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Gothic Grimoire is the personal Book of Shadows of author Konstantinos, and it shows The author focuses on the night world of magic, presenting many potent rituals and rites for the beginner or advanced practitioner Astral Travel, Nocturnal Sabbats and Opening the Gates to the Underworld are but a few of the many topics discussed in the book.Few books focus on the dark arts because they can be misrepresented and confused for something evil or nefarious However, Konstantinos avoids this pitfall because he is a seasoned and mindful pagan and his instruction, while allowing one to embrace the night world, clearly does so without sacrificing the light.Gothic Grimoire is a powerful and insightful tool for anyone wanting to master the nocturnal mysteries while maintaining respect and balance in the process.I think Konstantinos is honest about his dark interests and doesn t to focus on that way too much I have read three of the Konstantinos books but I prefered the other two The title of this book is a bit tacky and might give people the wrong idea about the book.Anyway this book is a good read As The Rest Of The World Goes To Sleep, The Nightkind Those Who Prefer To Explore The Mysteries Of The Night Prepare For Their Rites Whether You Are New To The Practice Of Nocturnal Magick, Or A Seasoned Dark Mystic, This Companion To The Popular Nocturnal Witchcraft Is Sure To Bring New Levels Of Power To Your NightsExpand Your Connection To The Dark Ether And The Unseen World With This Collection Of Techniques And Rituals Taken Directly From The Author S Personal Magickal Notebooks Explore The Nocturnicon A Collection Of Rites Designed To Overcom The Unique Obstacles That Appear In The Life Of The NightkindCommune With The Dark Gods And Goddesses Of The Night With Nocturnal Rituals For The Sabbats Examine Advanced Astral Workings, Including Astral Travel, Working With Thoughtforms, And Banishing Unwanted Energies And Entities Connect With The Positive Side Of The Darkness Within And Without As You LearnNot For The Meek, The Magick You Ll Encounter In These Pages Will Help You Transform Yourself, And Change The Way You Perceive Reality From This Night Forward This book helped me a lot when I was first starting to get into spell work even though I have not performed most of the spells in it however, I want to share how I found it It was in a used book store and I was looking for a different book and this one caught my attention I picked it up and felt that I needed to get this book or else someone else would that would use it the wrong way When I got home I skimmed through it and someone had underlined and took lots of notes in it The very first sentence of the book s introduction was underlined I ve got a feeling if you re reading this book it found you Not the other way around Some of us belong in the shadows, and are drawn by the nocturnal mysteries. I read this book briefly because I feel like I should read Nocturnal Witchcraft first And since I liked this book, I probably will read it a bit later.I loved the history the lifestyle occults and rituals the nocturnal celebrations Although YA Fantasy is my favorite genre, I really enjoy nonfiction books about religion, lifestyle, etc especially the darkling ones . Konstantinos, perhaps employing sophistry and salesmanship in the naming of the work, presents a grimoire centred around nocturnal witchcraft There is nothing really dark here, only a focus upon astral journeying, nighttime rituals and a preference for darkness lighting level wise that is The work itself is rather well written and the structure of the rituals and rites are well presented The aspects I have employed are certainly effective, yet there is nothing really new here. Compared to the other two books I ve read by Konstantinos, this book was actually interesting to read I still found him very arrogant and a touch self righteous, but his spells appear sound and his view of night magic is something I wouldn t mind replicating. I read a sample of this, but it was so short that I couldn t make up my mind about it.I am a Wiccan, and also a goth, but I have never read into dark magic or anything like that So I m not sure this is the magical path for me. See my review of Noctural Witchcraft I found it to be very interesting and enlightening. this was silly and fun I was fun to read about different rituals that people could invoke I only read about half of it before I had to tap out But still, a quorky way to pass an afternoon.