for both subjects and the herbs themselves makes the back pages very worthwhile.

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    Very useful on a number of different levels If one is a practicing pagan, with an eye to the Celtic, then this is very handy Or if one is just trying to live on this earth in a friendlier manner, then the use of plants is very useful.

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    Found this book interesting and how the herbs relate to the cycle of the earth and to people sensitive to nature.

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS WRITING STYLE very informative with some history tidbits AND ritual how to s are the key to the perfect crafting pagan book in my opinion even if you re just interested in learning about pagans and druids I HIGHLY recommend this read can t wait to read the follow up.

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    Love this herbal, and reference it often.

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    Great book to have in a reference library for those interested in herbalism and how it relates to magick.

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    Very interesting.

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    This book had a profound effect on my spiritual life I was already an herbalist when I read it but by the end of the book I decided to seriously study Druidism Up to that time I had skimmed through information on Druidry, read the myths and had an interest but this book set me solidly on the path I was to follow for life.

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    All and all not bad these kind of books can be sooo bad This is not an ancient druid s herbal I guess but a new one with lots of new world plants included She does give medical and non uses for the herbs she has included.

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    This book was very informative and I am quite pleased that the author included all relevant warnings and advice on the herbs included It can be a little repetitive and dry, though.