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Amelia grew up in a world of half truths She knows she's an Elder but has no idea what that means Her father reminds her daily that she must maintain control but he refuses to explain why Even worse she's betrothed to the prince of the Immortals and she doesn't even know his name Finally breaking free to live a few normal years at a community college the last thing Amelia expects is to find her best friend in a cheeky Southern girl and to fall for a self assured human who sees her for who she is and not what she'll beAs she learns about herself Amelia realizes the line between love and duty is a thin one As her power continues to increase exponentially and her uestions are slowly answered Amelia must make the ultimate choice The uestion is will her head or her heart win the battle?

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    Bound by Duty was such a fun and uniue book that had a new a refreshing plot line and captivating characters Amelia is an Elder even though she has no idea what the heck an Elder is She is engaged to the Prince of Immortals did I mention that she doesn’t even know his name? Are you interested yet? Don’t lie I know you are ;So to say the least Amelia’s life is full of secrets and an unknown future I know I know usually a new adults life has an unknown to them but hers is a very extreme case So to escape this secretive world she lives in she decides before she has to give into her future of duty she should live a few normal years of life So she does just that She enrolls into a community college where she meets her BFF Bethany and falls for a swoon worthy guy She then needs to make the decision of either give into love or choose her dutyAmelia was a very likable character from the start; she had a relatable feel to her that is always a plus in my book I love how the plot line unraveled before you and the mystery of Amelia’s life unwound before your very eyes I also really liked the love story between Aiden and her BUT there was definitely some insta love going on which does annoy me when it happens in books Some of the events that happen in this book got a bit confusing at times especially when it came to describing the powers Amelia has I wish they were described better then they were but at least i got an idea of what they wereThe climax of the book was very good and caught me by surprise It had me on the edge of my seat and I actually had to put the book down for a few minutes to calm myself The book isn’t without fault though I liked the writing style but didn’t love it But other than that it was a solid book that I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves a secret society a sexy guy or two and a story main characterSo yes if you cannot tell I really enjoyed this book and give it a 385 stars

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    THE BEST URBAN FANTASY I HAVE READ IN A LONG TIMEThis book was filled with surprises I loved the characters plot romance and MAGIC MAGIC MAGICI loved watching the main character learn to enhance her abilities and use them in fightsor just when her brotherand friends annoyed herSuch a fantastic book filled with TWO main shocking plot twists but many small ones which I lovedI NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW OMG OMG NOW OMG

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    I was given an eBook of Bound by Duty in exchange for an honest review But you know that's the only kind I give ;So y'all know I loooove me some PNR Paranormal Romance and I am always excited when I find a new or new to me author But not everyone can write a good PNR story Well Stormy Smith can Flat out this girl can writeBound by Duty is written exactly how I prefer my PNR books There is a lot of explanation because no two author's worlds are the same but it is mixed into the story in a way that keeps it from being boringAmelia our heroine is great As a character she has very relatable family issues issues that are made even complicated by their um abilities It is hard to watch her at times though Many scenarios have Amelia acting on assumptions that aren't necessarily correct As awful as it is to watch what really made my heart hurt as a reader was the memories the book evoked from me No I do not have supernatural powers damn it but I have reacted without all of the facts before and I'm left wondering What would the reader be yelling at me? The self reflection is exactly why I say this book is well written Amelia makes you think cringe cry and cheer she becomes very real to the reader Aiden starts off as appearing to be a super fun flirty counter part to the closed off Amelia But he becomes so so much than My heart hurt for him on than one occasion You just cannot help but 3 himMicha and Bethany are fantastic supporting characters Micha is very interesting The beginning of the book had me uestioning his intentions and motives As the story progresses you get a much better understanding of who he is and what he really wants Bethany is the best friend you cannot help but love However she is so sweet and understanding I kept waiting for the bottom to drop out from underneath her I have a very bad feeling about poor BethanyCole Amelia's brother is a character I hope to see of in the future but not because he is SO awesome Nope it's because I feel that maybe Ms Smith is holding back from us when it comes to Cole He is very well dry Yeah dry is a perfect description Especially for owning an MMA training facility I really hope that his character will become colorful as the books progress Overall I am honored that Stormy gave me the chance to review this book I highly suggest you pick it and the second book Bound by Spells up today TODAY Clear your calendar at start reading

