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Wanted by no oneHunted by everyoneSixteen year old Nathan lives in a cage beaten shackled trained to kill In a modern day England where two warring factions of witches live amongst humans Nathan is an abomination the illegitimate son of the world's most terrifying and violent witch Marcus Nathan's only hope for survival is to escape his captors track down Marcus and receive the three gifts that will bring him into his own magical powers—before it's too late But how can Nathan find his father when there is no one safe to trust not even family not even the girl he loves? Half Bad is an international sensation and the start of a brilliant trilogy a gripping tale of alienation and the indomitable will to survive

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    Do you know a story that goes something like this There's a poor family consisting of a mother and her bunch of kids each one from a different father Then there's that one kid or who had a dad who was known for causing trouble maybe he drank a lot got into fights ended up in prison you know the kid I'm talking about? The one who has that dad? Well everyone expects he'll turn out just the same Everyone has their eye on that kid his whole life expecting him to become just like his father watching for his first mistake And it makes him angry that people constantly expect the worst of him It makes him lash out and get into fights and become something of a delinuent It makes him exactly what everyone expected him to be And people nod their heads and say See I told you so And no one will ever know if that kid was always his father's son or if the other people in his life made him that wayHalf Bad is in many ways that story The story of a boy who was never given a chance A story of nature vs nurture outsiders family and prophecy But with witchesSo apparently there is some juice left in British YA after all I'd begun to assume JKR had drained that one dry I only hope that the US publishers don't Americanize it for you readers across the pond because I think there's an eerie EnglishScottishWelsh countryside atmosphere that permeates this novel and adds to the overall experience Which I thought was wonderful by the way This is a book set in an alternate universe version of England where witches live alongside humans or Fains the good white witches and the evil black witches Then there's half bloods or half codes like Nathan who are the product of both Unsurprisingly and as every decent novel should remember in my opinion there is never really anything as simple as good or evil despite what Nathan has been told his whole life As he grows up in a world that distrusts him he realises that the good guys often do bad things and those who are evil might not be all they first seemHalf Bad is two main things and both of them are good For the first it is a coming of age story about a boy who must grow up in a difficult world and learn to survive the best way he can It's strange how very real this story felt despite the strong fantasy element throughout I suppose that's because of the parallels that can easily be drawn between Nathan's story and that of anyone who has ever been given a label before they've even had a chance to work out who they are I really liked all of the characters in this novel and there were uite a few The author seems to have that special knack for delivering characters who do bad things and make the wrong decisions but still manage to get you on their side Characters you initially think are going to be merely evil like Celia are developed into something far three dimensional and complexBut I said this book was two things and it is As well as a very realistic story about a boy growing up it's also a fast paced vicious gruesome page turner It's not a small book but once I found time to sit down and read it I was mesmerised until I finished it late last night My friend practically had to drag me away to go see 12 Years a Slave even though I'd been looking forward to it for agesNow where is the next book? WANT NEED MUST HAVE

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    it’s the name of the most evil Black Witch there has ever been”I want to say “Marcus” He’s my father and I want to say his name but I’m too afraid I’m always too afraid to say his name Oh hi VoldemortThis book is Snape The Teenage Years Only without much magic WHERE'S MY MOTHERFUCKING MAGIC? Is it too much to ask for magic in a book about WITCHES? If I'm going to read Dracula I want some fucking vampires and I want them to suck the bloody hell out of some humans If I'm going to read about witches I want some fucking hocus pocus shit ok?This is basically the story of Harry Potter's Severus Snape if Voldemort had been his daddy He's also got a Lily to comfort him and some Marauders wannabes beating him upIf you are a Harry Potter fan you will find the setting in this world uite familiar which is good because the setting in this book is very poorly built This book has excellent character development a sympathetic main character OH COME ON WHO DOESN'T LOVE SNAPE? but almost no magic at all for a book with witches The plot is vague the setting is unclear it's well written for a