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Ethan Wate thought he was getting used to the strange impossible events happening in Gatlin his small Southern town But now that Ethan and Lena have returned home strange and impossible have taken on new meanings Swarms of locusts record breaking heat and devastating storms ravage Gatlin as Ethan and Lena struggle to understand the impact of Lena's Claiming Even Lena's family of powerful Supernaturals is affected and their abilities begin to dangerously misfire As time passes one uestion becomes clear What — or who — will need to be sacrificed to save Gatlin?For Ethan the chaos is a frightening but welcome distraction He's being haunted in his dreams again but this time it isn't by Lena and whatever is haunting him is following him out of his dreams and into his everyday life Even worse Ethan is gradually losing pieces of himself — forgetting names phone numbers even memories He doesn't know why and most days he's too afraid to askSometimes there isn't just one answer or one choice Sometimes there's no going back And this time there won't be a happy ending

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    25 starsThis Chaos was not Beautiful It was just Chaos When I first met you that's what I remember I looked up at the sky and thought I'm going to love this person because even the sky looks different Its just everything is SO DRAMATIC all the time I'm exhausted I'm drained I just don't care any The mortal world is in a state of Beautiful Chaos and destruction which will ultimately lead to an exuisite end See? It's all fluff and drama and ANGST All of these plots are blending together there's hardly any distinction between the books and we keep circling the same problems every timeTo Summarize Ethan LOVES Lena Lena LOVES Ethan But they can't be together BECAUSE REASONS actually it's because if they were to bang Ethan would burn up and die BECAUSE REASONS But they still make out all the friggin time I needed to touch her like I needed to breathe Can you feel my frustration? To Expand my Summary Ethan's hometown Gatlin is experiencing an absolutely insane summer locusts heatwaves terrible storms are all condensing on their little town Link's mom thinks it's the end of the world and she just may be rightIn the last book Lena decided to be a special snowflake and claim herself opposed to letting either the dark or the light side claim her Her decision caused the whole Caster world to be thrown into chaos AgainEthan's dreams are getting crazy Again Lena is withdrawing from him AgainThey both experience crazy fits of jealousy and love AgainRinse Repeat Honestly the only thing keeping me going is Link I love absolutely everything about this kid He was just bitten by an incubus and now is a uarter supernatural He's renamed himself the Linkubus The Linkubus And despite feeding off people's dreams and being a creature of the night he's still the best dang thing about this series “Hey EthanYeah?Remember the Twinkie on the bus? The one I gave you in second grade the day we met?The one you found on the floor and gave me without telling me? NiceHe grinned and shot the ball It never really fell on the floor I made that part up” He's my only reason for reading this book I could care less if anyone dies in this book well except Ridley and that's only cause Link is crushing on her and Link deserves happinessButHere comes the real uestion Is he worth suffering from this level of love? She closed her eyes and I closed mine and even though we weren't holding hands it felt like we were Honestly Yes The Linkubus makes every last word worth it “This church picnic ain't no picnicYou're my fried chicken Holy finger lickin'Savannah yelled at him over the music Are you callin' me a piece a fried chicken?Nah Not you Slush ueen Never He closed his eyes and pounded out the drums on the dashboard of the Beater Link is my true loveAudiobook CommentsRead by Kevin T Collins he did a pretty good job of itYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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    You know you have a good book series going when hundreds of people add Untitled Book #3 to their to read lists

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    In the end the wheel crushes us all 35 ⭐️I'm finding with this series that although it isn't good per se and sometimes the teen angst and the constant fear the world is going to end can get very tiresome I still find myself wanting to know what will happen nextDamn if that isn't an accomplishment if these writers can keep me reading despite some uestionable plot pointsWe are now on the 'eighteenth moon' and once again Ethan is hearing voices and songs in his head The world order has been completely thrown since Lena claimed herself in Book 2 and all the Caster's powers are messed up there is a heat wave in December and as expected the Gatlin locals believe it is the apocalypseEthan and Lena are just as sickeningly in love as before their little love triangle malarkey with Liv and John; who have now decided they love each other instead Ugh Full of weird little rhymes that the characters have to decipher who is the eighteenth moon for? And what will happen next?Considering the so called apocalypse has happened roughly 3 times in this series the end of this book meant I must read the next one view spoiler Ethan basically has to die When he died and was resurrected the first time in book 1 half his soul was left in death while the other half came back so he needs to rejoin the 2 together in death hide spoiler

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    You know what freaks me out a bit? That I never finished this bookI was reading it and then I wasn't and it was two weeks later and I found it in the back of my closetIt was justgood But I there were parts that were so boring I wanted to tear my eyes out And I have to admit that after three books of action and drama of apocalyptic proportions I think I was a little tired of itI'll have to see what my cousin thinks They were like her favorite books and she hasn't read this yet

