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This Book Carries On The Tradition Of The Solo Village Witch Emphasizing White Rather Than Black Magic It Is A Practical Manual Of Instruction For Those Who Choose The Solo Path Of Study And Particularly Stresses The Importance Of Being In Tune With Nature As There Are ApproximatelyMoons Each Year The Book Is Divided IntoParts Each Section Is Aimed At Lasting From The New Moon To The Dark To Make The Student Fully Aware Of The Changing Power In The Tides Of The Sea And The Tides Of The Self The Moon Long Sections Deal With A Variety Of Taditional Arts, Skills And Mental Exercises Which Enables The Aspiring Witch To Discover The Inner World Of Magic Inside Him Herself

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    A beautifully written guide for solo practitioners of the old ways I love her bare and simple approach to natural magic, connecting with the rhythms of the moon and the seasons on a personal level She reminds us often of the old ways, working hands on with nature, getting one s hands dirty in the actual dirt, rather than the sterilized, ego pleasing, urban pseudo magic that many approaches seem to take This is practical and wise advice, and beautifully written My only semi gripe is that she s very Britain centric and refers to many customs and plants that are simply harder for me to grasp, living here in California where we don t have the same history But we DO have a history with the Native Americans Ohlone, Miwok, and Esselen here , and with the energies of the native plants and animals The ultimate takeaway is, of course, to use the plants and herbs and settings that are natural to your area and the time you spend getting to know them, the you ll come to know and understand their individual energies and properties and how you can use them properly by hanging out with the trees in your area, for example, growing your own herbs, or observing the sun s path across your garden, field, or beach Succulents and cacti can be just as magically powerful as holly and ivy The chapters and exercises are divided per moon cycle 13 moons per year , making it a great guide over the course of a year to learn and begin to deeply work with the plants and energies of your area This is definitely a guide I ll be referring to again

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    A very practical, down to earth and not pretentious guide to witchcraft for seekers and beginners While not everything about Witchcraft appeals to me, I do love that the author of this book emphasizes that magic is simple and can be practised by anyone who is willing to listen to deeper whispers within themselves Magic comes from that mysterious, non linear part of our minds, that unconscious place that is often left untapped The potential to heal yourself, heal others and gain greater direction and meaning for your life in such simple, earthy ways is what I love the most about this book.

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    I m giving this book five stars out of sheer nostalgia Maybe it s not the best book out there now, but when I read it as a teenager about to leave home and family and start a new life in Wales it was inspirational no real internet back then, that was any use, by the way I d been bumping up against pagan ideas for a while and then this book kept appearing as recommendations in the strangest places.So I ordered it and bought it and read it so often the spine disintegrated I worked through most of the exercises As someone new to the craft, it was ideal She has an open and questioning way that I really appreciated at the time no dogma, just suggestions What do YOU think, she urges If you want the right way to do something, this book won t tell you that.If you want to be nudged in some new directions, this book might do that.I am almost scared to re read it in case it s not as good as my memory suggests.Basically for a new quester in search of the paths any paths just wanting to be led to the start of one it s great.

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    The thing I loved about this book was the bare bones approach to magick Doing away completely with all the ceremony, fancy tools and words, and just connecting to the natural rhythms of the earth.I like this way of thinking and it has made me think closely about my own direction.The author seems to really take aim at wiccans and modern practitioners, a lot of the time, I thought, rather unfairly.We are all the products of our time, and as much as the author seems to will it, we are not simple villagers living in the 18th century.Though there are many things to be taken and learnt from earlier times, we also need to be able to adapt to our modern world Apart from this, I did enjoy this book.It is quite basic, but it was good to read something different from the usual strict high ceremony approach.This is a book I would recommend that all solitary practitioners read at least once.It serves as a reminder of our true aims and encourages a down to earth approach.

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    Along with Rae Beth s Hedgewitch I believe this is one of the best resources for those on a solitary path.

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    Heavily Wiccan, and I don t agree with everything but still relevant.2018 Discarded I m going through my witchy books slowly and culling them To the library book sale this one goes lol

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    I like Green s style of writing and I think this book is a great source of ideas as well as a nice guide for a solitary witch without the overly ritualistic approach that I dislike I do find the book quite Wiccan centered and I would take what she writes with a grain of salt She seems to put a lot of weight on pointing out historical inaccuracies but fails to mention that her own theories cannot be proven either In this light I find it a bit odd that one of the books she recommends is Margaret Murray s The Witch Cult in Western Europe I personally like to use the book as an encouragement to use your own imagination and look past what you read in books.

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    It s been so long since I read this that I can t give much detail However I ve been recommending it for years Excellent book, well written, and a grounded view of Wicca than many others I ve read.

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    I felt like this book was incredibly Euro centric and very, very basic It dealt with a lot of common sense that was not necessarily just applicable to a magickal practitioner It unfortunately was really a let down and Green s rambling writing style did little to hold my attention.

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    Loved this book live my life by it 0 sgt