character insight but that's the limit of this bookThe plot is long winded and there's not much of it There are a lot of beatings a lot of torture a lot of discrimination and hate a lot of angst and not a whole lot of story or world building The book was just all over the fucking placeLet's get the elephant in the room out of the way there are a lot of similarities to Harry Potter in this book but there is no comparison with the original series In this book we have a corrupt Council HP's Ministry of Magic we have Hunters Aurors we have the Pure Purebloods a term for non magical humans Fain Muggles and for god's sakes we have a Cobalt AlleyThe beginning of this book is confusing as fuck This was literally my reaction for the first 10% of the bookHang in there It gets betterThe Summary Some people have the worst fucking luck in the world Meet Nathan Byrn He is Half Black No it doesn't mean he's got African ancestry it means that he is half Black Witch His father is a notorious Black Witch a murderer of hundreds A name reviled by the White Witch community As his son Nathan is despised Nobody loves him but most of his immediate family Not his mother because his mother is dead Dead because of him “She’s dead because of you”I back against the wallJessica shouts at me “She killed herself because of you” His oldest sister reviles him His other siblings and Gran love him and try to protect him but they can only do so much against a world that is inclined to discriminate against those with Half Black bloodThis is not a happy book Throughout the book we see how the world turns against Nathan From his own sister who constantly tries to intimidate him to the bullies at school who pound him into the ground Niall catches me on the side of the head with the brick and Connor is clinging on to meThen I get rammed in my back which must be with the brick againIt reverberates down my spine and stops me deadI’ve been hammered into the tarmac like a nail Pain and misery and torture That is the extent of Nathan's life It never stops He puts the point back into my left shoulder blade and I clench my jaw and scream while he makes another cutHe stops again and says “You should have listened to him”He makes another slow cutAnd I am going mad screaming and praying for someone to make him stopBut he makes another cut and then another and all I can do is scream and pray Even his mentor is prisoner than friend The routine is the same as ever And so is the cage And so are the shackles The choker is still on loose but there If I try to leave I’ll die no doubt about it It never seems to end I scream and curse him and move my finger as much as I can but the ring tightens and the needle goes into me againAs it comes out I’m sweatingHe moves on to the top of my finger over the fingernail The needle goes through again That's pretty much the entire book There is a lot of torture a lot of pain and some very vague plans to find his daddy He Who Must Be Named Actually his name is Marcus So I must go to himI must go and find my father The Setting Vague as fuck There is just no background It is a contemporary English setting without much of the setting at all I wouldn't have known besides the fact that they watch the telly The existence of witches doesn't really make any impression because the book acts like oh everyone knows it there's no need for any sort of information whatsoever So BOOM No setting We know there's a vagueCouncil We know that there are Hunters Hunters are the elite group of White Witches employed by the Council to hunt down Black Witches in Britain Gran says they are employed by other Councils in Europe and as there are so few Blacks left in Britain Hunters are mainly women but include a few talented male witches They are all ruthless and efficient And as you can tell from that passage the world building is terribly trite and mundane; there's no evocative writing hereI'm glad that I read Harry Potter first because the world setting is very similar in that magic is apparently an inherited trait delivered by blood on a Witch's 17th birthdayThere is1 Almost no magic at all within the book2 No history no background3 An unclear reason as to why the fuck Black witches are so bad If someone were to tell you Oh XXX is a terrible person you wouldn't just buy their words for it You'd want to know why the fuck that is There's not much of an explanation for why Black Witches are so reviled in this book We know that Marcus the most evil one kills and steals magic Do they all do that?The Black Witches in this book are the Boogeyman They're just a vague presence in the background to scare children That's itThe Plot There is not much of a plot here We see Nathan from up from a child to a 17 year old He gets tortured He runs away That's it There is no huge compelling overwhelming plot and the main clue that we were given turned out to be a red herring because the book didn't turn out at all the way I expected it to go ased on the hintsNathan I felt incredibly bad for the main character of the book This truly is Severus Snape the teenaged years Everyone hates him He is small puny and unlike Snape Nathan is dumb as fuck In secondary school he is barely literate Here's a sample of his writing i hava bordr and