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    I love the film, but hate this dang book RUN, READER, RUN There are very few books that I really hate, and definitely this is one of those few books that I truly hate and even I regret the time invested to read it.There are several books that I didn t enjoy to read them or I thought that they could be better, etcHowever to reach the level of hating the book that s something that it s not usual for me.So, you re being warned Run, reader, run PLAYING DEVIL S ADVOCATE Maybe juuuuuuuust maybe my hate it s not fair with this book.Since my hate for the book is due my expectations about it, after watching the film adaptation I used quoting marks on the word adaptation, since book and film couldn t be different Actually, I believe that Robert Zemeckis, director of the movie, could film it with other title and there wouldn t any court able to say that he used the book without permit.Too much of devil s advocate Returning to hate mode THROUGH A MIRROR, DARKLY You have to understand that I love the movie It s a fantastic film with such lovely characters that you care about them However, my experience with the book reached the realms of traumatic and awful repulsion.When you really liked a novel, it s quite easy to make a review about it without using any spoiler, but I think that when you didn t like the book, it s quite complicated to avoid to point out why you didn t like the book.Especially if I hate the book as much as I do.So the following text contains spoilers comparing the film with the book view spoiler First of all, I have to explain that Forrest in the book is really a big strong guy with some mental retardation, so it s not anything like Tom Hanks I comment that, not in a negative light, but that it s crutial for many following things in the book.Since Forrest in the book isn t an innocent sweet guy but a dirty minded creature.OK, Forrest and Jenny weren t friends in their childhood and so, there isn t a scene of them hiding in the corn field escaping from Jenny s dad.In the book, they barely met for a few days on first grade andBAM , no relationship They met again in college, and Jenny looks for him, BUT not for some tender reason, no, she is looking for him due that he is a very big and strong guy, so, he must have a really big pennis and she just want to f k with him.Later, Jenny didn t get AIDS and she didn t get married with Forrest.However, she got pregnant alright with a baby from Forrest but she sued him for an alimony, and she married another guyAaaaaaaah Whaaaaaat What kind of evil mirror universe is this But what it s this crap Dang No, no, no hide spoiler

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    Forrest Gump, Winston GroomForrest Gump is a 1986 novel by Winston Groom The title character retells adventures ranging from shrimp boating and ping pong championships, to thinking about his childhood love, as he bumbles his way through American history, with everything from the Vietnam War to college football becoming part of the story 1999 1374 205 1375 285 9649094024 1394 9789649094021 20 1390 240 9786006235226 1374 260

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    I loved the movie Don t get me wrong, the film adaption is one of my favorite movies of all time that s precisely why I wanted to give the book a try, because the book s always better than the movie, right Well, this was the exception Because Forrest Gump is manipulative, outrageous, poorly characterized, and awkwardly written I read an article once that said that the only reason there wasn t a film sequel to Forrest Gump was because the author didn t get enough credit for writing the book well, I now have a new appreciation for Hollywood screenwriters, because the one who scribed the movie did a monumental job There are many reasons why I hate this book 1 It insults the reader s intelligence, as well as the characters In the book, Forrest is portrayed as a grown man with the brain of a four year old In the movie, it s established that he has mental deficiencies, but that was the message of the film that he still had a heart It s a tad maudlin, but still a good resolution In the book, he s seriously drawn as stupid The supporting characters and their interactions with Forrest are poorly drawn it s also a very perverse book, which I don t mind, if placed properly, but the author obviously doesn t know how to control a genre It insults people with conditions similar to Forrest s, considering the way he is poorly portrayed.2 It s outrageously awkward I was a bit horrified to read about Forrest going into the boxing ring wearing a diaper there were also a few other scenes I d rather not go into in case someone actually wants to give this book a stab 3.There s no character growth The characters come to now resolution Even the cleverly placed war backdrop and political unrest in Forrest Gump is gone 4 The author has a twisted sense of comedy and not in the funny, Judd Apatow way Forrest just comments on things at the oddest of times Also, the author doesn t know when things should be implied I thought that was one of the greatest adaptive qualities of the movie It managed to be subtle in its developments, which played a contrast to Forrest s perspective, enabling the film with stronger overall narrative power I might get a lot of hate from people who loved the movie and stand by the book but never even read it But trust me, I m just as disappointed as you are This may actually be the only book I ve ever given one star to Reading this gave me appreciation for the film making industry don t worry, though, I m sure it ll be gone tomorrow when I hear about another vampire novel getting a million dollar movie deal.

