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    This was probably the only series I ever read that could compete and possibly beat the Harry Potter series I read the whole series in less than a week and there are a lot of pages all together My favorite one is Brisingr but you have to read the whole series, start to finish, to understand what s going on I definitely recommend it and I really hope that you will enjoy this book This was the series that inspired me to consider reading as entertainment instead of work I read many good series such as Harry Potter, The Lightning Thief, and Hunger Games but this series is on top of my list.

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    When I read that Inheritance was coming out I decided to reread the series and found, on this second read through, that, while I still like them, I was not nearly so impressed as I had been the first time Perhaps I took time the first time around, or perhaps I have just been reading too much Robert Jordan in the mean time, but I feel like the books move way too fast in terms of character making We spend so much time debating proper course of action etc., but not a whole lot happens in the first couple of books, and yet it is in these books that the reputations of Eragon and his cousin in particular are made The switch from Eragon being viewed as a boy to be manipulated to a man of renown takes place during a single battle when he defeats a shade While the author does attempt to impress upon readership the awesomeness of this feat, it just doesn t work for me for some reason Roran s own rise in the estimation of his fellow villagers also feels forced They look at him as something apart just a little too soon Especially seeing as the whole village was involved in the fighting, one would think that they would all be seeing one another in a new light, but not particularly focusing that attention on Roran Perhaps that would have shifted after Katrina is taken, but that only seems to heighten it Again, I just needed it to take a little time to allow the shift to be a subtle and, in my opinion, a natural shift Having said that, and as I have been typing this review, I feel that the author does justify these characters reputations by the end of the third book and they really are amazingly engaging characters I am still astounded that an author so young executed these They continue to get better as the series progresses Like any good series, it adds depth as it proceeds and compels you with the force of its characters and draw of its world.

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    Eldest is a great book, but if you want to read it you have to read Eragon first Eldest is the sequel to the book Eragon and is a great book if you re into dragons and science fiction The third book to the sequel comes out in September I loved this book and I think you will too The main character of the book is Eragon He is a young farm boy that finds a dragon egg and realizes that his duty is to defeat the king of his kingdom and make sure that his kingdom and all the villages are back to normal In the last book he defeated the king and in this book the king comes back and tries to control the kingdom again image error

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    This is most definitely the very best book series I have ever read and I ve read a lot of books As soon as I started reading the first book, the series shot up to my top favorite book, and no book has ever come close to competing with this series Paolini, although younger than most authors, paints a perfect picture of whatever is going on at that time in the story In fact, these books are what inspired me to begin the first book I plan to get published one day Although my book s plot has nothing to do with these books, I often go back and read a few pages or chapters of these books whenever I have writer s block I come up with my best ideas while reading other people s books, even though those ideas never have anything to do with what I am reading I am currently counting down the days till the fourth book comes out and cannot wait to set my eyes on the first page To sum it all up, if I could give this book anything higher than five stars, I would without a second thought I suggest this book to pretty much anyone

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    this serries was by far my favourite of all times and I want the popularity and love for these books to spread like wild fire.Christopher Paolini is a genious.Throut his books in this series he managed to make me feel everything from exuberance to dread to hate, despise, joy, love, wonder.etc every emotion you can imagin this authour brought fully into play with this series If you choose to read this series I suggest that you start with Eragon the FIRST bookkeep on reading even when you think that everyone will perishnever loose faith in these characterstake your time becasue when those last pages turn you will want to yell and screem because this is one of those sets of novels that come arround rarely and drive you to search desperatly for another set that will be half as great.

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    Eragon was a regular boy living in a town called Carvahall, in a mysterious land named Alaga sia Eragon lived on a farm with his Uncle Garrow, and his brother, Roran One day, when Eragon is hunting in the spine, he finds a mysterious blue colored stone which he hopes to appraise at market for a high value Instead, the stone cracks, and out comes a baby dragon Eragon touches the dragon, and instantly they become bonded together Eragon names the dragon Saphira Consequently, Eragon is dragged into a war of epic proportion between the empire of an evil dragon rider named Galbatorix, and the freedom fighters In time, he will come to fight for freedom and train as a dragon rider, battling the forces of evil all over the land.

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    I think that it is amazing that this kid was so young when he started writing theseand his vocabulary is far beyond mine In my never ending search for boy young adult books I would highly recommend this but beware of reading level.I was so upset that Brisingr wasn t the end like it was supposed to My mom was going to have this sent to me and then I was supposed to bring it to her when we went to Englandwell it came to their flat in EnglandI had so much anticipation in finishing the saga so I busted my hump to read it all before we came home and it really crushed me to not have it wrapped up but to know I will have to wait even longer to finish Eargon s story.

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    All three were very good books and I loved reading them finding out what would happen next my favorite out of these three though is definitely Brisingr I enjoyed finding out all the secrets that were unveiled and continually surprised me and gave me lots to think about the book Eragon and Eldest were both just as good though, they both were action packed and full of twists and turns that made it a fun read and hard to put down if you are a reader who loves to read fiction books and stories that never cease to amaze you, I would highly recommend this book

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    Perfect books to read about a fantasy world You become enthralled in the characters and begin to know what their reactions will before you even read the next page I would definitely recommend this book series.

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    I think it is better than LOTR, I guess because of the simplicity of expression