sisser my bordrs Arran he is niss and Debsis clvrer He gets bullied He gets beaten Thankfully he has a Lily named Annalise to befriend him A beautiful clever kind girl Annalise has long blonde hair that glistens like melted white chocolate over her shoulders She has blue eyes and long pale eyelashes She smiles a lot revealing her straight white teeth Her hands are impossibly clean her skin is the color of honey and her fingernails gleam Annalise is a Pure blood in the HP Universe we would call her a Slytherin A kind Slytherin I hold out my picture “What do you think? Now it’s finished”I’m prepared for her to say something horrible laugh at it or at me But I don’t think she’ll do thatShe smiles and says “It’s really good” Nathan is so lonely His other siblings Deborah and Arran love him but that's not enough when he knows that the entire Witch world hates him for his father's blood Nathan constantly dreams of his father Wild impossible dreams that give him hope It is a secret story that I tell myself when I’m in bed at night My father is not evil at all; he is powerful and strong And he cares about me he loves me And he wants to bring me up as his true son to teach me about witchcraft to show me the world But he is constantly persecuted by White Witches who give him no opportunity to explain But he is waiting for the right time to come for me and take me away with him Nathan is so hideously persecuted Nobody wants him Nobody believes him Of course I know I know that even if I don’t fight even if I avoid Annalise even if I get on my knees and lick Niall’s and Connor’s boots it will make no difference; they will do what they like and say what they like and what they say will be believed He is unsure about his nature White or Black But it's all up to his personal choice You aren’t evil Nathan Nothing about you is evil You will have a powerful Gift—we can all see that—but it’s how you use it that will show you to be good or bad Recommended with reservations

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    I really enjoyed the first 50 pages and the last 50 pages but everything in between was underwhelming I'm going to do a full video review to share of my thoughts so look out for that

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    REREAD 2017Well I'm pleased to say I'M STILL 50000% TRASH FOR THIS BOOK I actually love it so much it physically pains my heart So there you have it A I do have feelings just a few and B it's so so good I'm hit again by how much of a stream of consciousness feel it has Like we're not reading about Nathan WE ARE NATHAN And I'mI'mya that puddle on the floor is me it's ok I didn't like happiness anywayAlso it's been 3 years since I read this and I just????? I JUST ADORE IT MORE Nathan is so bitter and snarky and damaged and the torturecruelty scenes in this book are SO DARK and I appreciate dark books so this is thoroughly for me Me all books be darker So this is yesGABRIEL THO GABRIEL AND NATHAN afjdksaldjklafsdkNOTE The audiobook is fantasticORIGINAL REVIEW MARCH 2014Look I'm going to be blunt here I can't help it Half Bad had all the potential of pure freakish genius in it's 380 pages And what did it do? IT BLEW MY MIND Yes that's right peoples I bloody love this book I love it I love it I yeah okay you get the picture It's a beautiful picture I basically just want to fangirl buuuut you want to know why I liked it don't you? High maintenance you lot are First I'm going to sueak talk rationally about the writing I love this style of writing It's different It's genius It starts off in second person with you and all that But that's only for part 1 so if it's not your pot of jam don't fret The rest is in 1st person sometimes in past and sometimes in present The style is different Genius The writing is blunt and so incredibly personal I'm a sucker for writing that gets inside you instead of you know throws words at you from a distance I breathed this book Also because it was glued to my face for several hours while I read it in 2 sittings The entire story is extremely messy too I like the whole good vs bad thing happening because is it ever that clean cut? HOW ABOUT NO The White Witches are horrific and crueljuuust like the Black Witches So basically blood everywhere and unspeakable cruelty to a kid It could be titled How To Raise A Child To Hate You the Witch Edition Seriously I was freaking out at all the stuff they inflicted on Nathan SOMEONE RESCUE THAT CHILD Get me a pitchfork because I'm going after the White Witch CouncilSeriously So let's talk about Nathan shall we? Oh wait hold that thought I just need to go collect my shattered feels and sticky tape them back together Saying child abuse doesn't even cover it The things they put Nathan throughwhy? Because he's half White and half Black I felt like the book was looking at the concept of if you don't understand it kill it with fire It's archaic but come on That's still how we still treat things we don't understand I loved Nathan's voice and I also loved his personality He starts the book as an 8 year old and then it ends when he's 17 years old Oh gosh I'm having a hard time summing him up He was unbelievable unbreakable He was angry and kind of psychotic at time Calm down dude but thenif you were locked in a cage for a good portion of your life would you be calm ever? NoI'm not calm I'm freaking out Did I mention that already?I felt like it was a little slow in some places That saying though I felt it balanced the freaking out scenes of torture and abuse I couldn't turn pages fast enough Excuse me but I'm off to put this on my favourites shelf And while I'm doing that you can go read it you muggles Or fains or whatever

