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This is a great reference book Well organized and easy to use I recommend it in book form rather than ebook as it is much easier to search for the information one is interested in. This is THE essential book for anyone working with animal spirit guides Andrews covers just about every animal, bird and insect one could think of He provides clear and lucid explanations of the characteristics of each animal guide and what one might gain by working with each animal I plan to keep it as a reference, and I ve already referred to it often It s especially useful when I repeatedly encounter a specific animal in my daily travels, such as the hawk who took up residence in my back yard. Open Your Heart And Mind To The Wisdom Of The Animal World Animal Speak Provides Techniques For Recognizing And Interpreting The Signs And Omens Of Nature Meet And Work With Animals As Totems And Spirit Guides By Learning The Language Of Their Behaviors Within The Physical World Animal Speak Shows You How To Identify, Meet, And Attune To Your Spirit AnimalsDiscover The Power And Spiritual Significance Of ThanDifferent Animals, Birds, Insects, And ReptilesCall Upon The Protective Powers Of Your Animal TotemCreate And Use Five Magical Animal Rites, Including Shapeshifting And Sacred DanceThis Beloved, Bestselling Guide Has Become A Classic Reference For Anyone Wishing To Forge A Spiritual Connection With The Majesty And Mystery Of The Animal World The introduction and first couple chapters give a thorough explanation of power animals and how to work with the symbols archetypes in our lives Ted Andrews obviously has a profound knowledge of the esoteric and presents the spiritual or magical powers of animals in an easy to read format.Personally, I was given this book from a Native American shaman for reference I was looking forinformation on how to utilize my power token animal in my everyday life when it is was separated from the shamanic journey While my particular animal is not in the reference pages I had to search between similar species and choose pertinent details.I do not totally subscribe to the Shamanic realm or path, but believe that the imaginative powers are incredibly real and important They need to be incorporated in our lives and we need to begin to find the so called magic in everyday moments.Having or finding a token animal give one an additional lens to view the Earth from, but becomes increasingly difficult today s technology laden and industrial culture Going through some of the exercises and taking on the traits of a particular animal can be helpful and therapeutic if done in the wild. This book has a lot to offer for anyone with an open mind and appreciation for our mother earth If you litter stop littering now Reading this book isn t for you unless you think you can learn something from out earth and nature in it by meditation, symbolism, and totems of animals of all kinds By experiencing all of these at once you learn a lot by identity and getting in tune with ones true self I have had some wild experience in my life and every time I reference this book it tends to be right on and give me incite on all of them such has animal totem constantly presenting them self trying to send me a message and with this book you find out what is needed to complete the next step in your life It is a great book to have on the shelf for reference and has helped me out a lot through times where out I may of not understood the messages and lessons I was being sent I recently picked up this book after 4 years of having it and realized that I was ignoring many signs being sent to me and now I know to accept them and let help them help me through times or warn me to avoid others that can be harmful The lessons that can be learned can be helpful and reflecting on your life especially if you re open minded to accepting them into your life although they may not seem the norm The Native Americans have a lot of techniques for understanding life that aren t traditionally in today s world but are still highly effectively They are so many lessons and messages I have gained by referencing this book from time to time and by finally finding my totem I have learned things about myself I doubted before that seemed impossible but seemed to becoming true and were confirmed by my totem With out it I might have not believed some of the events but these totems are right on and can guide you to the messages nature is giving you or steer you clear from harm by omens nature is sending to you as well Overall its just a great book to have around to reference for you life and guide you whether you believe it or not it will help figure things you may of thought would of never had any meaning to you at all defiantly great for the bookshelf and to keep handy for the messages being sent to you in your life in any form any questions let me know because this book helped me figure out some crazy wild things for me so I d love to give incite to anyone seeking answers. This is a personal reaction rather than a review for potential readers It was interesting to read this at last As a new teen pagan I had no way of getting my hands on it but it seemed to be the one title that always came up with recommendations in online discussions and the book I most hankered after.When I read it several years later it didn t make a huge impact on me personally, but it might have done if I d read it back then I can see why it was so often recommended for beginners It gives a very accessible system for working with animal spirituality and symbolism.I really enjoyed the emphasis on mundane, practical activities such as collecting books and figurines, contributing to conservation and above all learning about the animal I also liked the logical approach of thinking about the animal s characteristics and extrapolating them into symbolism and your own life, and the emphasis on being able to define your own symbolism rather than relying on secondary sources.For a book with such a bad reputation for appropriation, I didn t find it too bad to read through as a whole Much of the book was very general However some sections, particularly in bird magic, presented details of Native American spiritual practice with an airy attitude of Go try it yourself that I found jarring Apart from a short note about researching a practice thoroughly before using it, there was no discussion of appropriation, ownership and social power.Andrews begins with some discussion of the relevance and usefulness of animal spirituality in contemporary times It puts this in context by referring to the practices of ancient shamans living in the past apparently in a spiritually enlightened nonspecific monoculture, who later became our ancestors I took a look at the bibliography and I think the author is engaging in a little rose tinted idealistic generalising Thankfully it didn t permeate the rest of the book.The book deals mostly with practical methods to discover, contact and work with animal totems and methods of analysing animals for symbolism There are sections on mammals, birds, other animals, predator prey relationships and habitats Throughout the book there are exercises and visualisations which didn t thrill me, but I m not a big fan of guided visualisation so I can t really judge They do introduce beginners to some common concepts I didn t get much out of the chapter on omens The author draws a clear distinction between superstition irrational fear with specific events or actions and omens based on a thorough knowledge of the land in order to spot unusual occurrences However I don t personally mesh with the idea that nature will rearrange itself based on what s happening in my life Your mileage may vary.I did particularly like the treatment of predator and prey relationships There were four lessons organised by element, which I thought was unnecessary but it may give an extra frame of reference to beginners and makes for easier memorisation I appreciated the different angles and treatment of it as a complex topic.I also enjoyed the fairly sizeable symbolism dictionaries , mostly for different types of animals They don t pretend to be a definitive guide but often give a good place to get started with mythology and interpretation.Overall I can see this book s usefulness to beginners and those looking for some ideas to add to their practice, but take it with a grain of salt and beware of appropriation. Absolutely wonderful.If you love animals and nature, if you consider yourself a spiritual person, if you have a soul deep connection with your natural surroundings and the little creatures in it, or want to strengthen your connection to it you will love this book.The author has an immense amount of knowledge about a multitude of animals, insects etc, as well as Native American culture, knowledge and beliefs.Love it.Will read many times over. If you re into animal symbolism and animal totems guides, you ll love this book It sof a reference book, rather than one you sit to read all the way through When I see an animal during a reading, meditation, or dream, I always look up the meaning in this book I find that the meanings correspond with my own feelings about why the animal showed up in my life and give me additional insight. I was taught that if you want to know what the animals have to say then pack up your things and go live WITH them and listen Loved this book This was a lovely introduction for me into shamanic spirituality involving birds and animal totems It was recommended to me by a friend when I mentioned a gorgeous red shouldered hawk with a tortoise shelled back and black and white striped tail sat on the railing right outside my window and stared at me for a good long minute That incident set my heart racing, and I felt the power of connection with a majestic creature that I had never thought possible.This book introduced me to the magic and power of those connections and communications with so many of the birds and animals that I m surrounded by, as well as introductions to feather magic, fetishes, and an extensive dictionary of birds, animals, and the significance of each of their sightings.If you re interested in spirituality, philosophy, yoga, etc., join my Old Souls Book Club for other recommendations and thought provoking conversations