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A Book Of Conversations With Prominent Druids From Across Britain, The USA And Other Countries Whose Voices Describe The Basic Beliefs, Practices And Struggles Of The Emerging Druid Faith Conducted In Person And Online In The Late Th Century, These Collected Conversations Provide A Historic Window Into The Movers And Shakers Of The Modern Druid World

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    Great Book with Many PerspectivesReally enjoyed this book The perspectives of so many modern day druids I quote because they do not all consider themselves druids was refreshing Ms Hopman does an amazing job documenting each of her interviews and getting perspectives on topics of commonality as add difference The amazing insight into each of these persons and how they view this religion and spiritual path was amazing and insightful.Well done and worth the read.

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    At first, I was leery about a book of interviews that were conducted two decades ago However, once I started seeing this glimpse into the past lives of these spiritual folk, I was fascinated Not only does Ms Hopman have interviews of several leaders of the Druid path that have since passed beyond the veil, she includes several follow ups to the predictions therein While everyone is aware of the maxim that hindsight is 20 20, these interviews show that truth in sharp detail Several of the interviews offer unique perspectives from paths divergent from the most popular Druid paths, showing a greater variety of belief systems then I was aware of It truly expanded my understanding of the possibilities I especially enjoyed the descriptions of each interviewees early spiritual education, and their visions of what the Druid path could be in the future If I had any criticism of the book, it would be that it might have updates on the interviewees, indicating where they were twenty years later, and if any of their views or paths had changed.I received an ARC from the author Christy Nicholas, author of Legacy of HungerLegacy of Hunger

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    A fascinating collection of interviews gathered together by Ellen Evert Hopman from some of the most influential people in the pagan druid world covering the USA, Canada and Britain It offers a unique view into the modern day world of druidry, what gives it an interesting spin is that the interviews were all carried out in and around 1996 it is a wonderful time hop to see how druidry was perceived then and what the expectations were and compare them to now.