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Popular EPub, Gates Of Fire An Epic Novel Of The Battle Of Thermopylae By Steven Pressfield This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Gates Of Fire An Epic Novel Of The Battle Of Thermopylae, Essay By Steven Pressfield Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This was an interesting book I wasn t sure what to expect from it and had thought it would be a book of history, but was actually a work of historical fiction It was well told and, from what I know, an accurate enough telling of the story of the 300 Herodotus also tells this story in his histories and it is hardly surprising that a tale of so few holding off an army of so many should be remembered as one of the great military stories of all time This one is told through the eyes of a captured assistant to the Spartans who is asked by the Persian king to tell his story and who does so in quite some depth and detail The odd thing was that this story is told really by an historian of the Persians, and normally this would, within the context of the novel, raise concerns over the accuracy of the story as told and translated from the Greek and into Persian for the king I guess I m too aware of concerns for such distortions as this wasn t something that was really played with at all by the author The convoluted process involved in the telling of the story was not really to get the reader to question the accuracy of what was being told, but rather to find a way to get many of the threads in the story to all line up This book is apparently taught at West Point and I found that very interesting This is a story about bravery and what it takes to be brave, and I guess that is exactly the sort of thing people in the army would expect to learn I couldn t help reflect while reading this book how often when America is involved in military adventures overseas they are much likely to see themselves as the 300, and therefore acting to defend their homeland, rather than as the Persian invaders This is interesting, as it does involve some fascinating mental gymnastics.This is a remarkable story and well told here in a way a modern audience would be much likely to enjoy Many of the famous lines are all here, from fighting in the shade due to the number of arrows the Persians would be able to fire to telling the emissary of the Persians to come and get them referring to the Greek weapons after being asked to hand them over Boy s own stuff this I kept thinking that it was odd that it was mostly told in first person, as generally these stories are told in omniscient narration, and this made me think that perhaps modern tellings of stories like this are much likely to be told through the eyes of an individual.Anyway, I enjoyed this than I thought I might. One of the two best standalone books that I ve ever read this is truly historical fiction at its finest Lancelot by Giles Kristian was an amazing standalone and now, I ve found Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield I m starting to feel that historical fiction is the right genre to visit when I m looking for amazing standalone books In my opinion, both Lancelot and Gates of Fire achieved what I think at this point is impossible to find in SFF my favorite genre books a standalone masterpiece With fiery temerity, I m not even afraid to claim these two as the best standalone books out of every genre I ve ever read so far.I could try to tell you all the incredible building blocks that make up this book and warrant these high praises but believe me that I will fail Let me instead try to constrict my review to two factors the philosophical content and the proseThe hardship of the exercises is intended less to strengthen the back than to toughen the mind The Spartans say that any army may win while it still has its legs under it the real test comes when all strength is fled and the men must produce victory on will aloneIf I m not mistaken, Gates of Fire is on the Commandant of the Marine Corps Reading list This shouldn t come as a surprise because the philosophical content in this book is simply a jaw dropping, resonating masterpiece I ve never been a soldier or marine, and I sure as hell don t want to become one the fear that would come with enlisting would probably make me shit myself to death I m always disgusted at the atrocities that humans can do to each other in the times of war Ironically, wars also bring into focus how amazing and inspiring humanity can be This book counters the fear and terror of war with perseverance, strength, and flaming resilience Despite not being a soldier, I do believe that there are tons of incredibly positive messages you can get from reading this book For example, the Spartans valorous attitude in the face of dominance and tyranny is something that s truly worth adapting to your life.These results were possible only because of Pressfield s usage of language The prose was evocative and powerful, capable of igniting a variety of emotions Pressfield also truly dived into the philosophy and psychology of the Spartans extremely well Every word even when they were info dumping is imbued with a savage gravitational pull that utterly gripped me Every scene was important in