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It's not easy being JinxJean Honeychurch hates her boring name not Jean Marie or Jeanette just Jean What's worse? Her all too appropriate nickname Jinx Misfortune seems to follow her everywhere she goes—even to New York City where Jinx has moved to get away from the huge mess she caused in her small hometown Her aunt and uncle welcome her to their Manhattan town house but her beautiful cousin Tory isn't so thrilled In fact Tory is hiding a dangerous secret—one that could put them all in danger Soon Jinx realizes it isn't just bad luck she's been running from and that the curse she has lived under since the day she was born may be the only thing that can save her life

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    Oh Meg Cabot One day you will write a book featuring a main character that is not completely stunted in the romantic awareness department One who can look at the boy who is suddenly spending lots of time with her in spite of her new countrysuper secret powersgeneral likability and realize that maybe he you know has the hots for herOn that day I will likely propose to you on the spotUntil then well It was cute Teen Idol was better Try not to make Mia too annoying in the next Princess Diaries okay?LoveChelseaSeriously though when did you become the Nora Roberts of the teen set? I hate to say it but try something new please

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    So much potential so little was it lived up to The bones of the story are good It features a girl running away from her little town in Iowa to the big city New York to get away from a stalker I liked that part But that is where the like ended The story was full of repeated sentiments and no emotional turmoil If a girl's gotta run away from a stalker she may be bit I don't know scared lonely mistrustful depressed Nope she's just a well adjusted country girl who's also a witch The witch part felt like it was added at the reuest of the publisher Like the publisher said Could you maybe make this paranormal? Paranormal is big right now The problem with the whole witch angle is that Cabot just like our main character never embraced it If you're going to go paranormal go paranormal Otherwise this was just a book about a teen in a new school that could have been handled a lot better if it had been in the hands of say Sarah Dessen

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    Jinx starts out just about the same as any Meg Cabot book Girl has hidden problem alluded to but not openly discussed girl sees hot guy who makes her insides melt but doesn't know how to get him to notice her girl makes a fool of herself trying to get said cute guy But before too long you find out that Jean is anything but a normal Cabot heroine Jean Honeychurch arrives in New York City thinking that her life can only get better after a stocker forces her to move from her small hometown in rural Iowa to live with her aunt uncle and spoiled cousin Tory There Jean finds out Tory has changed drastically from her five year old self who used to ford creeks and climb trees; now Troy is a little too into boys likes to mess around with drugs and alcohol and even fancies herself a witch And of course the fact that Jean instantly falls for the boy next door Zack who likes the au pair who already has a boyfriend back in Germany But don't worry because Troy will stop at nothing to get Zack for herself even though she is dating Shawn with the agreement that they are really only friends with benefits If that love triangle or pentagon isn't complicated enough for you throw in the fact that Troy is practicing black magic and Jean thinks she's cursed and Shawn starts getting a little sloppy at his job as the local drug pusher at their elite Manhattan private school That is when things really start to get good Reading this book reminded my why I love Meg Cabot so much While her romances are pretty formulaic and her characters tend to sound just about the same from book to book Cabot really shines as a paranormal writer With the whit and romance of her 1 800 Where R You series When Lightning Strikes and Missing You and the darker edge and great dialogue of her Mediator series Shadowland and Twilight Meg Cabot brings the world of witchcraft and dark magic to an entirely new level

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    Okay so I adore Meg Cabot I love love LOVE contemporary YA chick lit books Meg Cabot has written a couple of my favorite series of all time Jinx was good It didn't have me laughing out loud like her other books but I cracked a smile here and there and gushed over Zach Jinx's love interest When Jean AKA Jinx moves to NYC to escape a terrible situation of her past she must try and get along with her manipulative cousin Tory But Tory knows something about Jinx and herself something that Jinx believes is completely dangerous I won't give it away in case you decide to read it I liked the humor sarcasm and flirting between Jinx and Zach I also liked Petra the household's exchange student I don't know why but I found her and her accent extremely entertaining Oh and this is Meg Cabot we're talking about so of course there's a cat named Mouche involved The setting was great I love NYC and I feel like Cabot really captured the feel of the busy city I loved the plot line as well because I never knew if I could allow myself to trust Tory as a reader Jinx was a bit clueless but very relatable and enjoyable In all I really did enjoy this book It was good honestly I would definitely recommend it if you like contemporary YA humor mixed with a little bit of romance and paranormal elements

