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Learn The Basics Of Witchcraft From A Third Generation Witch Raised In A Family Tradition Positive, Practical, And Easy To Use, Green Witchcraft Brings Together The Best Of Both Modern Wicca And The Author S Family Heritage Of Herb Craft And Folk Magic

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    This book is rant worthyFirst off the title itself is misleading Green Witchcraft Folk Magic, Fairy Lore Herb Craft By Green she means Wicca, or rather Wicca that uses plants, by Folk Magic she means that she mentions that her family used Folk Magic but she doesn t actually talk about it in any real depth, by Fairy Lore she means that fairies are cool there is absolutely no lore whatsoever about the fae in this book and by Herb Craft she actually means Herb Craft So at least there s that This book is incredible poorly written It s unorganized and repeats things frequently I would often get confused about what section I was supposedly reading because she couldn t stay on topic for than a paragraph or two This book needed a real editor desperately.The author has a serious anti mainstream religion chip on her shoulder Half the time it reads as a childish rant I felt like I was reading a craft book written by a teenager who just discovered The Burning Times.There was a lot of name dropping for other books sold by the same publisher which is really lame If you made a drinking game where you take a shot from the lowest % alcohol that you can find every time she name dropped or used the word Green you d be dead ten times over.tldr This book is about Wiccan Ceremonial Magic, Tarot, Candle Magic and Herb Craft Fairies and real Folk Magic need not apply Terribly written and angry anti mainstream religion rants.

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    Obviously you can t and shouldn t copy and take for truth everything that an author like this says However, I found this book extremely helpful and valuable for my own personal crafting and such It is a good supplement which is what all of these occult and new age books should be treated as.

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    What I liked I liked the herbal correspondences, and there were some practical advice.What I disliked Witchcraft Wicca and nothing else historical inaccuracies I skimmed through a lot of the Wicca stuff because meh I m not Wiccan, it s not relevant to me.I recommend, if you read this, to not use this book for historical reference, but as a modern day herbal when it comes to correspondences.

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    This was the first book on Witchcraft that really resonated for me, and it remains a favorite several years later My copy is now worn, dog eared, and full of sticky tabs for quick reference It s still my first go to when I want a basic ritual format to adapt for personal use.

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    A great book, both for philosophical purposes and as a valuable resource for Witches and Pagans, and an informative guide to the basics of this tradition of Witchcraft for everyone else The combination of Dravidic, Germanic, Celtic and Brazilian traditions is a unique and fascinating perspective I love how the author combines her personal experience into the descriptions of spells and rituals Her perspective of Green Witchcraft is thought provoking and refreshing She provides many useful herbal recipes, divination references and ritual guides Something else fairly unique she offers is a perspective of one who grew up in both Witchcraft and Christianity, a rare position that may help non Witches and non Pagans better relate to what she writes She also explained the Wheel of the Year and the cycles of the Goddess and the God in a very clear way that made sense than many other explanations I ve read The book is not as rigidly structured as it might have been, but in a way that goes together with the subject of the book it seems grown than constructed, to be metaphorical about it, subjects sometimes flowing together and peppered with personal anecdotes and childhood memories, and so feels sort of casual, amicable and warm This is an excellent book for anyone interested in learning about Witchcraft.

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    This is my kind of book It talks about a lot of things all in one book It discusses all the pagan holidays, herbal mixtures and recipes, and connection with nature spirits or elementals Its a great book to add to my collection

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    I tried to get through this book but I find that it has too many stories about herself and her family for my tastes I also found some of her ideas to be eccentric and beyond the scope of my tolerance, even as an occultist I agree with others who have stated that she tries to write opinions as fact to fit her own style needs I chalk it up to the path of green witchcraft being somewhere in the background behind Wicca, without any real set of ruling bodies or traditions to keep information intact over a serious length of time Unfortunately this does a disservice to those who might otherwise consider this for their own spiritual path.Green Witchcraft feels like a hybrid between witchcraft and possibly druidic or celtic reconstruction Possibly I m not familiar with these practices It still reeks heavily of eclecticism.All in all, I couldn t take Ann s book seriously by the end of it I felt its illustrations were unnecessary, some of the guidelines within were a joke not so much the rules, but the reasoning , and her writing style put me off Good luck to anyone who opts to read it, but please realize there s better out there on general witchcraft.

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    This book annoyed me It s a great book for Wiccan beginners which I why it gets the 2 stars but is not at all about Green Witchcraft I don t understand how the title of this book relates to its contents I eventually put this book down, as it was not at all what I was expecting or wanting No new or relevant information for me Green Witches, Hearth Kitchen Witches feel free to skip this one.

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    I like this first installment in a three part series I can easily identify with her books as I am also of mixed blood and have mixed magickal practices reflective of my varied cultural upbringing She also is heavily influenced by the matriarchs in her family This is a great addition to any magickal collection.

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    I love Ann Moura s books Her writing style is accessible, while the book is filled with knowledge, most of which cannot be found elsewhere as it comes from her personal family tradition Can t wait to get the next book