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    I am disappointed I started reading Beautiful Chaos with a huge smile and ended up with a frown on my faceAfter the great adventure I experienced with Beautiful Darkness I expected Beautiful Chaos to surpass the excitement and thrill of the 2nd book of the Caster Chronicles Sadly it just dragged on; and to think that I was really really eager to see a lot of great things from this book There were several elements that bothered me while reading Beautiful Chaos and they are as followsTHE PACING It didn’t bother me that the first book Beautiful Creatures started out slow; I get it There were a lot of things I needed to sink my brain into Then came Beautiful Darkness that blew me away with such a thrilling adventure which up until now I could still not get over by the way Unfortunately Beautiful Chaos came out slower than the first and just happened to be even less eventful tooCHARACTER INTERACTION None of the characters wanted to tell anybody anything They’ve always been so secretive during the first and second book and it’s obvious that keeping secrets just gets them deeper into trouble and yet they keep doing so I really wanted to jump inside the book and slap each character senseless When will they ever learn??? PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS Another thing the characters don’t seem to learn or improve at The constant “I don’t know” and “We need to figure out soon” is really getting old They keep saying they’ll figure it out and yet ‘till the end they still haven’t They keep trying to find a way to solve it fast but then end up with something else to worry about It’s an endless cycleTHE NUMBER OF PAGES 500 pages of all of talk and worry and not much going on is a pain There are some chapters that I felt asking myself if they were really necessary to the story or not CLIFFHANGERS Another endless matter How many moons will it take for anything to actually happen that’ll push me off my seat? NOT ENOUGH LINK Seriously? He turns into a uarter incubus and that’s when he gets pushed aside? I had seen him in a significant role as a mere mortal than now when he’s got power in him Not coolSo there I feel so bad for ranting out but I really had such high hopes for this book I’m a little skeptical about reading the next after this I don’t know if it would get anywhere at allFor of my reviews please visit my blog The Blair Book Project wwwtheblairbookprojectblogspotcom

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    Five stars This series continues to excelThings are not uite right in Gatlin nor are they right in the Mortal and Caster Worlds The events that transpired at Lena's forced Seventeenth Moon Claiming created far reaching conseuences A crack splintered through the Order of Things; a slit formed in our world that is slowly spreading sprawling and decimating life as we know it Gatlin is plagued by relentless scorching heat grasshoppers a dried up lake and the Baptists led by the intimidating Mrs Link waving their signs proclaiming the end of world and reminding all of us sinners to repent Our friends are haunted by their own torments For Ethan it seems that the debt from Lena's Sixteenth Moon Claiming is due Every night he is trapped in sweaty terrible haunting nightmares filled with visions of falling and death He feels blurry out of focus and he is catching glimpses out of the corner of his eye; is something shadowing him? The worst part is that he is forgetting things losing of himself each day it is as if something is gnawing at his mind Amma knows that Fate is expecting payment and she is tortured by the steep price She is distracted and frazzled Her crosswords set aside pie making abandoned and The Greats aren't answering Lena has claimed herself she is sharp bright and ready to fight but her Caster powers are misfiring as are all the Caster's powers Link is dealing with his transformation into Linkubus and moaning over the unattainable Ridley As each day passes and the apocalypse nears Ethan once again finds himself in a battle This time it is different he is struggling against the Wheel of Fate The march of the present to the future and into destiny The Wheel is grinding chewing through time and pulverizing everyone in her path No one can escape she crushes all Can Ethan avoid the Wheel's path? What I Liked I am a big fan of this series and book three did not disappoint In fact this is the best book yet I ripped into the pages and scarfed them down it was so good The plot of this book moves away from Lena and onto Ethan The big boot has fallen and our characters are trapped under the stomp Chaos and destruction reign This story is thick There are so many sub plots trailing the main story of Ethan trying to restore The Order and himself This book will have your mind whirling it is deep Be prepared for anything It builds and builds to a heart wrenching ending that will have you running to check when the next book is available You NEED to meet my friends in Gatlin but please start with book one Beautiful CreaturesThe characters this time around have grown and matured Lena especially At last she has ascended beyond the emotive brooding dramatic girl to staunch and determined I really enjoyed her transformation Ethan is amazing for all you Ethan lovers out there your boy is as always courageous and endearing His willingness to sacrifice will shred your heart Linkubus provides the laughs and he excels in his new super hero role he so isn't lame like Auaman Everyone has returned developed and better There is one heart breaking loss along the way Be prepared to shed some tears I wonder where my friends will go from here? This entire series is peppered with many memorable uotes from so many famous people from Dickinson Poe Plato Da Vinci and even Winston Churchill Any literary connoisseur will love not only the uotes but the references to some great literature I have decided that Ms Stohl and Ms Garcia need to only after the finale of the Caster's Chronicles as I do not want my wait time extended publish a Gatlin cookbook and lace it with famous uotable lines And The Not So MuchI am still conflicted over the John Breed character As I suspected in Beautiful Darkness he is an important character This time some light was shed on why he seemed so flat and puppet like in the last book His character fills out in this installment and I even grew to like him as does Ethan after he gets over wanting to punch him in the face but I feel that I am still missing something Hopefully it will all become clear in book fourThis is a personal preference but I wanted Linkubus I was hoping that with the transformation that Link would be even prominent than he was in the last book It starts out with a strong dose of Linkubus but toward the end his presence fades He does remain a solid steadfast friend and he rips in at timely moments to save the day I think to satiate the Linkubus hunger there must be a spinoff series featuring the lovable Link Plus I still don't know what he was doing in Amma's basement when he was nine A burning uestion that needs an answerAs I mentioned previously this is a complicated story line with many threads that all intertwine However I was disappointed that there were so many lines and none of them draw to resolution Especially with the climatic tear jerking and tender buildup I am not even kidding about this and then the heart splitting jaw dropping ending that will have you screamingNOoooo Ladies how can you be so cruel to slap us in the face with that finale and leave us suffering with a painfully long length of time to waitBook three in The Caster's Chronicles is bigger and better than the first two In Gatlin where things never change it has changed and mostly not for the better Our friends in Gatlin transformed from their previous traumatic adventures are trying to evade the deadly revolving Wheel of Fate as she crunches through time and devours all Can our heroes somehow defy her trampling spokes and change the future? Can they bring about a New Order and stop the Chaos? I expect book four to be an epic finaleFinal uotationsThat when she looked at me it was like there was no one else in the world That when I looked at her I noticed every detail about her while everything else faded away That I was only myself when we were together“Books?” Ridley looked disgusted “Carry?”We sat in silence holding hands until it hurt until the sun fell away—behind the words behind the glass and the trees and the river The night slid across her bed and I waited for the darkness to erase everythingEveryone’s crazier than usual My mom started talkin’ about buildin’ a bunker again She’s buyin’ up every can at the Stop Steal like we’re gonna hole up in the basement until the Devil gives up or somethin’”“Book banners are no better than book burners” “Maybe it needed to be broken Sometimes things have to break before you can fix them” You know vegetablism is one step closer ta a world without panties an’ preachers That there is a documentated fact”We change whether we want to or not”Same goes for the people you love and the people you don’t—and the people who love you and the people who don’tThe only thing that mattered was that you cared about a few peopleLife is really really short“Maybe my mom’s right and this is the End a Days Maybe she’s gonna get a chance to use her wheat grinder and her gas masks and that inflatable raft after all”“I’ll love you until the day after forever