order to reach the culmination found in the final sections of the book, which was awe inspiring.Pressfield s portrayal on The Battle of Thermopylae captured the power and strength of the Spartans Told in vivid details that seems to transport all your senses into the book, you ll feel the battle, tragedy, doom, and hope unfolding right in front of your eyes You won t be able to stop reading about the savage nature of humanity as it inflicts devastation and the counter method employed by the Spartans I m serious, these Spartans in a phalanx formation were a combination of almost literal demigods functioning together with the same beating heart to become a windmill of death and defending their compatriots while killing anyone who approached them A kindling ember of hope was lit by the 300 Spartans from the battle that results in a deluge of blood in the gates of fire, turning flesh and blood into gifts for Hades This battle eventually would become the turning point for a future victory against the Persians and I enjoyed every moment of reading this book.Picture The Battle of ThermopylaeSuffice it to say that Gates of Fire has become one of the best escapism experiences I ve ever had in my life Don t let the tragedy stop you from reading this book, because beneath the gores and battle, the nature of this book was hopeful and inspiring There were myriads of incredibly positive messages in this book and I ll definitely let them become a part of me as I move forward in my life.Read this book and adapt the Spartans unconquerable strength and wisdom Read this book at the risk of being invigorated, and adapt the Spartans valorous attitude Read this book when you want to defeat Phobos fear and know in the end that strength in camaraderie, love, and good leadership always have a lot of power to pull you out of tough situations I m closing this review with one quote about leadership, it s a bit long but trust me that you won t regret reading itA king does not abide within his tent while his men bleed and die upon the field A king does not dine while his men go hungry, nor sleep when they stand at watch upon the wall A king does not command his men s loyalty through fear nor purchase it with gold he earns their love by the sweat of his own back and the pains he endures for their sake That which comprises the harshest burden, a king lifts first and sets down last A king does not require service of those he leads but provides it to themA king does not expend his substance to enslave men, but by his conduct and example makes them freeYou can find this and the rest of my Adult Epic High Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest Gates of Fire is one of my favorite booksever I first read it back when I was in the Marine Corps It was on the Commandant s Reading List for a time required reading for any motivated teufelhund The author himself is a former Marine, and draws upon his experiences to create a compellingly insightful look at the mental and psychological makeup of a soldier The concepts of self sacrifice, service, community, camaraderie, and duty are the thematic core of this historic novel Steven Pressfield does than just tell the story of what happened during the battle of Thermopylae which in and of itself is a phenomenal story , he uses it as a backdrop for studying the psychological makeup of what a soldier should be There is philosophy in this book than one would expect from a war novel, but this is why I consider it both insightful, and at times inspiring even after the fifth read This is a great book for anyone who is thinking of, or soon will be joining military service Anyone wishing to gain insight on how a military is supposed to function should read this book Anyone wishing insight to the mind of a soldier should read this book Those who are confused as to why a friend or loved one wants to join the military can very likely gain their answers from this book. What can I say about this book that hasn t already been said here on it s review pageah, not much It is a terrific book Dense, and detailed and clever and, in many places, exhilarating Sometimes I felt that the author was being too clever Sacrificing flow for sometimes not so relevant story background There is quite a lot of too ing and fro ing in this book Jumping backwards and forwards between different times and sometimes it worked for me and sometimes it didn t That is why I nearly gave Gates of Fire 4 stars instead of 5but I didn t I didn t have a problem with the backwards and forwards through the meat of the book, but by the last third of the book, once it was time to leave for Thermopylae, and once they were there, the flow was often a bit too constricted by Pressfield jumping out of the tense rushing storyline, into other slower laid back storylines It took a long while, it seemed, before the real battle of Thermopylae was fought And when it was My heart broke.It is odd You know the story of those three hundred Knew their fate, but it didn t make it any easier when the time came for the end They went to the Hot Gates to die, and die they did.Pressfield is a man of high talent when it comes to writing and I can t believe it has taken me this long to finally read this book But boy am I glad I did.