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Disinformation S Wicked Warlock Richard Metzger Gathers An Unprecedented Cabal Of Modern Occultists, Magicians, And Forward Thinkers In This Large Format Disinformation Guide Just As Russ Kick S Guides Focusing On Secrets And Lies From The Mainstream Media, Government, And Other Establishment Institutions Rethought What A Political Science Book Could Look Like And Whom It Would Appeal To, Book Of Lies Redefines Occult Anthologies, Packaging And Presenting A Huge Array Of Magical Essays For A Pop Culture Audience Just Some Of The Contents An Introduction By Comics Genius Grant Morrison, Who Also Contributes A Threepart Article On Pop MagickMark Pesce, Author Of The Playful World, Compares Computer Programming And SpellcastingGenesis POrridge, Father Of Industrial Music And Rave Culture Explains How Samples In A Rave Song Can Have Magical ConsequencesPaul Laffoley Discusses His Magical Artistic Strategies Metzger Compares Laffoley To Merlin The MagicianMagical Thinking An Extended Excerpt From Daniel Pinchbeck S Breaking Open The HeadWilliam Burroughs And The OccultNevill Drury, Australia S Most Noted Occult Writer, Tells Of Dion Fortune, Austin Spare, And Rosaleen NortonWhy Does Aleister Crowley Still Matter Donald Tyson S The Enochian Apocalypse Working Were The Seeds Of The End Of The World Sown In The Elizabethan EraThe First Ever Biographical Essay On Marjorie Cameron, The Fascinating Character From Los Angeles Occult And Beatnik SceneHitler And The Occult Peter Levenda Interview By Tracy TwymanRobert Temple On How His Book The Sirius Mystery S, Controversial Thesis For Which He Was Ridiculed Was Proven By The Hubble Telescope Twentyfive Years LateAn Exclusive Anton LaVey Interview By Michael Moynihan, Author Of Bestselling Book Lords Of ChaosErik Davis, Author Of Techgnosis, Looks At H P Lovecraft S Magick Realism