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    Unpopular opinion time YayI thought about giving this book 2 stars but who am I kidding? It was a torture to read it I seriously have no idea how I got to the end Oh wait yes I have I was actually waiting for something anything to happen Plus it promised meA world divided between black and white witches and those in the dark side are tortured and murdered Almost all the black witches are nowhere to see but one Since Nathan was a baby he is treated poorly by his family The only kid from the most powerful Dark Lord black witch that is alive and a white witch who died after giving birth to him His life is a journey to discover his true self Is his heart black or white? You will have a powerful Gift — we can all see that — but it’s how you use it that will show you to be good or bad In his journey he meets a really popular girl While he lives in the shadows always alone with no friends she is the opposite She is the light everyone is attracted to But oh wait she wants to be his friend But wait I'm having a Deja Vu hereSo how cool would it be to read a book about little Snape whose father is Voldemort?It would be awesome but I'm still waiting for it because this book has nothing with the amazing world of JKAt first I was surprised by the writing style I didn't like it but I have to admit that we don't see it every day After push ups it’s just standing and waiting Best look at the ground You’re by the cage on the path The path’s muddy but you won’t be sweeping it not today not with this plan It’s rained a lot in the last few days Aside from the You do this Now you should do that it was like I was looking at some people's freaking twitter Just had a shower There’s a load of shampoo soap and stuff in the bathroom And there’s an electric razor which is a nightmare and hacks bits off my chin but I can heal uick enough so I use it Tweet 1 Good morning guys I just woke up Tweet 2 Now I'm walking to my bathroomTweet 3 Oh I'm getting my awesome pink toothbrushTweet 4 Now I'm brushing my brilliant teethAs I got in the book the writing style changed to normal to tell the story of how we got there However it was slow and at some point it was really dragging Most characters were just useless and weak I saw some tentative plot of Nobody is totally good or totally evil but it was a big fail Specially the dark witches who were bad just to have people in the dark side for the plot's sakeThe world building was also lacking Aside from the witches' story I missed some aspects about the place Sometimes I was even imagine them in a middle age style and had to be reminded that this was a nowadays story Also at some point the inner dialog got into a loop where we had nothing newBut wait in this magical world that was one thing that disappointed me most WHERE THE HELL IS MY MAGIC????Where were the tons of spells? What would school teach aside from what the minister wanted them to Reead? Why the hell would witches use fists and knifes to fight? I was promised magic so WHERE IS MY FREAKING MAGIC???After all the dull pages I was expecting the climax Well I couldn't find it So if you are in for some depressive thoughts and a kid who is trying really hard to be accepted by his magic? society that doesn't give a damn about him and just make him suffer and this is your bookBut if you are looking for a book full of magic and spells with a little bit of action and romance I don't think I would recommend this All in all this just wasn't for me

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    When I first picked this book up from BEA I wasn't very interested because I saw the word witches and thought NOPE NOPE NOPE Even in my review policy it states that I don't review books about witches Why? Well because of Harry Potter I didn't want to sit and compare the two and I had a feeling that I would What made matters worse was the fact that ended up being toted as The Next Big Thing from The Hunger Games to you guessed it Harry Potter So it's a good thing this book was nothing like Harry PotterUpon finishing Half Bad my first thought was HOLY SHIT so I went to Goodreads to see what everyone else thought It's interesting to see how split most people are on this book and it's not hard to understand why The enjoyment of Half Bad is going to largely depend on your ability to adapt to the writing style How do you feel about second person? How do you feel about first person? How do you feel about flipping back and forth from those two different point of views? If you answer is I can dig it then let's roll through the meadows together as I wax poetic about how awesome this book was But if you answer is I hate it I hate it I hate it then Half Bad might not be your cup of tea and I've got only one thing to