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Ellen Dugan, The Author Of Garden Witchery, Is The Ideal Guide To Show Us How To Bring The Beauty Of Nature And Its Magickal Energies Indoors Using Common Household And Outdoor Items Such As Herbs, Spices, Dried Flowers, Plants, Stones, And Candles She Offers A Down To Earth Approach To Creating An Enchanted HomeFrom Specialized Spells And Charms To Kitchen Conjuring And Color Magick, This Hands On Guide Teaches Witches Of All Levels How To Strengthen A Home S Aura And Energy Readers Will Learn How To Use Begonias And Lilacs For Protection, Dispel Bad Vibes With Salt And Lemon, Perform Tea Leaf Readings, Bless The Home With Fruit, Invite The Help Of Home Faeries, Perform Houseplant Magick, And Create A Loving Home For The Whole FamilyPraise The Queen Of Everyday Witchery Has Outdone Herself With This Tome Retailing Insight

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    I am an advanced practitioner and even I enjoyed this book It proves that no matter how advanced you are, there is really no need to over complicate manners This book is full of little nuances, tid bits of info, and the authors personal experiences that the advanced witch can learn from, and a new witch will find invaluable.For the beginner and intermediate witch this is a must have manual for the magickal home For the advanced witch this is a guidebook worth having as a reference in ones library.When things feel off, cluttered, stagnant, out of whack, or your moving into a new home or even rearranging furniture.this book is worth consulting You may think you know everything..and you may well know a lot but you d be surprised what you can be reminded of

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    Ellen Dugan is one of my favourite Pagan authors Her writing is warm, informative, and simplistic without pretentiousness While it may be somewhat basic for an advanced practitioner, I enjoyed reading it for all the ideas Dugan gives to witchify one s home Book includes some spells and blessings to create a magical home I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who has an interest in cottage witchery.

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    I quite enjoyed this book Very informative, good clear instructions and the author doesn t try to pump herself up to superwitch status A down to earth book, for witches interested in cottage witchery.

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    Meh There s nothing in here that you couldn t gather from Scott Cunningham s The Magical Household Spells Rituals for the Home Dugan s authorial voice is cute, but a little too gimmicky at times for me The worst part, though, were the rhyming charms Ugh As a poet, reading cheesy little rhymes that pay no attention to meter and place grammatically incorrect thees and thous in close proximity with worlds like vibes just smooshes my soul a little bit ATTENTION ALL PAGANS if you are wondering why your rhyming charms never sound right, it s because rhymes are ineffectual without meter YOU MUST COUNT YOUR SYLLABLES or the brain will have no way of predicting the rhyme coming and the poem will sound like your second grade nephew wrote it It s the unfortunate truth of the matter Don t bother trying to rhyme if you re not going to bother with meter.Anyhow, I didn t learn anything new from this book, but I read it all the way through without hating anyone, so two stars.

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    I find Ellen Dugan s writing to be straightforward and down to earth, both good qualities in someone who writes about garden and cottage magic Dugan talks about how her own spiritual practices come from a place of deep groundedness and joy, with a side helping of humor thrown in for flavor Beyond the style of her writing, I find her sample rituals to be practical, if not entirely in my style I don t speak so much when I do ritual and she advocates rhyme as a spell casting tool Still, I am looking forward to using some of her ideas as I clean and clear my house for the new year.

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    love the developed ideas that I have just sensed

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    I quite liked this book It was very helpful and informative I feel like I learned a lot.

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    Sensible, easy magic for everyday living.

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    I liked this book I liked it s simplicity I did occasionally find it a little too simple but, I much prefer less ritual than .

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    i loved this book it was full of interesting ideas, spells and even some funny storiesi would recomend this book