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    Q A book that announces itself as a book of lies would have to have the truth hidden somewhere in it, right c An onslaught of cool and funny and original and outrageous and outlandish stuff, including Conventicles Memeplexes Heteroarchies and holiarchies Sexual neurasthenia Thanataesthetics AHRIMANIZATION OF CULTURE Iagla Serpentine wisdom Occulture Gnosis Sahaja Illumination Fractal elves Glossolalia Psychedelics way too much about it which is why, on 2nd thought, I m taking a star off for this The names of the essays are delightful My fav is Are you illuminated A compendium of things on the intersection of occult with quirky and absurd and wise, of course.A must read for people who don t really want to go the athame wielding , herb brewing, sky clad ways of the traditionalists but who want a peek at things that maybe are just a tad out of this world.Cool stuff Q In the apparent derangement of our times, this book is both a call to arms and an armory also c Q magic allows us to take control of our own development as human beings Magic allows us to see the world entire in a fresh and endlessly significant light and demands of us a vital and dynamic collaboration with our environment Magic brings coherence and structure to psychological breakdowns, psychedelic experiences or transpersonal encounters Magic allows us to personify our fears and failures as demons and outlines time honored methods of bargaining with these feelings or banishing them Magic is the sane response to a world filled with corporate ghost gods, roaming, mindless laws and peering surveillance lenses Above all, magic is about achieving results It s about manipulating real time events, dealing with devious spirits and other autonomous energy sources It s about conjuring dead pop icons to do your bidding and writing it all down so that it reads like an exciting adventure story and changes the world around it Magic is glamorous, dark and charismatic Magic is the hopelessly inadequate Standard English word for a long established technology which permits access to the operating codes underlying the current physical universe Becoming a magician is a developmental skill, like learning to talk, to reason, to empathize or to see perspective.Magic, in short, is Life as it is meant to be Lived by adults c Q As magical work progresses, you will be forced into confrontation with your deepest darkest fears and desires It s easy to become scared, paranoid and stupid Stay fluid, cling to no one self image and maintain your sense of humor at all times Genuine laughter is the most effective banishing ritual available Banishing reminds you that no matter how many gods you talk to, no matter how many fluorescent realms you visit, you still have to come home, take a shit, be able to cook dinner, water the plants and, most importantly, talk to people without scaring them c Q The magician s job is not to get lost in the Otherworld but to bring back its treasures for everyone to play with c Q Study YOURSELF the way a hunter studies prey Exploit your own weaknesses to create desired changes within yourself c Q For some reason, I have always considered myself to be a warlock Even when I was very young I don t know why, really, but it is true I have had this self identity for as long as I can recall There was never a time when I didn t feel this way c Q Magical consciousness is a particular way of seeing and interacting with the real world I experience it as what I can only describe as a head click, a feeling of absolute certainty accompanying a perceptual shift which gives real world transactions the numinous, uncanny feeling of dreams Magical consciousness is a way of experiencing and participating with the local environment in a heightened, significant manner, similar to the effects of some drug trips, Salvador Dali s Paranoiac critical method, near death experiences, etc Many apparently precognitive and telepathic latencies become active during periods of magical consciousness This is the state in which tea leaves are read, curses are cast, goals are scored, poems are written.Magical Consciousness can be practiced until it merges with and becomes everyday consciousness Maintained at these levels it could interfere with your lifestyle unless you have one which supports long periods of richly associative thought EXPERIMENT As a first exercise in magical consciousness spend five minutes looking at everything around you as if ALL OF IT was trying to tell you something very important How did that light bulb come to be here exactly Why does the murder victim in the newspaper have the same unusual surname as your father in law Why did the phone ring, just at that moment and what were you thinking when it did What s that water stain on the wall of the building opposite How does it make you feel Five minutes of focus during which everything is significant, everything is luminous and heavy with meaning, like the objects seen in dreams.Go EXPERIMENT Next, relax, go for a walk and interpret everything you see on the way as a message from the Infinite to you Watch for patterns in the flight of birds Make oracular sentences from the letters on car number plates Look at the way buildings move against the skyline Pay attention to noises on the streets, graffiti sigils, voices cut into rapid, almost subliminal commands and pleas Listen between the lines Walk as far and for as long as you feel comfortable in this open state The aimless, the you walk for the pleasure of pure experience, the further into magical consciousness you will be immersed c Q EXPERIMENT Pick a traditional god or demon from a book on magic or mythology and learn all you can about your chosen subject I suggest you start with a benign deity unless you re stupid or hard and want to get into some nasty dirty psychic business, in which case pick a demon from one of the medieval grimoires and hope you re strong enough to handle the intense negative feelings demons embody.However, I d suggest starting first with Hermes, the god of Magic, in his guise as Ganesh Ganesh is known as a smasher of obstacles and part of his complex is that he opens the way into the magical world, so it s always good to get his acquaintance first if you re serious about following a magical path.Call fervently upon Hermes Luxuriate in his attributes Drink coffee or Red Bull in his name or take a line of speed, depending on your levels of drug abuse Fill your head with speedy images of jet planes, jet cars and bullet trains Play Ray of Light by Madonna and call down Hermes Surround yourself with FLASH comics and call down Hermes.Tell him how very wonderful he is in your own words, and then call him into yourself, building a bridge between your own ever growing feelings of brilliance and the descending energies of the Big Idea.The arrival of the god will be unmistakable you should experience a sense of presence or even mild possession remember what this MEANS we are possessed by Venus when LOVE destroys our reason We are all possessed by Mars when ANGER blinds us Learn to recognize the specific feelings which the word possession describes This will allow you to study your chosen Big Idea and its effects on the human nervous system at close quarters without becoming too frightened or emotionally overwhelmed You may hear a distinct voice inside your head which seems to have a strange yet familiar quality of Otherness or separateness Ask questions and make note of the replies in your head Remember anything specific you hear and write it down no matter how strange it seems Maintain the sense of contact, question and response for as long as you re able and see what you can learn.Remember Hermes is a trickster also and has a love of language and games, so be prepared for clever wordplay and riddles when you contact this Big Idea Sometimes the rapid torrent of puns and jokes can seem like a nightmare of fractal iterations but if you re going to play with Hermes, be ready to think fast and impress with your wit.If, on the other hand, there s only a faint hint of unearthly presence or none at all, don t worry Try again with Ganesh, Odin or a god you feel in tune with Keep doing the experiment until you succeed in generating the required state of mind It s not difficult if you can make yourself Angry or Sad