say to youHalf Bad is brutal and spares no punches as we are introduced to the main character who lives in a cage A cage Immediately my interest was piued I knew this was a good sign for me because I'm the kind of reader that struggles with most book beginnings However the perils that Nathan endures really horrified me and as terrible as it sounds I couldn't stop reading about it  There's nothing bright and sunny about Half Bad and the majority of it involves Nathan being ridiculed or tortured from a very young age because his father is the most hunted black witch And so Nathan grows up alone in the community of white witches who despise him He desperately wants to be accepted and not judged purely on his parentage but no matter how hard he tries the Council of White Witches continue to send restrictions Any contact Nathan has with a white witch has to be reported He goes to the council for yearly assessments where he is uestioned about the father he's never met He can't have his Giving Ceremony with out permission Think Rite of Passage for Witches He can't travel anywhere without first having permissionIt gets pretty ridiculous with the amount of rules place on a child but the Council has their prejudices and it's clear they don't plan to let up Nathan who's only freedom included traveling to Wales every once in a while refuses to ask permission for travel Yet his half brother a white witch who genuinely cares about him begs him to reconsider That scene was one of the saddest in the book for me Later that night when I am getting undressed Arran has a go at talking to me I guess Gran has asked him to try He says I should rethink perhaps ask permission to go to one place in Wales and some other stuff like that Adult stuff Gran's stuffI just say Can I have permission to go to the bathroom? Please?He doesn't reply so I throw my jeans on the floor get on my knees and say Can I have permission to go to the bathroom? Please?He doesn't reply but drops to his knees with me and hugs me We stay like that Him hugging me and me still stiff with anger at him wanting to hurt him tooAfter a long time I hug him back just a little But somehow in all the abuse Nathan finds a little happiness in a girl named Annalise Their romance was both short and sweet and inevitably would fail since it's forbidden for white witches to fraternize with black witches I want to take the time to point out that this is NOT a Paranormal Romance Sometime later he ends up living in a cage outsideThe writing as I mentioned before flips back and forth from second to first person in the beginning but tapers off and settles on first person present tense I personally loved it because it's so different from other books In fact I don't think I've ever read a novel with second person that wasn't a Choose Your Own Adventure I felt like I could really get into Nathan's mind and understand how he felt It also made certain scenes intense because it forces the reader to imagine themselves in his situation So imagining my hand being burned off from acid wasn't fun but differentKat and I happened to be reading this book at the same time and had similar thoughts about it being difficult to read at first It was very depressing in the beginning to see a child being mistreated and tortured I don't often encounter that in most of the YA novels that I've read But it does remind me of the same feelings I felt while reading The Hunger Games in that respect The scenes don't fade into black Nathan screams throughout some of them and they just felt very visual and hard to process at times I'm not a reader of horror novels nor a watcher of scary movies that have a lot of violence so my tolerance level for this might be low However I do think those scenes are where Green truly shined Plus they'll make for a great movieWhen I went through and read a few reviews some mentioned the implications of race since Nathan is a black witch being persecuted by white witches It's interesting because I never really thought about it that way Looking back I suppose it is there The black witches and white witches are different races in a way but I viewed it playing on the long accepted mythology that black witches were evil and white witches good and simply putting another spin on it In any case I wasn't offended by anything intentional or unintentionalStrangely enough even though Half Bad is about witches there's not much magic in it There are a few instances where there are spells mentioned and used but the vast majority boils down to witches making potions There are no wands or cloaks or three uarter platforms I think this was smart otherwise would we see a lot of comparisons between Half Bad and Harry Potter floating around As far as I can tell they don't have anything in common besides the same paranormal creatureAs much as I loved the narrative and premise I do agree with other reviewers that mention the second half isn't as strong as the first This might have something to do with how violent the first half is and therefore a lot engaging to read I don't know if that's the right word but the first half is definitely interesting However I still enjoyed the second half because if the book had been filled entirely of violent torture I don't think I could have continued reading The second half mostly involves Nathan newly escaped from the Council searching for a black witch named Mercury who can give him his three gifts on his 17th birthdayThe ending took me by surprise due to the reappearance from a certain character I'm not sure how I feel about it but I am eager to continue this series Do I think it's the Next Big Thing? Who knows But it's a damn good book ARC was provided by the publisher for an honest review More reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery