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    This book was one of my favourite reads this year a review to follow

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    I was sent this book by the author for and honest review so thank you so much Stormy This book started out strong but then lacked in the middle I did enjoy the ending though The problem I had with this book was there was SO MANY SECRETS Every chapter it seemed like someone was keeping a secret from Amelia or she was the one keeping the secret that got repetitive and aggravating Another thing that bugged me was all Amelia and her best friend Bethany talked about was boys NOTHING else I like diversity in best friend convos

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    YEEEESSSSSAll my favorite things wrapped up in one bookMagicMonarchyMysteryMouth watering MenHaha No picture here Too many men to choose from and researching pictures is distracting meMendacity Yes I did google a synonym for the word deception so I would be able to keep with my theme of words beginning with the letter m Get over itThe five ms are all here in this book about a college student named Amelia who is desperate for the freedom of choice that her peers all seem to have But does Amelia really have a choice? She has magic she cannot control or understand and she has a destiny that was forced upon her since birth What she wants is impractical and impossibleOr is it?Before I venture to my feelings about the book since I've now read it let me share one thingI LOVED this storyI loved the power within Amelia I loved the struggle she faced as her power grew and untamed Muh ha ha I love it when things get out of controlI loved the relationship between Amelia and her brother Cole I can't get enough of stories that include sibling relationship whether they be sweet or tenuous I love that brosis bond It adds a realness to the story even when there are those paranormal elements because I can feel and relate to those emotions so acutely since siblings are so important to meThough I gotta admit that I'm worried Amelia has such a love for Cole She trusts him and depends on him but I'm still wary about him at times He's lied so much that I just can't trust him I feel like he still isn't telling the truth about everything and that something is going to be revealed in the next book like he's a crazy serial killer or something Because I swear there's just this vibe about him that seems off I could be TOTALLY wrong Dear God please let me be wrong But if not I hope Stormy will redeem him in some way Oh gosh and here I go plotting out various scenarios on how this series can develop I'll not bore you with them I have uite an imagination for the different ways this story could turnI loved Amelia's best friend Bethany Bethany is such a strong identifiable character that I feel like if she were to be taken out of this book and put in another one I would still know it was her She has such a presence in the book that whether she's talking or simply present in the room I know it's her Her behavior is so different from the other characters so defining that it can't be anyone but her I loved how female Elder are powerful than male Elders Don't get me wrong I'm no feminist But I do get excited when men get put in their place just a little bit They think they're so tough So powerful Well hahahaha to you men Because in this story it's the females who have the most power Amelia isn't a helpless damsel She is something that no man can ever be And it's AWESOMEAnd most of all I loved that the plot was constantly thickening evolving and moving forward I was always intrigued always hungrily trying to figure out the unknown before it was revealed and always surprised with something new that I hadn't seen comingThere's another word with the letter m that I wish to address and that isMicahYes Yes I know that there is a guy in the book by the name of Aidan who is the love interest for Amelia And I'm not saying he shouldn't be the love interest I'm just saying that I like Micah I really really like MicahAnd maybe I'm crazy Maybe I'm an idiot How much do we know about the guy anyway? Can he be trusted? Or is he playing Amelia? Is he just some boring proper guy like Amelia has been telling us from practically the start?I don't know what it is about Micah That sandy blond hair? The way he ties it with a leather band? His status as a prince? The mystery behind his character? Or is it the training sessions he had with Amelia? All that time and effort he put into helping her learn about her power and how to use it? She wasn't even his girlfriend Amelia had Aidan and Micah had Bethany yet Micah spent a good chunk of his energy assisting and encouraging AmeliaNow maybe we'll learn that he had some evil motive to explain for all his actionsbut right now I see him as noble No Not noble because he's royalty Noble because he's the kind of guy who seems to think about others first He clearly has feelings for Bethany yet he sacrificed his time with her to train Amelia And I'm hoping it's because he has some secret desire to want to restore the kingdom to peace or whatever and that his actions are not because he's really trying to steal Amelia's powers or manipulate her for some evil purposeWhatever the case I'm excited to learn about Micah in the next book As for Aidan that guy is literally so sweet and so loving that it's just really endearing And I feel so bad for the guy all the time I completely understand Amelia's actions and outbursts but Aidan seems to always be the poor sod that gets the brunt of her frustration She's so hot and cold with him for good reason but the guy is put through hell Seriously It tears me up insideThere's still a lot of mystery with the family and whatnot I feel like I can't trust or believe anyone at this point and I really really want the next book right now so I know what's gonna happen next I mean is everyone a traitor and a liar? Or is this just some vibe I've randomly picked up? These are things I want to know nowPlus what about that ending? I mean where is this all gonna go now?Gah And now to end this review here's the lovely Beyonce Why? Because I can And because Beyonce is awesome and makes me happy And since I'm not going to get the second book for a very long time I have to find something to entertain myself and Beyonce's dancing is very good at doing that