or Happy just by thinking about something and most of us can , then you are already capable of summoning gods and Big Ideas c Q It must be remembered that you can t go beyond your ego until you ve developed one to go beyond The ego, as Individual Self, is scaffolding for what we can call super self or the memeplex to use Susan Black s term for what we call personality see The Meme Machine Oxford University Press, May 2000 for on Dr Black s revolutionary theory c Q Relax into fear c Q receptive wonder This is the knowledge that at any time, without warning, any life event could spin you sideways into Illumination Initiatory states often tip us into mental entropy and confusion, and this is a good time to free yourself from the bonds of the Past and the fetters of anticipated futures, and live in the now of your physical presence Transform fear into wonder and open yourself to new possibilities c Q Sahaja spontaneity c Q We have become addicted to a sameness of experience, and thus have difficulty coping with novelty or change Hence the tendency, when faced with a crisis, to rely on learned habits, rather than actually observing the situation Conversely, the magician has to recognize that there may well be an abyss around every corner, and that what rushes full tilt at us must be faced head on c Q What characterizes an experience of illumination Some of the prevalent factors are A sense of unity a fading of the self other divideTranscendence of space and time as barriers to experiencePositive sensationsA sense of the numinousA sense of certitude the realness of the experienceParadoxical insightsTransience the experience does not lastResultant change in attitude and behavior c Q Gnosis is not merely the act of understanding, it is understanding which impels you to act in a certain way Thus as you work with magic, so magic works upon you c Q In shamanic cultures, synchronicities are recognized as signs that you are on the right path c Q If the universe has a spiritual design, perhaps the soul is like a widget running along a conveyor belt, having new devices added to it or taken away as it passes through various incarnations which are stages in its education Q Don Juan reveals the alternative worlds shown through psychedelics as tricks of the eye universes, whole realms of otherness revealed in mirror scratches or the shadow throwing flickers of candle flames These are parallel dimensions of beings at once extremely threatening and powerful, and on the other hand, evanescent and ephemeral Funny stuff Q Reading about magic is like reading about sex it will get you horny for the real thing but it won t give you nearly as much fun c Q the first time I ever jerked off, it was to a picture of a butt naked Maxine Sanders, Queen of the Witches I think this explains a lot about me, actually c Q for the eager beginner nothing beats the WANK TECHNIQUE Be that as it may, magical masturbation is actually fun and equally, serious, than the secular hand shandy Howeverone does not change the universe simply by masturbating c Good to know Q I do hope this book is like having a nuclear bomb go off behind your eyeballs or a razorblade slashed across your brain c I d rather it didn t, thanks, though.Q Try launching your sigil while performing a Bungee jump from a bridge, perhaps, or sit naked in your local graveyard at night c Nice suggestion Q Build your own god and set it loose c Q EXPERIMENT Use the techniques you ve learned to summon classical gods and demons and apply them to beings you KNOW for sure can t be real, like Jack Kirby s comic book gods, H P Lovecraft s Cthulhu Mythos monsters, Pokemon characters, or Clive Barker s Cenobites You will discover that you can evoke any of these outlandish characters to physical appearance Summon James Bond before a date by playing the themes to Goldfinger and Thunderball while dressing in a tuxedo Or try summoning Dionysus, god of creative delirium, in his Trickster aspect, as Ace Ventura, Pet Detective from the Jim Carrey films surround yourself with your own pets or toy animals, play the movies, imitate the actor s distinctive moves and use them to formulate a physical sigil which you can enact within in your designated ritual space Do this until you BECOME Dionysus as Ace Ventura Record what happens to your sense of self and think of ways to use these new godlike qualities you have summoned into yourself or brought forth from your subconscious depending on which model you choose to explain your experiences.Think of these new qualities or gods as applications and upload them when you need to use them The you run the application the convincing and intrinsic to Self it seems to become This is why actors sometimes find it difficult to come down from roles and why magicians often feel possessed by gods or demons Applications are being run.You will soon realize that gods are qualities or default states of consciousness available to everyone.With much practice you will become proficient at accessing these states in yourself Do not, however, assume that these states are ONLY internal psychological processes The Big Ideas have been here long before you and will be here long after you are gone They can be regarded as immensely powerful autonomous qualities and should be respected as such Summoning too much ANGER into your life can make you a bore and a bully, summoning too much COMMUNICATION at the expense of other qualities can make you a conversation hogging pedant and so on.There is always danger when one god is worshipped in favor of all others c Q Demoting the concept of the individual by deliberately engineering multiple, conferring egos, personae, memeplexes or selves is intended, at least by me, as a method of breaking up the existential, calcified, individual Self into fluid Multiple Personality constellations, by exposing the personality as just one behavioral option from a menu of many c Enticing Q For every McDonald s you blow up, they will build two Instead of slapping a wad of Semtex between the Happy Meals and the plastic tray, work your way up through the ranks, take over the board of Directors and turn the company into an international laughing stock c This guy must really hate fast food.Q It seems that language, our ability to apprehend and manipulate symbols and signs, has evolved to fill a unique ecological niche the space between our ears c Q No holiarchies, no hierarchies, and no heteroarchies, only perfect continuity.True transdisciplinary knowing, a process of knowledge similar to the child s mind Energy which is distinct from that associated with the secular concept of energy energy that is efficacious with motion instead it is energy that is efficacious without motion.The conventicle the only authentic social structure that can enter and leave this space the conventicle is a completely future oriented concept with no elements of past social structures c Q People have been talking to gods and demons for far of human history than they have not the demons are of many kinds Some are made of ions, some of mind the ones of ketamine, you ll find, stutter often and are blind Q A friend of mine suggests this is our radio entelechy ripping out of the organic matrix c Q Being monkeys, when we encounter a translinguistic object, a kind of cognitive dissonance is set up in our hind brain c Q One experiences glossolalia, although unlike classical glossolalia, which has been studied Students of classical glossolalia have measured pools of saliva eighteen inches across on the floors of South American churches where people have been kneeling After classical glossolalia has occurred, the glossolaliasts often turn to ask the people nearby, Did I do it Did I speak in tongues c Q There was a declension of gnosis that proved to me in a moment that right here and now, one quanta away, there is raging a universe of active intelligence that is transhuman, hyperdimensional, and extremely alien I call it the Logos, and I make no judgments about it c Q The mushroom is full of answers I don t necessarily believe what the mushroom tells me rather we have a dialogue The mushroom states its own position very clearly It says, I require the nervous system of a mammal Do you have one handy c Q I realized there were occult hierarchies, secret cabals, treasuries of wickedness to be studied over millennia c Q

