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Goodreads misplaced my review on this recently Wish I could remember my thoughts on this book. All Animals And Animal Lovers Are Welcome At The Animal Ark Veterinary ClinicAt Animal Ark, Mandy Hope Helps Her Parents Treat Animals Of All Shapes And Sizes Even Outside The Clinic, Mandy Can T Resist Helping Any Animal In NeedCamping In Arkansas, Mandy And James Are Excited To Spot A Mother Bear And Her Two Cubs Now They Ve Been Invited To Help Track The Bears On Their Journey Cross Country, Back To Their Own Territory But There Are So Many Hazards Busy Highways, Rivers, Hostile Farmers That Mandy Wonders If The Bear Family Will Ever Find Its Way Home Can Mandy Help The Bears Complete Their Long Journey In Arkansas, Mandy and James are thrilled to get the chance to track bears. Loved it Loved this series when I was younger Still a huge animal lover and would like to read the rest of this series I love every minute of It i didn t want to put the book down My favorite part was when ida, jack, and jill made it safely bsck home The worst part was when farmers wanted to hurt the bars My fsvorite character was mandy The worst character was the farmer that wanted to hurt the bears Auryn 10 years old, 2014