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    Beautiful Chaos Caster Chronicles #3 Kami Garcia Margaret Stohl Beautiful Chaos is a fantasy young adult novel by authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl The book is the third entry in the Caster Chronicles series and was released on October 18 2011Beautiful Chaos is the third installment of the Beautiful Creatures saga In the beginning of this book Ethan and Lena are reunited and back together again After Lena's Claiming on her seventeenth birthday with one green eye and one gold the choice she made wreaked chaos on the worlds of both Mortals and Casters alike than ever thought possible before In the midst of these strange events unfolding something is happening to Ethan Wate and it's anything but normal He is being haunted by nightmares that end up keeping him up all night long and they aren't Lena's doing Ethan is changing in freaky and unexplainable ways He hates foods that he used to love he's forgetting names number and even some memories he thinks he's going crazy Amma his family's housekeeper and his stand in mother figure knows something of what is happening to Ethan and what it means She refuses to tell him or anyone keeping uiet and not acting herself Ethan and Lena soon discover that Lena claimed both Light and Dark which has never happened in the history of casters As the book progresses Ethan loses and of himself slowly as the days goes by He starts hallucinating hearing voices seeing things that aren't there like writings on walls When he looks into a mirror he no longer sees himself but another person who he truly doesn't recognize someone he's never seen before One day Ethan enlists the help of his best friend Link who is half incubus to stalk Amma in the tunnels under Gatlin which leads them to a bokor man in New Orleans After spying on Amma and the bokor they decide to pay him a visit personally as well The bokor tells them that Ethan had died in the previous book Beautiful Creatures and that Lena and Amma revived him but they used the Book of Moons to do it They ended up bringing him back to life too soon fracturing Ethan's soul making him split in half making one now two He continues to say that part of Ethan's soul is now in the underworld and as a result or maybe even a punishment for severing his soul he will continue to lose himself with each passing day Ethan and Lena work together to figure out how to help the small town of Gatlin survive the storm of unfortunate events that are happening They figure out that the only way to restore the Order of things there must be a sacrifice from the person who is “One Who Is Two” After consulting the bokor they discover that Lena isn't the one who needs to be sacrificed as they once thought But the bokor does tell them that Lena is destined to bind the new order of things once the sacrifice is made They finally narrow it down enough to assume that the “One Who Is Two” is John Breed They rush to tell him the news at the water tower which is the place he must die throwing himself over the edge of the tower Because of Liv and John's budding romance this is a very emotional move for John to make meaning Liv would be left behind loveless During John throwing himself over Ethan hears a voice in his head that says the sacrifice isn't as it should be And the bokor takes John Liv and Ethan back to his room and thus saving John before he dies Later after some visions that the bokor man shows him Ethan finally figures out that he is to be the sacrifice he is the “One Who Is Two” one body two halves of a soul Ethan tells Lena that he is the one who will fix the order that he has to die تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز بیست و هشتم ماه فوریه سال 2016 میلادیعنوان هرج و مرج زیبا کتاب سوم از سری تاریخ نگاری حماسه کستر؛ نویسندگان کامی گارسیا؛ مارگارت استول؛ پس از ادعای «لنا» در هفدهمین سالگرد تولد خود با یک چشم سبز و یک چشم طلایی، گزینشی که باعث ایجاد هرج و مرج در دنیای مورتالها و کسترها شد، ؛ ا شربیانی

