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I found this book really interesting, well written and informative, but still easy to read and get into Her research was in depth, and the information was presented accurately, interestingly, and without bias.Really enjoyed it, and wondering if there are any Otherkin in my area now. The Otherkin Community Is A Small But Growing Subculture Of People Who Identify In Some Way Spiritually, Metaphorically As Something Other Than Human Some Resonate With Dragons While Others Believe They Were Elves In Another Life And Still Others Resonate With Wolves, Great Cats And Other Earthly Animals Whether Otherkin Yourself, Or Simply Curious, This Book Is The First To Offer You An In Depth Look Into This Unique Community It is sad that this landmark book has gone out of print This book was the first of its kind, but hopefully will not be the last book to explore the psychology and spirituality of therianthropy and otherkin.Lupa has said on her blogs that she could have beenin depth if she had done this after she had gotten her degree I do agree, but also believe that she did extremely thorough a job considering that she was undergoing psychiatric training at the time and in it being a rough field guide. Ever wonder if you were not quite human This book lets you know you re not alone, yet never gets TOO serious about the idea. Interesting compilation of material, especially about walk ins and soulbonds, which I know little about I liked the great detail and agree with a lot of the conclusions of the author. I bought this book soon after its release and have been re reading it at least 2 3 times after At the time of its release it quickly became famous between the otherkin communities, and was then up to date However, it has now become a bit outdated, and it is also worth mentioning that the author no longer identify as a therianthrope The book is interesting to read, it contains illustrations and several interviews, from people of various walks of life Worth a read, if you can find a copy I give it three out of five stars, due to the book being outdated and the author no longer considering herself a therianthrope. Essential reading when it comes to Otherkin See also O Scribner s marginalia on the book. Lupa s book, A Field Guide to Otherkin is an amazing book for anyone who has ever felt not quite right in their human skin Based on a questionnaire the author created, the book revolves around descriptions of the different types of Otherkin from elf kin, dragon kin, therians and beyond It utilizes quotes directly from the questionnaire answers and even supplies the actual questionnaire for the reader to fill out, if they so choose I learned an incredible amount from this book and have referred back to it numerous times My first copy is so beat up from use, I m considering purchasing a new one I was thrilled to finally read something on Otherkin I ve wanted to read on the topic for some time, but with the lack of printed materials out there I wasn t sure where to begin.Lupa writes in a style that s clear and easy to read without making you look up words every page like some non fiction authors do.In reading the book I was happy and shocked to read some of the things I did Not only thing that related to myself but things that related to others not others as in Otherkin Lupa takes time to explain her writing and her meanings and her use of APA style in this book was wonderful because you could easily take a few moments to look something up at the bottom of the page or mark something for later reference.I admire Lupa not only as a reader of her work or another writer, but I admire her as a person in general Her writing in this book comes across as she does even on social media Friendly, knowledgeable, and comfortable as who she is This book is one of the small number I ll be reading again and again and I can t wait to readof Lupa s works.