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It S A Big Day For The Little Polar Bear Lars His Father Takes Him Hunting For The Very First Time, And That Night He Is So Tired From All His Lessons That He Falls Fast Asleep He Sleeps So Soundly That He Doesn T Hear The Ice Crack, Doesn T Feel Himself Slowly Drift Away From His Father And The North Pole He Doesn T Realize That His Adventures Have Just Begun

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    When Lars the polar bear goes to sleep behind a pile of snow one night, he has no idea that when he wakes up with bit of ice will have separated from the rest, and taken him far from his father Eventually landing on tropical shores, he meets Henry the hippopotamus and Marcus the eagle, sees how animals in that strange part of the world live, and is then given a ride home on the back of Samson the gray whale.Originally published in Switzerland as Kleiner Eisb r wohin f hrst du literally Little Polar Bear, Where Are You Going , this first of many books about little Lars and his adventures offers a sweet, reassuring story, one in which the eponymous ursine protagonist goes out into the world, explores and learns, and then comes home The artwork, which looks to be done in watercolor, is quite lovely My favorite scene was the one in which Lars rides on his father s back, the snow falling all around them Recommended to young polar bear lovers, and to any child who has dreamed of going on a voyage of exploration.

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    Lars is a young polar bear whose story starts when his father takes him out on a hunting trip During the night the ice Lars and his father are sleeping on cracks and Lars wakes up alone in the middle of the ocean Eventually he drifts onto a tropical island and meets some new friends who might just be able to help him get back to his father The little polar bear is a lovely story suitable for children in reception or KS1 Children would enjoy having the story read to them or able readers could read the story with adult support Young children can see the story unfold through the beautiful illustrations of Lars and his adventure The little polar bear would be a very good book to use when teaching children about animals and their natural habitats.

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    Translated into 18 languages, this book is entertaining for both parents and children The pictures are delightful Ages 4 8 geography artic Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar.

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    Author and Illustrator Hans de BeerAge Recommendation Under 10Art Style Realistic drawnTopic Theme ExplorationSetting North Pole, JungleSeries Lars, the Little Polar BearThis is quite a difficult book to review, it was written in 1987 while it certainly would have been a wonderful book when it was published I can t help but think that it hasn t aged well and modern younglings expect from there books than this will deliver I am not a mother I am 100% certain of that.I see a substantial difference between the modern style of integrated text and illustration and this older style with disjointed illustration and text Though the text and images do move around the page creating some interest There are some gorgeous additional illustrations in the book like Lars on a vine on one end page and him eating a banana on the other The situations mentioned in the text but feel fitting given the tropical setting.I like the variation in the illustrations due to the settings From the muted tones of the North Pole to the bright cheer of the tropics The characters have adorable expressions.The story is at just the right level It is simple enough to be followed by young children but enough themes involved to made younglings continue to think as they get older especially with prompting.This a book that is perfect for the right child, if a child sees it and likes the look of it they ll likely enjoy it but like so many books it needs to be their choice.

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    This is the story of a small polar bear named Lars who drifted away at sea and ended up at a tropical island with a jungle At first Lars was scared because he had lost his dad and thought he would never find him again However, with the help of various animals Lars was able to safely return to his father at the North Pole This story contains a lot of lessons that could be taught to children as they read the book One big lesson that could be related to this story is the issue of climate change and how it affects animal s habitats Another lesson that could be taught from this story is the power of friendship and the importance of helping people This book did a really good job of keeping me hooked throughout the entire story wondering if Lars was going to get back home Great read

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    little polar bear falls asleep one night behind his snow pile to protect himself from the wind, but wakes up on a small piece of ice in the middle of the ocean He then finds himself on a tropical island filled with all kinds of colorful unfamiliar creatures He manages to meet some new friends but really misses his family.

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    This was a very cute book about a little polar bear who fell asleep and woke up not in a fimiliar place with no idea how to get home He soon gets befriended by a hippo who then has a whale help him get back home The suspense of him being in an unfamiliar place, worried about how he would get home, would surely grab the students attention.

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    Read a book a day in May A sweet first book to a series about the adventures of a little polar bear Many helpful and interesting friends are made by Lars Beautifully illustrated by author Translated work.

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    I loved the story and I loved the pictures The faces of the animals had such detailed expressions, and while there wasn t too much detail on the pages, there was just enough It is a book I would recommend.

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    Nice story with colourful pictures I would say there is quite a bit of reading compared to other books for children but the pictures are captivating and the story is interesting so even if the page turning slows a bit we were never bored