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    2 starsSighThe first book in the series was enjoyable Not perfect or mind blowing but it was interesting and it made me want to read the other books Luckily I had the second one on hand to read straight away after I finished the first one It was fine Very boring repetitive from the first and everything that happened in it was expected The uestionably good girl gone bad trope was poor As usualBut alas I wanted to see where the story was heading and so I picked this one up and after skimming reading it I can safely say that this could have and should have been a duology What was the need to extend the series to just fill out a further two books with 500 odd pages full of pointless crap predictable plot twists and uestions that nobody wants to answer? Curiosity makes me want to read the last book to see how it all end My brain tells me otherwise

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    I have not finished this book And I need to state that I get uite irritated when I read reviews and the reviewer says they haven't finished the book yet But I don't think I can get through the book and I wanted to write about it Maybe I will skim it just to see how it ends When I started this series I was pleasantly surprised and thought it was a fresh approach to the teen supernatural genre especially since the overly beautiful mysteriously powerful love interest was female for a change and the boy in love with her was kind of awkward It didn't take long for me to get bored with the whole Lena Ethan thing just like the Edward Bella thing And I am tired of being told how beautiful Lena is and how deeply in love and connected they are I don't buy it I do still like the character of Ethan At least I did until this third book Now he has no character Also I believe that he is in love with Liv than with Lena I know the story tells us he loves Lena and can't live without her but the descriptive details of how he feels about Liv read like real teen love to me than the hyped up melodramatic feelings he has for Lena And speaking of melodrama Every other paragraph in this story is some cryptic melodramatic statement that goes nowhere They follow Amma around listening to her say cryptic things and go to cryptic places and they find out nothing Just as in the previous books The plot reminds me of a convoluted nearly comical storyline I might see in a Scooby Doo Cartoon I am just plain disappointed in this series because many of the characters are great Ethan Ridley and Link specifically But as I said too much melodrama and unresolved circular repetitive overblown plot lines

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    I've long felt particularly with the previous book Beautiful Darkness that the Caster Chronicles 1 don't need to each be 500 pages long and 2 don't even need to be a series A book or two could have probably done the jobBut here we are at massive book #3 I do still very much like the series and considering the cliffhanger am patiently waiting for book #4 Beautiful Chaos has many of the strengths of its predecessors the rich Southern atmosphere I practically read this series just for that the poetic writing and a cast of characters I care about who are both uirky and human That probably goes a long way to explaining the book's length the authors just want to watch these characters go about their not so normal everyday lives I really like those segments If only they weren't mixed in with the something terrible is going to happen trick the authors have pulled on their readers twice alreadyThe plot sits in something terrible is going to happen mode for about 400 hundred pages Call it 'the uestion stage' Then the reader gets about 100 pages to actually clear up the mysteries 'the answer stage' and then the last 30 or so for the thing you were waiting for to really start 'the conseuence stage' And then the authors cut it short they end on a cliffhanger So I can only imagine that book #3 has really just been prologue to book #4I spent too much time yelling at the characters It's but didn't get sated until it was too late and the authors wouldn't even let me enjoy the payoff I was practically cheering the character to hisher death just for the pure pleasure of something is actually happening The main push of course is for me to buy book #4 and I suppose it has worked in so far as I might be annoyed but invested enough in these characters to see them throughI don't know how to solve this imbalance between the slice of life stuff and the high stakes our love is destroying the world stuff At least Beautiful Chaos handled it better than Beautiful Darkness