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    I had heard so many fantastic things about the movie, but I didn t know that it was based on a book I was pleasantly surprised when I came across the book during one of my book hunts.The story is narrated by the eponymous protagonist of the book, who introduces himself as an idiot but also says that he is probably a lot brighter than what people think The introduction was pretty good.The world might regard Forrest as an idiot, but let me tell you he is exceptionally talented with the harmonica, can easily solve complex mathematical equations and is a master of chess He is what they used to call an idiot savant.Born to a poor family, Forrest was ruthlessly bullied as a child for his behavior But, the bullied kid would grow up to be a 6 6 feet giant and lead a very adventurous life He would play university football, get conscripted to fight in the Vietnam war, hobnob with US Presidents and Chairman Mao himself, try to join Hollywood, try to be a chess player, become a NASA astronaut, live with cannibals, join professional wrestling, start his own business and what not.Forrest had versatile talents but his bad luck prevented him from realizing his true potential.He would make a few good friends, be helped by some kind hearted people and of course, there was Sue, a male orangutan You might ask, How come you call him Sue, if it s a he You want to know Then I suggest that you read the book.Our hero had a heart of gold he is the man who always tried to do the right thing He was above greed and always ready to help others In return he would face disappointments and humiliations, often for no fault of his I am not even going in to his love life This a wonderful satire of the society, politics, entertainment industry and the list goes on There are some genuinely funny moments hilarious even, and some profound moments as well.One initial annoyance might be Forrest s dialogues He spoke with a rather horrible grammar But, you would slowly get used to it, and it might feel authentic to you because that s how we expect people like him to speak.The book is not very long, and can be read in one sitting I would recommend this novel to people who enjoy satire and humour.I now look forward to watching the movie I am very curious to see how the book was adapted into the movie I mean what parts were changed and how Sue was portrayed in the movie Learnt from a friend that Sue and the adventure around the NASA mission were not included in the movie A bit disappointed, but I am sure Tom Hank s acting will than make up for it

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    Packed full of laughs, poor Forest just can t do anything right Quite different from the film, which in this rare instance IS, in my opinion, better than the book The storyline in the film flows a lot better, but the book is still worth a read The only thing which I had to become accustomed to, is slowing my reading speed so that the phonetically written dialogue had an authentic slow drawl.

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    Rarely do I go to a movie and say that the movie was definitely better than the book, but this was one time that was true I really liked the movie with the great soundtrack setting the scenes throughout the 60 s and 70 s, and of course, Tom Hanks played a GREAT Forrest I did enjoy how the book portrayed Forrest landing in even incredible situations, such as being an astronaut, almost being cannibals lunch, and even rescuing Raquel Welch I would give the movie 4 out of 5 stars, but I can only give the book 2 out of 5 See ya later I gotta PEE

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    In a way it s a real shame that this book will forever be connected and usurped in the minds of most by the iconic Tom Hanks movie I found this book on my father s shelf and the cover featuring a mongoloid looking face grabbed me almost instantly When I started to read, I wasn t disappointed The big reason I think you are seeing so many low ratings for this book is simple This is a much darker book than the movie is Forrest Gump is about how we people have to overcome all the bad things that happen to them, as shown through the eyes of the most innocent, gullible, and abused man ever Many of the elements of the movie are still there, but this is the Hyde to Mr Jekyll s Jekyll I think a lot of people today pick up this book expecting a spiritual pick me up, only to find its a spiritual kick in the gut That said, I think people need spiritual kicks to the gut these days I think Forrest Gump the novel had a lot to do with how much I ve tried to be empathetic towards people as I ve grown up It is a tough novel to read And, while things turn bad for Fortest time and time again, you have to be uplifted a bit that, despite all the awful crap, life moves on.

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    I recently vacationed in Savannah, Georgia and happened to walk by the famous Forest Gump bench It didn t mean a whole lot to me since I ve never seen the movie, but ever since I outed myself of this fact, all my friends and family are insisting I watch it Of course, I m reading first and plan to watch sometime this summer I really don t enjoy reading accents so I opted for the audiobook which I thought was well done with an appropriately Southern accented narrator I found this story short, humorous, and with surprising perspective Overall, I enjoyed Forrest Gump and look forward to comparing it to the film adaptation.My favorite quote Bullets an stuff be flying all over It is something I simply cannot understand why in hell is we doing all this, anyway Playing football is one thing But this, I do not know why Goddamn

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    Saw the movie several times Loved it Here s to placing decency over dishonor, to rising up to stand up for our daughters and mothers and sisters, and saying to METOO, I2STAND4UCongratulations, Alabama s new senator elect Doug Jones Oh, my JUBILATION and huge sigh of relief that my state of Alabama did NOT elect the backwards pederast Roy Moore as United States senator.