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    Meg Cabot is the author of the wildly popular Princess Diaries series adapted into two Disney movies starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews the 1 800 Where R You books loosely adapted into a short lived series on Lifetime The Mediator books not yet adapted into anything among a variety of other books for teens and adultsJinx is Cabot's latest standalone teen novelAs her nickname might suggest it is not easy being Jinx Jean Honeychurch has been unlucky since the day she was born with her luck only getting worse from there Jean was even unlucky with her name not Jean Marie or Jeanette just Jean although her last name does hearken back to Lucy Honeychurch in Forster's A Room With a View which is cool even though Cabot never mentions this fact in the storyIt is because of her bad luck that Jean has to leave her family and friends in Iowa to come and live with her aunt and uncle in New York City Readers don't learn exactly why Jean has come to New York until the middle of the novel Until then Jean alludes to the reason she had to flee in annoying asides noting how no one knows the full storyJean had hoped to escape her bad luck in the big city or at least dodge her reputation But Jean's glamorous and sophisticated cousin Tory has other plans In fact she has a lot of plans where Jean is concerned After another of Jean's unfortunate accidents Tory realizes that Jean is magically gifted which ties into an old family prophecy Thrilled to have another witch in the house Tory invites Jean to join her coven But for reasons that are revealed later in the story Jean refuses Family feuding and intrigue ensuesI liked the story here But I wanted to like it than I did It was funny and light which is really hard to achieve in writing But certain elements of the prose were uite annoying Every time Jean alluded to the full story of her trip to New York I had to fight a strong urge to skim ahead and see what she was talking about That's how long it took for Cabot to explain everythingAllusions like that are fun to build up the story unfortunately Cabot doesn't use them very well in the narrative Instead of creating tension the asides just make Jean seem like a pain for not explaining herself sooner At the same time certain parts of the plot are predictable enough that it seems silly to build them up uite so muchJean is also an infuriating heroine She is incredibly likable but also painfully naive and gullible Cabot seemed to take Jean's country fresh personality way to far Jean is so sweet that she is a veritable doormat to her less than loving cousin Again and again Jean also shows herself to completely oblivious to what's going on around her This behavior might be sweet for a country girl but it seems forced even for a sixteen year old from Iowa who may not be as worldy as this semi jaded city dwellerThis book wasn't great but it wasn't bad either If the plot sound interesting by all means give it a try I enjoyed reading it but I expected from the story and the charactersYou can find this review and on my blog Miss Print

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    Sixteen year old JeanJinx Honeychurch from Iowa had always thought she was a jinx thus the nickname Believing she was born with bad luck she went on to stay with her Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Ted in Manhattan New York to escape the most recent bout of misfortunes Jean was nicknamed Jinx by members of her family because she’s prone to mishaps from the moment she was born Plus there was the alluded truth that Jean had cast a love spell on her crush which had backfired a little and caused the guy to become stalker ishHer cousin Tory convinced Jean to join her coven of pretend witches Tory had long wanted to prove to the family that she was a real witch while Jean denied being one Jinx refused to participate in any of her cousin's schemes This angered Tory and caused her to plot revenge against her Turned out being a witch wasn't her only issue Truth was Tory was extremely jealous of Jean's carefree relationship with Zach Rosen a hot looking boy who lived next door A kidnapping and a ritual soon ensued and the real witch emerged I had fun reading this book especially the Prom or Spring Formal part It was a mix of hilarity and absurdity and you can't help but chuckled at all their foolishness Jinx isn't my first Meg Cabot book I loved her Princess Diaries series but I think I like Jinx There's something relaxing after reading something that doesn't involved tiaras and bodyguards It was certainly brought good vibes to me

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    Jean Honeychurch also known as Jinx thanks to her rotten luck has just moved in with her Aunt Uncle in New York From small town preacher's daughter to the big city and the luxury of having her own room and living in the lap of luxury at first things seem perfect Then Jean discovers that her cousin Tory has developed a few uirks since they met last like deciding to become a practicing witch and leading her own coven When Tory decides Jean is a witch too and possibly powerful she makes Jean's life miserable with their escalating rivalry The book started out with promise and nose dived uickly Jean is too good to be true and damn annoying as well Her continual need to blame herself for everything her pessimism and utter cluelessness when it comes to Zach the proverbial gorgeous guy next door all combine to form a flat one dimensional character that I have no sympathy for The action and plot are predictable with far too many pop culture references thrown in to make it hip which fails miserably Cabot's dialogue and description are fine although she has a tendency to use cliches The prose overall isn't bad The basic story and characterization however are inately flawed Not something I'll ever be tempted to pick up again or would recommend

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    Jean flees his homeland to New York to live with his uncles and cousins The grandmother told the granddaughters Jean and Tory they were descendants of great witches and that one of them would be the next generation of witches Tory believes she is a witch but also believes that his cousin can also be With the arrival of Jean things start to change for Tory Jean refuses to join the coven's cousin steals the best friend steal the guy she likes and the attention from her parents An interesting story but I had the misfortune to read a bad translation becoming a little non pleasurable reading I'd liked to have seen the story a little developed as well as the characters

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    16 year old Jean Honeychurch has had a life time of bad luckso much so that she’s been lumped with the unflattering nickname – JINX To escape yet another unfortunate situation involving a stalkershe is parceled off to live with her aunt in Manhattanat their up market East Side townhouse Jinx’s encounters with her über chic cousin Tory leave much to be desired Tory’s antagonism is blatantly obvious and she never fails to make Jinx feel like a klutzy unwanted country cousin Jinx jotting it down as one addition to her bucket of bad luck is willing to go with the flow and deal with things as best as she can But she soon discovers that there are sinister depths to Tory than she could ever have imaginedThanks to a legendary family story Tory believes that she is a witchand a powerful one at that Moreover she is convinced that Jinx is one too and persistently tries to make the latter join her coven But Jinx has had a taste of witch craft gone awry and it’s nasty repercussions Jinx’s constant refusals and her gradual acceptance into the “in crowd” doesn’t go down well with Tory and pretty soon things turn nastywith a vengeanceTory’s desperate attempts for attention coupled with her mental instability and thirst for Wiccan powers proves to be a dangerous concoction for Jinx The only way to deal with a situation gone horribly wrong is for Jinx to rein in her own mysterious powers and accept her “gift” for what it is Meg Cabot delights yet againwith her winning combo of fast paced dialogue humour and unexpected twists and turns Definitely a fun enjoyable read

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    35 This was cute enough and uick enough but it felt a little throwaway for me I've had a number of people recommend it and have a friend who loves it and maybe if I'd read it when I was younger I'd have loved it too but I was a little underwhelmed I liked it but just ¯ツ¯