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    I wasn't expecting to like it but I actually found it really enjoyable and really uick A nice surprise

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    Half Blood started as a 5 star read for me This lasted 'til about three uarters which is when I realized we really hadn't gotten anywhere in the story Boredom uickly followed until I was unfortunately underwhelmed by the anticlimactic ending Nevertheless it's an incredibly well written book that has a lot to offer if you have a bit of patience although it's uniue in a way that may not adhere to all tastes When we meet our protagonist Nathan he's naught but a young lad Young and unfortunate to have been born the son of a notorious Black Witch; a fact that makes him a leper someone to be hunted down and caged We learn that even though he's highly intelligent in many ways he's not exactly book smart He can hardly read and write To reflect his age and intellect the writing is very simple even childlike at times which I found brilliant In addition Green adopts an informal narration lightly peppered with slang that really brings him to life Then as he ages so does the writing To make the story itself just as genuine it begins with second person tense It's unusual but highly gripping and surprisingly perfect This is a child who has been controlled tortured and beaten both by his peers and by the system his whole life Introducing the story with that choice of narration not only brings the horror of his situation to the limelight but it makes you a part of it; it's haunting and unsettling While it's definitely not for the younger crowd the scenes of torture and suffering manage to be vivid without being overly graphic The power of imagination is used well For the most part however the book is told through first person present where Nathan narrates his own gruesome story We follow him from childhood to his 17th birthday from his hateful step sister to his first love We see how he learns to cope to separate himself from the pain to harbor strength not many would have And in spite of everything he still manages to have a sarcastic sense of humor that had me chuckling The world building comes with no complaints The witch lore is original highly interesting and doused with an old school feel There's a complex system in place involving White witches Black witches Hunters Gifts traditions and myths with details delivered in a way that wonderfully balances our curiosity and fascination I was engrossed for a good while but sadly my interest did start to dwindle close to 34 through when I started to get restless from all the waiting around His long days of torture turn to long days of nothing detour after detour jumping through loops to find this witch who's supposedly the answer to everything I found myself getting increasingly bored The plot was just not progressing at all Then after all the waiting the ending ended up being frustratingly anticlimactic All this time and it's like a balloon that pops and uickly fizzles It's as if this was or less an introduction for the real deal yet to come I would still very much recommend this one for all I liked about it It's as much a book about witches as it is a moving story about a young boy learning to survive in a cruel world An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    Half Bad follows a boy named Nathan and Nathan lives in a world where good witches white and bad witches black exist Nathan however is uniue because he is half good and half bad his father is the most notorious black witch alive and his mother is dead Nathan lives a life facing constant prejudice from all sides and he is just trying to survive until his 17th birthday so he can receive his 3 gifts and become a full fledged witch I enjoyed this book overall especially the first half In the first half of the novel Green focuses on giving a very detailed back story of Nathan some would say this part was too slow but personally I enjoyed the pacing However the pacing shifted in the second half of the book when it jumped back to the present and then I found everything was moving to uickly I especially felt this with the climax it seemed to came out of no where and was only about 40 pages I also had a small problem with the romance in the novel my problem being I didn't believe it Overall this book was a very interesting and fast read I was hooked from page one and I will be reading the next book

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    OMG OMG OMG this book was super good i loved it so very much i am really loving the building of the characters and relationships i hope in the next book magic will be seen D