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    JUST A BIG NOOOO YOU GET ME NOOOOI should have look carefully on the book description but i was so captivated by this sentence betrothed to the prince of the Immortals and she doesn't even know his name I mean that sounded a lot like one of my favourite book cruel beauty okay reasons why I hate this bookTHE PROTAGONIST OHMYGOD SHE'S SOO WEIRD reading in her perspective is utterly tormenting She's your typical YA protagonist who thinks she's not girly but does the girly things LIKE FAINT Everything about this book is just shallow and typical to the point where I just want to start cryingYou got the best friend who's girly You got the dude who smirks and has a lovely dimple that you can't take your eyes offTHE FREAKING INSTA LUST THAT IS SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME he's gorgeousI feel mysteriously drawn to this stranger as if i've know him forever I want to hate him but I just can't because he look so goodI'm not good for himand the next thing you know they kissoh and I almost forgot HE CALLS HER DOLL BECAUSE THATS HOW HIS FATHER CALLS HIS MOTHER The term doll just creeps me out a lot LAST AND DEFINITELY THE BEST we have the DUN DUN DUN I exhaled not realizing I had been holding my breath SO yeah I DNF this book 41% I'm so glad I bought this when it's 099 or I'll mentally kill myself

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    Bound by Duty had so many things going for it that I really liked Magic mystery and hot hot guys I don't think there's much I can say about this book that Leah hasn't already covered but I'll give it a try Bound by Duty isn't a book I would usually pick up so I'm glad that I had heard such great things about itThe main character in this book is Amelia I loved the struggles she faces with her powers and how she handles everything I love her relationship with her brother Cole I love strong stories that include amazing sibling bonds The two other characters in it are Micah and Aidan I loved both of them so much I don't know which one of them I liked If I had to choose Probably Aidan He's so sweet a little thirsty

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    After growing up in a world filled with half truths Amelia is still confused and lost She knows she is an “Elder” but what does that mean? It isn’t like the title came with an instruction manual or that anyone bothered to enlighten her Yes she has some magical powers yes they are a little out of control at times and yes she seems to getting coming online with each passing day If you were at teen kept in the dark what would you do? Amelia took the high road and went to college where she found her first best friend and a young man who loved her for herself the person not “The Elder” She also discovers she is betrothed to the Prince of the Immortals lovely huh? No name no picture only the word “duty” What if you love someone dearly and your heart knows he belongs with you? How do you choose between love and duty when you don’t know enough to make such a monumental decision? Would she be risking the safety of everyone she loves for the life she wants? Bound by Duty by Stormy Smith is a little jog off the normal path many fantasy tales take Fabulous characters brilliant dialogue and a writing style that brings each scene to life I have to say the fact that Amelia KNEW she was different was a nice change Keeping her in the dark wow kind of brutal but it does give a new layer to the plotFresh fantastic and full of surprises I say read itI received this copy from Stormy Smith in exchange for my honest reviewSeries Bound Book 1Publisher Perfect Storm Publishing LLC July 23 2014Publication Date July 23 2014Genre YA FantasyPrint Length 391 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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    4 STARS REALLY REALLY ENJOYED ITI really really enjoyed this ALOT If I had problems they are generally very small and inconseuential I enjoyed the story and characters I connected with the characters I just generally had really great reading experienceA really great paranormal romance I had problems with the main character I felt like she didn't think her decisions through alot but overall a great story I would recommend to fans of YANA paranormal romance and it's not explicit I CANNOT WAIT for the seuel because DAMN THAT ENDING