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Librarian Note An Alternate Cover For This Edition Can Be Found HereSelling Than , Copies, Living Wicca Has Helped Countless Solitary Practitioners Blaze Their Own Spiritual Paths Let The Wise Words Of Scott Cunningham Guide You Toward A New Level Of PracticeLiving Wicca Takes A Philosophical Look At The Questions, Practices, And Differences Within Witchcraft You Ll Learn How To Create Your Own Rituals And Symbols, Develop A Book Of Shadows, And Even Become A High Priest Or Priestess Also Covered In This Scott Cunningham Classic Are Tools, Magical Names, Initiation, The Mysteries,Wiccan Symbols, And The Importance Of Secrecy In Your Practice New Edit New Interior Design

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    Scott Cunningham was not only a luminary for Wicca but in my humble opinion he was a luminary for spirituality in general Ask any magical person and all they have is praise for Scott Cunningham That is very rare.Scott Cunningham was versed in all sorts of magic His specialty was Wicca This book continues were his book Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner left off since many Wiccan and magical practitioners in fact have no access to an actual coven are reliant upon self teaching The solitary practitioner will have to develop his or her own Wiccan tradition while sticking close to the original Wiccan foundation Scott Cunningham gives the beginner a foundation with which to build there own tradition.The solitary Wiccan will have to be self taught Scott Cunningham give the neophyte the tools for such an endeavor There are 4 basic tools for the lone practitioner The first one is study The lone Wiccan can read books to get their information Books can take you pretty far as can a teacher or high priest but remember this eacch has it s limitations and both can only answer so many questions The next tool is thought Think for yourself and question everything The next is prayer pray to the God and Goddess for guidance when you are perplexed Lastly experiment Do the magic and see what works for you.What about illness Should you do your rituals when you are sick Sickness affects individuals in a variety of ways The common sense approach is to modify your rituals accordingly and if you are seriously ill enough you may have to skip out As an individual practitioner you will read up on many things Gonna have to weed through it and decide what works best for you.I have taken a lot of material and wrote it down in my book of shadows Some of it i have modified for my own personal use Here a general outline for a self initiation.Self intiation1 Purification2 Alter Set Up3 Cast Circle and call quarters4 Invoke Goddess and God.5 Symbolic death of the old self6 Pray to Goddess and God a dedication7 Cakes and Ale Relaxation8 Thank the Goddess and God and open the circle.Many people will talk about learning Wiccan Mysteries and how most books do not teach the Wiccan mysteries One does not need to be taught Wiccan mysteries directly Simple observation of nature can teach you a lot Watching an apple grow then fall from the tree and go through the process of decomposition and eventually sprout into a tree can teach us about the cycle of life and death Scott Cunningham fills this chapter with plenty of examples.The part I liked best about the book was the sections dealing with prayers to the God and Goddess I have copied several items down and modified them for my own use Scott Cunningham informs us that the Goddess and God dwell within each of us as they do without We need to pray to the God and Goddess and regularly as well as leave offerings We also need to leave regular offering as well.This is my morning prayer partially modified.Oh Goddess withinOh God withinoh Goddess of the moon, waters and the earthOh God of the forests and mountains.Remember our prayers need to be respectful.Oh Goddess withinOh God withinoh Goddess of the moon, waters and the earthOh God of the forests and mountainsi give thanks to you for all the wonderfulthings in this life Job wife and healthOh gracious GoddessOh Gracious GodLend me strength, health and love during this coming day.assist me with the challenges ahead Share your divine wisdom teach me to respect all things.Remind me that the greatest power of all is loveBlessed Be I then light the candle I then start my second morning prayerbless this day sun of Fiery LightBless this day prepare me for the night.Fire growing , sun is glowinggrowing and flowing down on me I light candle number 2 i then do my incense offering and here is the prayerWhat I take I freely give, accept this offering great god and goddess.Tis a symbol of my devotion May it strengthen my bond with you I now light my tea light to burn the rose water This is my prayer for the pendulumOh Goddess with inOh God with inOh Goddess of the moon , water and the earth.Oh God of the forests and mountainOh shining ones of great wisdomGuide this pendulum in my hand if you so pleaseGuide me please to discern the truth Help me if you will.I have also included an outline for a simple rite that can be used if you are on the go or an ultra beginner.1 Cast a circle2 invoke the Deities3 State you reason4 state need and ask for assistance5 Thanks Deities6 close the ritualSome valuable technique also include raising the energy I have copied two method for my book of shadowsBasic Model1 Visualize your need2 Raise energy3 release your energymethod 1 Visualize your need2 repeat like a mantra you need or desire saying it faster and faster as you tighten your muscles.3 Release the energyMethod 21 Visualize your need2 dance clock wise and make it faster each time.3 Collapse on the floorTo send the energy out you visualize your need and then direct it out with your athameas you can see the book is comprehensive and loaded with information It is simple and easy to read giving one a direct connection to the Goddess and God He gives further information on what tools you will need and how to organize your book of shadow.This book is an A

