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Do You Work Magic With Herbs Do You Use Them In Spells, For Talismans Or Simply Use Their Innate Powers If You Don T Have Cunningham S Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs, You Need To Get It Right Away This Book Has Become A Classic In Its Field Paul Beyerl, A Respected Author On Herbs Calls It An Essential Reference Book By Students Of Herbalism And Magick Alike Scott S Personable Charm Touches Every Page I Highly Recommend This Book And Jeanne Rose, Famous Author Of Books On Herbs And Developer Of An Herbal Course Says I Love Books Like This It Is Accessible, Easy To Read, And With Its Encompassing Index All Too Often Neglected , Simple To Use As Well Over , People Already Have This Book And Use It FrequentlyIn This Edition Of The Book It S Expanded And Revised On The Th Anniversary Of Original Publication You Will Find The Magical Properties And Folklore Of OverHerbs You Ll Also Find Lists Of Herbs Based On Their Magical Powers, Their Genders, Their Planetary Rulers, And Perhaps The Most Important List Is The Folk Name Cross Reference With That Information, When A Recipe Calls For Bramble, You Ll Know It Needs Blackberry Or If The Magic Calls For Enebro, You Ll Know You That Is JuniperThe Main Part Of This Book Is The Listings Of The Herbs Each One Includes Names, Associations, And Magical Attributions Violets Can Be Used For Protection, Luck, Love, And Primrose Is For Protection And Love Garlic Is For Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Lust, And Prevention Of TheftThis Book Is Considered A Classic It Is Probably Consulted Than Any Other Book On This Subject If You Want To Learn The Secrets Of Magical Herbs, This Book Is A Must Certainly not the sort of book one would read from beginning to end, but a very useful reference book and one I use often The index allows you to look up herbs by the proper name, Folk name or Latin name For each herb you will find the related Gender, Planet, Element, Deities, Powers as well as magical and ritual uses Only drawback here is while Cunningham s reference list is long, he does not indicate which source is used to back up the claimed properties of each herb While this book is great as a quick reference book, it will not tell you why a plant is related to a specific planet or deity This book also provides a very basic introduction to working magic, the basic principles of magic and how to use herbs to make oils, ointments, sachets andThe illustrations leave a little something to be desired, if you are looking for a tool to help you identify different herbs, this may not be your best option. The folk names and the suchlike were interesting, the illustrations are inspireing the books subject matter is nonsense yes I do respect other peoples beliefs, but I have had access to books over three hundred years old and I can only say the magic from this book if it s to be believed is from the Sooty and Sweep school of izzy wizzy lets get bizzy magic. i ve been using this book as a reference for all my medicinal herbs to align known medicinal properties with spiritual and energetic properties i have a couple different books in this vein and this one i trust the most it s simply organized it s an encyclopedia, so it s all alphabetical, by common name, not by latin names and has some useful appendix tables in the back.EDIT i lowered my rating to a 4, 3.5like it while it is exactly what it says it is, an encyclopedia for reference, this book leaves me wanting i ve been learningand utilizing other books and sources, maybe i m just growing out of this book, but i sure don t rely on it as heavily any. I had this book for years but, unfortunately, didn t actually much use of it It seems like it should be a great reference it s packed with descriptions of various plants, their correspondences, and some of their properties But this is very much a magical reference text, not an academic or medical style herbal If you re trying to figure out which herb to use for spellwork, this may be the book for you If you re trying to figure out which herb to take for your headache, have a cup of mint tea and read something else I have to say, this is one of the books on my shelf that is filled with post it notes and book marks. I use it a LOT and you can really tell as I m soon going to have to order another copy It s been tremendously handy when I ve been making incense and herbal kits as there s just so much to draw from.It s a fabulous go to book for just starting out as well as seasoned practitioners who work with herbs as it s filled with helpful information There s quite a lot you can sink your teeth into.It s one of those books that I d recommend as a must have in your library. This is one of my two absolute favorite books on the magical use of herbs It is fun and easy to use, and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in undertaking the practice of Wicca or modern Witchcraft Scott Cunningham was a wonderful, light hearted, positive Light Being I knew him personally , and everyone I know who uses this book loves it There has been some criticism that everything in it is not based in perfect scholarship However, that does not matter This book has been in active use by practitioners for over 30 years Based on that, it stands on its own. I ve realized that my expectations for what I want n an herbal, and what is actually out there, are two completely different things Yet Cunningham s Encyclopedia hasof what I would want, with some folk history of the different herbs I don t like that everything is structured into the generic Greek 4 element model, but you get that with Wicca and ceremonialism As a supplemental reference book, I feel it does pretty well, and it did spark my interest into herbalism. i love this book i wander around the yard with it i practically read it to my plants the history and folklore adds so much to my gardening experience and i get totally excited when somebody asks about this or that herb i have in a dish near my front door or tied in a bundle over the fireplace each plant reference includes latin name, folk name, gender, planet, element, deities, powers, uses, whether or not it s poisonous, and a black n white botanical sketch of the plant mint is no longer mint it s a plant at the end of driveway keeping out evil spirits and promoting good neighbor relations i don t really believe in evil spirits but since all the neighbors stop to rub and sniff the plant and also say hello, i cannot argue with this book it s also amusing to think of ones grandmother wandering around town with a potato in her purse trying not to catch a cold we have come a long way with modern science but have lost so much of the romance of lore why can t we have both This is an encyclopedia about herbs Cunningham includes folklore, edibility, and ways these plants can be prepared Symbols are included in each profile to signify for medical use or for spells The reader should use their common sense Out of all Cunningham s books I see this one as the most important I use this book as a reference any time I am making gris gris bags, tea, or gardening.