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    I was incredibly disappointed in this book There were a few essays in the beginning which I thought were excellent, but it all went downhill from there This book is everything that I despise about hanging out with most magicians and discussing magick It s mostly self masturbatory material that has little to do with magick theory, and how it can be applied to a wide range of traditions It is for the most part, writings about drugs, and some magician s favorite artist, and the regurgitation and dilution of valid techniques that belong to ancient cultures A lot of appropriation, and a lot of hogwash I was hoping for .

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    Apparently, the only people who have untold secrets about the occult are white dudes, or are famous because of their connection to white dudes.There tiny nuggets of interesting buried in this collection of essays, but most of the writers were self absorbed misogynist asshats whose ideas deserve to be forgotten From the essay about why Wiccans should shut up and obey the writer because he s Crowley s heir, to some very baffling essentialist messes, most of this was a waste to time to read I gave this two stars because I loved the Grant Morrison essay on Pop Magic that opened the book The rest of the book was about 50% terrible, though the bits on the history of the modern occult were interesting I especially found the part on Jack Parsons to be good.

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    Not a bad compilation of writings from disinformation, a company that otherwise seems interested in proliferating crypto Marxist ideas Hell, this book even features writings from the wise Baron Julius Evola and Occult Fascist Michael Moynihan I also enjoyed article on the influence of magic on junky hero William S Burroughs and his dream machine friend Brion Gysin An essay on H.P Lovecraft s influence on the Occult and vice versa I also found interesting Most of the other articles, essays, and interviews in Book of Lies are at the very least somewhat entertaining I must say this compilation far exceeded my expectations.

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    There was so much good information in this book that it will have to be read at least one time Many of the articles were not digested as well as they should have been, because I simply wanted to finish the whole thing A good example of one of my reading shortfalls I want to finish the book that I am reading instead of completely understand the subject This must stop Damn CDO OCD, but in alphabetical order 7 12 10 Reading it again, some very good ideas practice I am on chapter 2.

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    It has taken me months to plough through this, and for some odd reason I started reading the essays in reverse order.Anyway, it s a very well named book, because it is indeed a book of lies.Those essays that overlapped with areas of history, science and archaeology with which I was familiar, it was clear that the writers were putting forth what I can only describe as complete and utter lies.Which leads me to conclude that the whole basis for magic is the idea that we can all choose what we want to believe in And if we want to believe in this stuff That s fine, that s our choice But don t expect anybody else to be swayed Define yourself is a great message, but it s completely muddled in Occult circles by a whole bunch of crazy people and charlatans who either want to sell you something, or just convince you of their own pompous self importance.

