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An In Depth Look At The History, Herbal Uses, And Spiritual Aspects Of The Sacred Trees In The Ancient Celtic Ogham Tree Alphabet Details TheTrees Of The Ogham Alphabet And Their Therapeutic And Magical Virtues Examines The Forest Druid Practices Associated With Each Tree As Well As The Traditional Uses In Native American Medicine Describes The Celtic Fire Festivals And How Each Tree Is Featured In These Holy Days By The Author Of A Druid S Herbal For The Sacred Earth YearThe Druids Used The Ancient Ogham Tree Alphabet To Work Magic And Honor The Dead, Surrounding Each Letter With Medicinal And Spiritual Lore Poets And Bards Created A Secret Sign Language To Describe The Letters, Each Of Which Is Named For A Tree Or A Plant For Centuries This Language Was Transmitted Only Orally In Order To Protect Its SecretsCombining Her Extensive Herbal Knowledge And Keen Poetic Insight, Ellen Evert Hopman Delves Deeply Into The Historic Allusions And Associations Of Each Of TheLetters Of The Ogham Tree Alphabet She Also Examines Native American Healing Methods For Possible Clues To The Way Ancient Europeans May Have Used These Trees As Healing Agents Druidic Spiritual Practices, Herbal Healing Remedies, And Plant Lore Are Included For Each Tree In The Alphabet As Well As How Each Is Used In Traditional Rituals Such As The Celtic Fire Festivals And Other Celebrations Hopman Also Includes A Pronunciation Guide For The Oghams And Information On The Divinatory Meanings Associated With Each Tree

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    Hopman s books are exactly the kind of magical reference books every Druid or Witch needs on their bookshelf The information is concise, clear, but most of all magical Every page provides insight to the magical practitioner in both practice and lore background I have an immense Ovate crush on her A Druid s Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine by Ellen Evert Hopman continue s her fantastic work with a brilliant focus on the trees of the Ogham I ve read a handful of books that deal with Ogham and working with healing and or magical trees Hopman s book on these trees stands out because of the research and practical solutions offered Each tree has its own section which begins with the Ogham symbol, its English common name, and the Gaelic word for the Ogham Readers will enjoy reading about the history and lore of each tree There was a surprising amount about how the trees were used in the ancient laws, too The Herbal Use part gives information about healing properties based on Celtic herbalism It also includes information about how the different First Nations in the United States have traditionally used the plant There is so much to work with in this part Warnings about different reactions and harm for each plant is clearly made to the reader, but the suggestions are easy to keep within the realm of safety Finally, each tree receives a part dedicated to the spiritual aspect All the information seems well researched and practical This is impressive considering how easy and engaging it was while I was reading The second half of the book dives into the magical uses of the trees and tools of a Druidic path I learned a great deal in this section and had some other personal experiences confirmed The only downside was the time spent on the seasonal festivals I feel like this is covered in so many other titles including some of Hopman s that it was unnecessary for this book The final chapters on divination and the summary for each Ogham, made up for any redundancy found on the wheel of the year chapter I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to any magical practitioner This would be an excellent companion during a Druid s Ovate studies

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    It might not have been the right time for me to read this book It had a lot of information that was helpful but I was often irritated that the tree section often than not went off on a tangent for the first page or so on other things semi related to each tree I guess what I was hoping for was a book sticking closely to the tree information itself It also seemed slightly repetitive in some parts where I suppose there was not enough filler for each tree medicinal sections.Please don t get me wrong those things are minor and like I said, this was probably not the right time for the book to come to me for my journey I did find the second half of the book fascinating, however It gave me a lot of things to keep researching.

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    Parts of this book are a great reference for those interested in the history of the Ogham alphabet, Druidic divination, and even traditional Irish recipes appropriate for different festivals However, parts seem to have been lifted wholesale from traditions, particularly Indigenous North American ones, which are definitively not Druidic or Celtic.Also, the book will be minimally useful to those who do not live in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere Not a book for Floridians, Australians, etc.

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    There is a wealth of information in this book, mainly on oghams An excellent and informative read but captivating if you re looking for knowledge.