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cannot believe it has taken me two years to get around to reading the second book in the Inheritance Cycle The book begins with Eragon and Saphria traveling to Ellesmera to complete their dragon rider training amongst the elves But while they try to fit decades of training in to mere weeks and months, we learn about Eragon s cousin Roran as he attempts to protect the mountain community from the Empire While I found the book enjoyable to read but is pales in comparison to other fantasy novels Having said that the book was an easy read, and a great sequel to the first book Life is both pain and pleasure If this is the price you must for the hours you enjoy, is it too much By far my favourite characters are Arya and Saphria, they are than happy to put Eragon in his place, which needs to happen often enough for it to create two brilliant dare I say sassy characters Well sort of I am not sure whether I will bother with the next books as it was not compelling enough to make me want to read it over other books on my reading list. I had a really hard time with how bad the writing was in the first novel Ben and I were reading this aloud while driving, and I kept interrupting with exclamations of dismay Really, how many times can something be described as liquid silver And how many chapters do you need to end with someone being hit on the back of the heading and blacking out Given the lack of resolution at the end of the first book, however, and given that I had the second right there in my hands, I continued on Paolini s writing does improve, thankfully And there were some satisfying climaxes at the end, though with enough left hanging that I could see eventually reading the third, once it comes out Though I probably won t be rushing to do so. In The New York Times Bestselling Novels Eragon And Eldest, Fifteen Year Old Eragon Discovers His Destiny As A Dragon Rider With Only An Ancient Sword And The Advice Of An Old Storyteller For Guidance, Eragon And His Dragon Must Navigate The Dangerous Terrain And Dark Enemies Of An Empire Ruled By A King Whose Evil Knows No Bounds This Beautiful Boxed Set Includes Books I And II In The Inheritance Trilogy Eragon I found this treasure during my junior year of high school, recommended by a fellow classmate in science class I picked it up,intrigued by the idea of an epic adventure, and was not disappointed in the least I remember diving into its pages on the bus after school, completely lost in the world Paolini created Having never been a real fan of the LOTR book series though i loved the movies I was wary of any novel of the same genre, but this book left me enraptured and eagerly anticipating what would happen next Eragon s emotions to the things that happen are incredibly relate able and you find yourself rooting for him and his awesome dragon, who by the way is incredibly intelligent and witty very early on All in all, it is on my favorite s list for a reason and I never get tired of reading it over and over again Eldest I had forgotten how much I like this book Eragon s story intrigued me from the beginning and I wanted to see where it led It begins right where the first left off, in the dwarf capital in the midst of an ambush After sustaineing considerable losses, Eragon and Saphira travel to Ellesmera, t home of the elves to continue their training in both the fighting arts and magic Meanwhile, the book also focuses on the happenings of Eragon s cousin and the trials he faces The ending caught me by surprise and left me with a thousand questions and no answersat least until I read the the third book Overall it was another exciting adventure from the pen of Christopher Paolini. This is by far my favorite book series I have ever read, it s about a kid named Eragon who finds a dragon egg It is a very well written book. Eragon is an eccentric tale of a young relatable farm boy from carvahall This book will leave you wanting with all of its twists and turns and cliffhangers If your looking for a good read thats excititing from starting to end, choose Eragon. The books Eragon and Eldest were Interesting to say the least, though I did enjoy the storyline The books just seemed a bit, well, plagiarized When I read the story all I could think of is Star Wars I mean a boy who believes his parents to be dead is taken under the wing of an old mysterious man The old mysterious man just so happens to be skilled in many different areas and teaches the boy everything he knows Doesn t that sound familiar Just wait, it gets better The boys dead dad He just so happens to be the evil bad guy If that isn t similar to Star Wars I don t know what is Another problem I had with this story was a feeling of old age with it I felt too old to read this story, as if it were meant for someone much younger than I To sum it up, It was an easy read for me The only challenge would be learning the ancient language He used simple words and phrases, not to mention the characters were bland I mean, there was nothing special about Eragon He just so happened to be the chosen one , or whatever you want to call it All in all he was the stereotypical hero of the story I mean a guy who can do everything on his own like a big boy It s silly There s really no point to making such an overused character If you do decide to carry on and read this book, may the force be with you. alright, here goes my first review ever, bear with me if it s terrible These books, Eragon and Eldest, are decent books for being written by a 15 year old, but they do have flaws As a die hard Lord of the Rings fan, this series seems to take a lot from LOTR I actually have a theory that the Eragon series takes place many years after the LOTR trilogy, but we won t get into the details of that now The reading is easy, and flows nicely, Paolini does a good job of keeping the reader involved The last book in the series, Brisinger, is due out September 28 2008, so we ll have to see how the story ends as it stands now,This is my prediction, it looks like it will climax with the destruction of the ruthless enemy king and Eragon will be raised up on the new throne and married to the elf of his dreams, sort of a Hollywood ending Of course there will be a twist, which i predict will be the dragon, Saphiera, kicking the bucket well thats all i have as far as random ramblings, thanks for reading. I loved it I have already started Brisinger and the 4th book will be headed my way as soon as it is released Tuesday Had to add this one the the favorites shelf and hopefully the other two will find their way there as well. All those words, and not one original idea among them.