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Will Henry S Fiery New Magic Consume Him In The Second Book Of The Bestselling Cupboard Series, About Cupboard Doors Leading To Worlds Of Adventure Henry Has Discovered That The Hundred Cupboard Doors Hidden Behind His Bedroom Wall Are Actually Portals To Other Worlds Now He Must Go Through The Cupboards To Find The Truth About Where He S From And Who His Real Parents Are Along The Way, Henry Is Suddenly Struck With A Gift Of Magic A Magic That Burns So Brightly It Attracts Unwanted Attention As He Discovers The Strength Of His New Powers, He Is Chased By Wizards And Faeren And Ultimately Forced Into Battle With Nimiane, The Evil Witch Queen And This Time, The Witch Is Not Alone Want To Know Where The Cupboards Came From Don T Miss The Latest Book In The Series, The Door Before Praise For The Cupboards Series A Must Read Series The Washington Post This Is My Favorite Kind Of Fantasy Tamora Pierce, New York Times Bestselling Author

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    First, I am a completely unobjective super fan of both ND Wilson and this book I did marry the boy whose words I loved and he did dedicate the book to me so, in a way, he bought these five stars But he s not on goodreads, so I can say whatever I want right I enjoyed it immensely, especially everything to do with the faeren I m most curious how it will strike fans of 100Cs since I really am too close to the story to see it in its own right.I just finished my first gripped, laughing, crying read of the ARC though I heard it read chapter by chapter as it was written and I m reading it a second time to our son It makes a good read aloud since he writes to the ear.I couldn t settle on a favorite quote but a poem I can do Bacon, bacon s all I m takin Tap the ale, pour out the wineYou bring ten hens what all are layin And I, my love, will slice the swine Eli Fitzfaeren

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    I read this in its various permutations in manuscript, but this was my first post publication read through This is simply an outstanding book As the author s father, I can be allowed my little biases But, also as the author s father, I must be recognized as being in possession of front row seats When it comes to his gift for writing, Nate is going to make a big dent I can hardly wait to tell you what is happening with Notes from the Tilt a Whirl.

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    I almost never post reviews of subsequent titles in a series but this one was so much worse than the 1st, I have to post my review In the second installment of 100 Cupboards, Henry discovers that he is a 7th son with magical abilities, which forms a dandelion mark on his hand Henry s cousin Henrietta decides to adventure through the cupboards and her family follows her A battle of good verses evil ensues Though the idea of cupboards with hidden worlds is appealing as is the cute flying creature raggant sent to mysteriously find Henry, there are many faults with this book First, the writing is extremely choppy and confusing actions jump so much it is difficult to understand what is going on Second, characters are quickly introduced and almost all end up being related with little motivation for their benevolent or malevolent actions Henry and Henrietta are annoying and unsympathetic main characters Other faults include a bizarre violence indifference towards animals and a strange attitude of slavery Purchase where the first was extremely popular though this is a good example of the poor execution of an interesting idea.

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    The second in this trilogy was even better than the first That s a rare feat Usually book two in a trilogy id the weakest, but this was excellent Wilson s imagination and sorry telling are at his peak. I especially love how he writes villains They are hateable precisely because he writes evil as evil and not as something to be desired The villains make the heroes that much likable In all, a wonderful story.

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    Wilson is one of the most powerful story tellers of our day.

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    ugh, Brandon, why did you take so long to read this Regardless, it s amazing I hadn t been reading much that I really liked when I started it, and it just reminded me what it felt like to read a really fabulous book The descriptions bring not just the storyworld, but also our real world to life in vibrant, convulsing color Henry grows up into a little man but still has that big heart and I just love it Even Henrietta learns to shut up and think things through every once in a while There s just so much hope in this story So much light and innocence to fight against the evils of the storyworld and our real world too.I ll take the fire of the dandelion every time.

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    So very good The first book lead into and set up this one and it went so far I loved it and couldn t believe the crazy imagination Wilson had in order to come up with this I can t wait to read the next one

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    so, i loved the first book 100 Cupboards because the concept of there being hidden cupboard doors in an attic behind which different worlds existed was completely fascinating and a great hook in the sequel, the author splits the main family up into three different lines two characters each go into a world and everyone else tries to follow them and they all end up in different places and i was left feeling VERY confused with no clear sense of which world I was in from chapter to chapter, WAY too many auxillary characters to keep straight or to care about when they got killed and WAYYYYY too much abstract magic going on in the character s head type of writing Very disappointing sequel Luckily, there s no cliff hanger, so maybe there won t be a third

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    Fantastic Looking forward to reading The Chestnut King

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    This book started a little slow for me Henrietta was infuriating, Henry was being rather thick, and the plot lines began to get rather complicated without anything really happening.However, I was rewarded for my perseverance, as the different events begin to point towards each other and the characters began to really make progress, both internally and externally Despite my earlier misgivings, I became attached to almost all of the characters, and it greatly simplified things to realize certain characters and places were closely related.My main gripe would be the too easy resolution of several ongoing plot issues Henry becomes inexplicably confident and eloquent, leading the way and making split second decisions where no such skill had really been showing before And a certain someone is released and returned out of nowhere, and the nature of his imprisonment, release, and travel is never fully explained Also, there really aren t enough casualties Not that I wanted anyone in particular to go, but the writing really made it clear that things were on the brink of disaster, and everyone was required to give their all There were too many people who should have had it a lot worse off at the end, at least in some superficial way.