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A Natural Witch Has An Appreciation Of Nature And An Awareness Of The Magickal Energies Present In All Things This Kinship With The Unseen World Is At The Heart Of Witchcraft It Is Also The Foundation Of All Magickal WorkYou Will Enhance Your Spellcrafting, Empower Your Witchery, And Add Richness And Depth To Your Everyday Life By Developing Your Intuition And Psychic Skills Natural Witchery Features Straightforward How To S, First Hand Stories, Spells, Rituals, Fun Quizzes, And Creative Exercises To Help You Live A Magickal Life Learn How To Tune In To Many Different Kinds Of Energy, Such As The Cycles Of The Moon And The Energy Of The Seasons, And Use It To Fuel Your Spellwork Explore Different Types Of Psychic Abilities, And Discover Your Own Elemental Strengths And Challenges Use Natural Witchery To Create Harmony And Balance In Your Home, Workplace, And Circle This Friendly Guidebook Also Includes A Book Of Witchery With Magickal Correspondences And A Handy Journal Section For Keeping Track Of Your Progress

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    This was a decent primer, though you can see Cunningham s influence I would say this book is for beginner Wiccans, then other types of Pagans There were still some cool stuff in here, but not all is relevant to my path, since I am not Wiccan I need reccs to Pagan Spiritual books without the Wiccan influence, please I don t mind the wheel of the year, or elemental work, or even general spells invocations I m at the point where I skim ethic portions in these books, because I am not Wiccan, I don t follow their ethic code I have my own Anyone got reccs Also got this ebook for free, and ethically too, from tuebl.

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    Well, it started off promising enoughpsychic development from a witchy perspective, cool It quickly lost its steam though It was mostly a lot of boring personal anecdotes And she disapproved of her daughter auditioning for the lead role in her school s production of The Crucible becauseapparently there are still a couple of people left on this planet who think the Salem witch trials had something to do with actual witches Oooookay.

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    In Natural Witchery, Ellen brings the simplicity of native magick straight to us We are taught how to develop our own innate intuition, practice lunar magick, strengthen our personal power and magickal development, how to start a circle, living the life of a natural witch, bringing your witchery to work, advancing our spirituality and she includes a wonderfully, concise but loaded Book of Witchery to top if all off This is a beautiful book and I believe this to be the best book Ellen has written thus far.This is one of the decent eclectic Wiccan books

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    The Author really affirmed for me what I already know within I really enjoy her outlook on the craft as well as how she makes it feel so natural and move so fluid

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    Kind of fluffy, but in a fun sort of way Dugan s anecdotes about her personal life were fun to read, even if the spells themselves are a touch lackluster It helps that the last pagan book my girlfriend and I read together was a train wreck, which made us a lot forgiving of NATURAL WITCHERY Hard to stay mad at a book whose worst crime is well, duh, that s common sense.

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    A few golden pieces of information in here However, I can t help but feel that a lot of this information is pretty common sense, so I skipped through large portions of the book The title of the book suggested something very different in my mind to the contents However, I really enjoyed Dugan s recount of personal experiences, which brought the book to life at times.

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    This is a very good beginner s book for those who are curious about witchcraft It explains that the Craft is not a religion, but a skill meant to help one tap into the natural world in a useful way.

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    I bought this book about 10 years ago and have not only read it than a few times, I referred to it quite a bit I also recommended it to dozens of people who contacted me, wanting to know where to start This is a great book for those who aren t entirely certain where their path lies, or for those who are trying to determine if this is indeed the path for them It focuses quite a bit on intuition, which I found extremely helpful and also has a great section on candle color magic Well written and easy to understand, it is in my opinion a fantastic addition to a magical library.One thing that I would like to add You will eventually find that you outgrow the material, as it is what I consider to be a beginner book My copy will be passed along to someone else, so that they can benefit as I did and I can make room for all of the amazing books that I have on my TBR list.

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    As it usually goes with Llewellyn, this is a beginner book, but it does have some little tidbits or adept stuff strewn about To say I learned nothing would be a lie It s actually pretty great to be reaffirmed that there is nothing wrong with uncomplicated magic So many books focus so deeply on doing it right , setting your altar up properly, grand calling gestures, etc Not this one And I know a lot of people found the personal anecdotes annoying, but I actually kind of liked them Well, except the part where she was frustrated with her daughter for wanting to be in her school production of The Crucible Reaaaaaally

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    I really liked this book The author gave lots of useful information on natural magick, lunar phases, the elements, inner strength, and psychic powers Each chapter, I felt, had something to bring and I liked the stories of her own life that she gave I especially liked the quiz on clairvoyance and intuition and such, I found out that I am sensitive to vibrations and some would call me an empath but what I really need to work on is my intuition Overall, this book was an easy read and I will defintely be using some of her spells and tips.