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    Forrest Gump This review is as much a criticism of the movie as it is of the book, possibly so, in that the book was not quite the crock of mawkish drivel that the movie was Gosh, where to begin For starters, our boy Forrest has an I.Q of 75 Played apparently not much of a stretch by Tom Hanks, on a natural stop along the career arc that took him from the simpering idiocy of Bosom Buddies to the affront to the intelligence that is The DaVinci Code You might reasonably ask what type of banality one should expect from a film with voiceover by someone with an IQ of 75 Well, this type Life is like a box of chocolates Stupid is as stupid does We was like peas and carrots In the book, Forrest is an idiot savant in the movie he s just an idiot But a special idiot, apparently, one whose exploits include, but are not limited to Winning a football scholarship to the University of Alabama, becoming an All American and meeting JFK in the White House Graduating college in 5 years unclear how, exactly Enlisting in the army, going to Vietnam and winning a Medal of Freedom, getting to show his wounded buttock to LBJ Meeting Abbie Hoffman, John Lennon, Nixon, Dick Cavett Becoming a ping pong champion, traveling to China Meeting Nixon, discovering the Watergate burglars, triggering the Watergate scandal Becoming super wealthy from his shrimp boat Becoming super duper wealthy from a fortuitous early Apple investment Starting the jogging craze, the smiley button, the expression shit happens , the fad for pet rocks, and anything else of cultural import during the 70 s We are appraised of each of these events by Forrest s droning voiceover Throughout the malodorous mulligatawny of muddle headed, meandering misadventures that constitute the plot of this mess of a movie, we are expected to believe that our slow witted friend, by obeying orders and never questioning authority, passes through the 60 s and 70 s going from one success to the next, meeting with world leaders and presidents, leaving his Gump stain on all the major milestones of the age For bathos, the tale of his lady love, a hippie stripper peacenik drug addict crazy woman, is interwoven it s basically a downhill trajectory for her, culminating in the final indignity of succumbing to complications from AIDS, as one desperate milestone is crammed in to the festering goulash of the plot Before her final exit, we learn she has fulfilled her plot obligations by popping out a Forrest Junior, played all too convincingly by the nauseatingly cute personification of perky moppet dom, Halie Joel Ozspawn Let s see, what s the message here It seems to be that an idiot can not only survive, but prosper and excel, in the U.S of A An idiot can, in fact, be directly involved in every development of political or cultural significance in the U.S over a two decade period We know this, because the idiot tells us so himself So here s the thing This emotionally manipulative tapestry of implausibility was a huge success both financially and critically How could a string of ever incredible tall tales, narrated by a simpleton, end up being so universally acclaimed I think there are two reasons, neither of which reflects particularly well on the movie, or on the public who gave it such a rapturous reception First, the fundamental message idiot not only makes good, but becomes a huge success is one which, however stupid, is enormously appealing to the American public A society which is deeply anti intellectual at its core, where accusing someone of being elitist is considered a major body blow, sufficient to shut down all further debate, is apparently all too happy to lap up the myth of the success of an imbecile like Forrest Never mind that in real life, Forrest would end up soiling himself in the corner of whatever Dickensian mental home the state of Alabama had consigned him to Second, the moviemakers have made a very canny calculation, figuring apparently correctly that since the solipsism and self obsession of the Baby Boomers knows no bounds, one recipe for success is to pepper the movie with scenes guaranteed to manipulate a Boomer recognition response Thus, Boomers are given a double treat in this movie they get to take a guided tour of the nostalgic highlights of their two most formative decades, in the company of an amiable dullard to whom they can only feel superior What s not to love Forgive me if I, for one, reject the implied message that obeying orders and unquestioning obedience to authority pave the way to success, in this, or in any decade Because, no matter how charmingly the simpleton might peddle it, crap is still crap And there s no pony hidden in the steaming heap of manure that is Forrest Gump It offends the intelligence.