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Celtic Magic These Words Conjure Up Images Of Druids And Mystical Oak Groves, Daring Irish Warriors, Fairies, Elves, And Ancient Deities Who Took An Active Part In The Lives Of The People Who Worshipped Them Practical And Easy To Understand, Celtic Magic Offers Important Features That Distinguish It From Other Books Written About The Celts An In Depth Discussion Of Celtic Culture And Customs A Complete Listing Of Celtic Myths And Deities Step By Step Instructions For Spellwork, Ritual, Meditations, And Divination To Help You Gain Insight Or Make Changes In Your Life This Friendly Celtic Magic Book Is Designed For Both Beginners And Those Who Possess Intermediate Level Magical Skills And Anyone Who Simply Has A Great Interest In Celtic History, Lore, And Magic

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    This barely gets 1 star For the love of all things holy and sacred in this world, do not buy this book if you re genuinely interested in Celtic Paganism This book is essentially Celtic flavoured Wicca with terrible lore and history thrown in Do yourself a favour and buy something with much substance.

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    This book offers lots of history and has a great reference section in the back, however, the ritualistic magic was entirely too regimented for me It also mentioned a number of times that pagans have to operate in secrect and in silence I find that to be an antiquated notion I would use this book for it s wonderful reference sections but nothing else beyond that.

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    I retain some fondness for this little book because it was the very first Pagan Magickal manual I ever saw at a friend s house at fifteen It was basically of no use to me or her, and we soon moved on to better books with content Not to imply that all Conway s books are useless Most seem to be founded securely on a great deal of research But they give the unmistakable feeling of having been put together by someone who does not live the life Someone on the armchair path of Paganism read a lot and write about what you read but no practice, no faith, no real experience This is not uncommon among some Llewellyn authors Edain McCoy comes to mind I have enjoyed books by both Lord Of Light Shadow The Many Faces of the God by Conway is the best book of myths and teachings about the Wiccan God I ve ever found, and McCoy s Lady Of The Night A Handbook of Moon Magick Rituals was an excellent comprehensive beginner spellbook , but there are some stinkers as well Rent payers, you know what I mean Llewellyn publishes some terrific books, but they publish a lot of regurgitated crap and made up untested pseudo paths, as well My old high priest could never fail to burst out laughing at the Irish Potato Goddess boner made in McCoy s Witta An Irish Pagan Tradition Best not to write about traditions you neither practice nor know anything about But if you do, Llewellyn will publish it

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    Maybe a 2.5 really The negative reviews are absolutely right this book is very basic but at the same time oddly regimented in a do it this way or you ll be sorry kind of way , is definitely about Celtic flavored Wicca and not actual Celtic paganism and magical beliefs though I have to wonder why on earth people even picked this book up if that s what they were looking for the publisher back cover summary really should have tipped them off , and did actually make me laugh out loud at some of its gross inaccuracies okay, the academic folklorist in me admittedly also cried a little bit All that being said, however, it was a reasonably fun, concise, clearly written, quick read It clarified some basics about how certain kinds of practitioners work that I had been unclear about to this point and I enjoyed the section on Ogham in particular.

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    Junk It along with Norse Magic are about as worthless as it gets Nearly the same book just switch a few names in and out Nothing here of educational value at all You want to learn about the Celts and their practices read their legends and delve into their history and look at archaeology and its findings don t waste your time with this drivel.

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    Total waste of time If you just have to read it, then borrow it so it won t be a waste of money too Looking back on this volume I can see how un researched it really was It s just another in a long line of money making trash from Llewellyn I hate to say it, but the whole lot of their world magic series is just that.

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    Pretty basic Not bad, just basic than what I was hoping for.

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    Still reading I only have the weekend and whenever I m not busy during that span I m apartment cat sitting where there s a nice shelf of magic related books, and this one didn t look too long for me to read That said reading some of the other comments, it s tough to say how accurate the thing is that I m reading, but then the only other book of its kind that I read any part of was this really heavy tome by Israel Regardie.Thought I could finish it during my stay, but didn t, and will most likely move on to another book instead.

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    Hahaha wew what a controversial little book This was part of an original collection I had in my younger years and I still have a little space in my heart for it, nostalgia maybe I can t say it founded any of my beliefs or ways of practice though it has a few bits and bobs that I ve carried with me but yes like most I ve come to realize that a lot of the information inside doesn t bear much fact If you re going to buy it take it with a grain of salt

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    A good book on Celtic spirituality Light reading, which is better for a beginner rather than someone advanced in the mythology and rituals, but a good starting point for those seeking information on the path Just don t make it your ONLY book From here, go on to Cunningham and then John Caitlin Matthews at the least