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    As always the author writes so wonderfully simple that anyone can grasp what he s saying and that s what first pulled me into his work because he was easy for the newbie that I was to understand Now I read his work because I enjoy it I loved the prayers in this book and the stuff on the Sabbats I love what he says about the God and Goddess My favorite part of this book is how he says to do what feels best to you Which I like, because not everything in Wicca will fit every single person so I love being able to draw from certain things and leaving others behind when they just don t vibe with me I also love the laws that he goes into in this one I think that s one that isn t really talked about in other books Least the ones I ve read maybe I m reading the wrong books Anyway, I do think this is a book good for anyone who s into Wicca and looking for something a bit than the basic stuff This isn t for the person who s just getting into Wicca, this book expects you to know a little about the practice religion.

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    Wicca has always interested me I am not a solitary practitioner of Wicca However, I do think that this book would serve as good reference, supplementary reading for people who are interested in learning about becoming solitary practitioners of Wicca This book assumes that the reader has already learned the basics of Wiccan beliefs and practices, not a sufficient instructional guide to becoming a solitary practitioner on its own, but, as its subtitle reads, a further guide for the solitary practitioner For those interested in learning about Wiccan traditions, this book is loaded with suggested reading I like the author s message that Wicca is an open religion, available to all interested people, will read by Scott Cunningham.

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    I would recommend this book over the Wicca a Solitary Guide because of its chapter on creating your own tradition I think being able to create your own spiritual tradition and walk your own path is something very important and useful for those new to Paganism as a whole, not just Wicca Great read.

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    Another GREAT book in his collection Not only easy to read but so honest in his writings and a real joy to read If your interested in Wicca, Pagan, Spells or just spirituality read this book Enjoy it you shall

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    I m not a Wiccan but Scott Cunningham s books are an integral part of my understanding of my own branch of Paganism and spirituality in general What this man has done for all of Paganism cannot be measured or explained with mere words I appreciate especially his consistency, open mindedness, and daring to approach subject matters from different non traditional angles This further guide for the solitary practitioner completes his Wicca A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner quite nicely, answering many a question and offering good insight into how to create your own tradition without basically cherry picking or being disrespectful to Wicca or other traditions Wiccans often draw from A fantastic read

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    I d somehow forgotten how utterly approachable Cunningham s writing style makes his books He s non threatening and friendly, two excellent traits for someone who wrote a lot of introductory books for wicca Even though it s supposed to be a further guide , a lot of the stuff is the same from his first book Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner He does expand on some concepts and adds in things like creating your own tradition, but a lot of it seems repetitive Also the longer I read it, the his writing style irritates me He writes like an authority, but then says no author is an authority It seems very black and white, when in fact theological issues are anything but that.Overall I think the book is useful to someone who has been practicing for less time than I have, and someone who is not as widely read This sounds pompous, but I do think it s true This book would be an excellent companion to some other introductory books on paganism generally As always, question as you read and be introspective reflective.

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    A great resource for solitary wiccans I found Part III of this book to be extremely helpful and a great resource for those still learning in the beginning stages of wicca The book of shadows section is great for those wanting to create a BOS but don t knowing where to start or what to include.

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    Nothing new.

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    I came across this book some years 6 I think after Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Cunningham also had been published, which was the book that put me on my chosen path By then I had had the chance to read work from other prolific Wiccan and or Pagan authors, past present, but by far Cunningham s writing style, information and how he relays it to his captive audience and also his passion for the subject makes him hands down my favourite author to date Basically it is a continuation of Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner , but don t be fooled by that because unlike other sequels it has a wealth of different additional information, so is well worth the read and the price of the book Happy reading