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    Where to start with this one Hmmmm I rarely write long reviews and this probably deserves a longer one, but I m still keeping it short and sweet, at least for now Most likely will come back at some point to add a few specific details on a couple of my favorite essays Let s just say this was an interesting read that I skipped around with rather than reading in a linear fashion Occult themed essays on magick and philosophy I enjoyed this book, but not everyone will appreciate what it has to offer Included are essays written regarding the work and philosophies of Crowley, H.P Lovecraft, Leary, LaVey, etc Also, an excerpt from Robert Anton Wilson is included from his work titled Cosmic Trigger.

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    This is a great easy to read primer on everything you need to know Well not everything, but if you ve even had an inkling of interest in the unknown, this book will help you along your path Its full of great scholoarly, biographical and wacko articles on intensley interesting people It also sheds light on an entire culture full of genius ideas and great minds that goes unnoticed and unpublized This is a must read.

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    A Goodreads First Reads giveaway win Wow What to say about this book First impressions the printing looks bad cheap, yellowish pulp paper and poor reproductions of art It took me five months to slog my way through this collection of various essays, all supposedly connected in some way with magick and the occult I took some notes on each essay early on, but quickly stopped that I was hoping to learn something new or interesting about the occult, but that hope was dashed early on, too I love the idea of magic and such, and like to read fantasy and horror books, as well as those slightly skewed outside of the mainstream However, I realize that those things fall solely within the realm of fiction And it s pretty hard to take seriously any discussions of demonology, occult forces, angels, and mystical other worlds when one doesn t believe in the concepts of God or religion to begin with Anyway, onwards through a review of the book s various sections The first section, Magick in Theory and Practice I found very frustrating Magic seems to be defined here as anything the author wants it to be Magic can be psychological, linguistic, or artistic magic can be subconscious or conscious ideas themselves are magic In my notes, I circled the phrase lots of mumbo jumbo And there are lots of drug references Sure, drugs can put you in an altered state of consciousness That doesn t make the things you experience real or magical It just means you re fucked up.Section II, Chemognosis deals further with drugs, LSD, DMT, DPT whatever those last two are and how acid trips can reveal other worlds and enable contact with alien entities Right One of my favorite bits here dealt with the idea that hallucinogenic mushrooms are extra terrestrial and trying to communicate with us It contains sentences like this My vision of the final human future is an effort to exteriorize the soul and internalize the body, so that the exterior soul will exist as a superconducting lens of translinguistic matter generated out of the body of each of us at a critical juncture at our psychedelic bar mitzvah Convinced yet Section III, Icons has essays about in famous magicians of the past Magic here is basically psychology, enhanced by drugs Painting and art are magic Hallucinations from flashes of light strobes and trance states induce magic Somewhere the phrase literal immortality is used Sorry.Sections IV V, The Great Beast 666 and Scarlet Women feature some biographical information I m glad I stuck with the book at this point, because some of this was actually interesting Lots about Aleister Crowley charlatan than mage, of course I found the section on Ida Craddock especially fascinating, an early feminist who explained her lack of having a husband by explaining she was married to an angel with whom she had sex every night This story enabled her to carry on her work fighting for women s rights Did she really believe this or was it just an elaborate cover story Who knows My bet is on the latter.At this point, my notes end But Sections VI, Secret Societies and VII, Sympathy for the Devil cover witchcraft and Satanism Anton Lavey s Church of Satan, in particular in a slightly rational and less hysteric manner than one might find in mainstream writing, especially when writing about Lavey, who I found an interesting and generally misunderstood individual Satanism is not what the media or what fundamentalists would have you believe.By Section VIII, Occult War things had devolved quite a bit, back to the nonsense and impenetrable gobbledygook that I found in the early parts of the book.Am I glad I read this book It certainly wasn t what I was expecting A lot of it frustrated and downright angered me There were bits and pieces that interested me seriously, Ida Craddock check her Wikipedia entry , but they were so few and far between that I can t recommend this collection

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    A fantastic collection of some of the strangest, most provocative pieces you ll find dealing with magic and the occult Some of the articles were mind bendingly weird, yet I still feel like I took something away from them There s a lot in here to stoke further study, and I m sure I ll come back to this again and again over the years.