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The Powers Of Night Nocturnal Energies Differ From Those Of Daylight And Witches Have Long Known How To Take Advantage Of Lunar Powers And The Spiritual Entities That Prefer The Darkness For Particular Magical OperationsThis Innovative Book Explores Special Techniques For Working With The Night Powers And The Subtle Effects Of Dark Symbols To Cast A Nocturnal Magick Circle Invoke The Dark Gods And Goddesses Skry The Night Open The Gates To The Underworld Cast Spells Through The Dark Ether Explore The Symbolic Realm Of Shadow, Illusion, And The Mysteries Of The Unknown You Will Learn To Find Your Inner Quiet, Read Minds Through The Ether, Dream For Change, Create And Use Thought Forms, Alter Reality Through Simple Spells And Rites, And Use The Powers Of Magnetism And Suggestion And You Will Explore The Mysteries Of Death And To Speak With The DeadThe Dark Balances The Light Do Not Fear It But Equally Embrace It

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    Nocturnal witchcraft is geared towards people who have a connection to the nighttime energies that are present after everyone goes to sleep This is in no sense a book on black magic People can fall into one of four categories and they can change within their lifetime The first type of people are those who are light good These are usually people like Jesus or Buddha Ones who desire to serve humanity with selfless motivation The second type of people are light evil These are people who maybe pious on the surface yet cheat in their business dealings They maybe televangelist who preach the word of good yet use all the charity they collect to buy themselves expensive cars etc Next is dark evil, these people are just criminals Last there are those who are dark good and this book is geared towards them These people tend to be undercover and are usually adepts They like to wear black and silver and generally gravitate towards the moon These people are usually active at night They can be detective or people who work at night.The book goes through a variety technique that range from doing magic at night, mind reading,skrying, contacting the underworld and casting spells using nocturnal techniques I myself am not much into scrying but I do like the mental exercises he explains as well as the spell casting.He warns anyone who seeks to use magic for evil purposes It is bad karma and you will feel the results Like many neo pagans who goes on to say that all the Gods area reflections of the ultimate source A deity is like a stream that connects to the source Our ultimate aim is to reconnect to the source It takes many lifetimes to perfect our souls but that is what life and magick are all about We choose what life we will live and what lessons we need to learn before we are even born We dies but are later reborn until we have perfected our selves in order to be reunited with the source.Anubis and other deities identified as death are meant to help us when we die They take out the anxiety and explain to us what is going on When people die they experience two deaths First is the death of the body and then a few days later the astral body dies After the astral body dies the souls can go to two places One place is the lower realm where troubled souls work out their karma before moving on Summerland is where the untroubled souls go Sort of like a paradise.Overall great book He discusses the days of power and explains how to celebrate them at night He also describes how to set up a nocturnal altar It does not require many tools The altar is where you rest your tools First you will need a black handled Athame black is good because it absorbs all the different colors and energy When performing at night it is wise to have a black ritual outfit that is used strictly for doing magick at night The night time magician also need a nocturnal portal for this you use a magick mirror which is glass with one side painted black andd these are available at new age shops On each side of your nocturnal portal you can place a black taper candle Silver ones can be used to full moon celebrations A censer for incense should be placed in front of your portal Pictures of you God and Goddess can go behind the censer on the right and left side.Next for your rituals are temporary tools These are incense sticks sandalwood,or lavender , a red candle, glass of water and sea salt The book is loaded with techniques and is simpler then other ritual set up I have encountered I advise that you read the book and take out what is use full.

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    This is a really good witchcraft book GENERAL witchcraft Not exactly what it looks like, is it But it is I don t see any reason why anyone who wants to start practicing witchcraft couldn t pick this up and begin, regardless of their personal taste in clothing colors Just pick out the colors you want things on your altar to be instead of all black and silver, and if you like, use other god names than the strictly night and darkness gods listed herein Of course, night and darkness gods and goddesses are quite popular among witches of many stripes, and anyone who happens to be working after 9 PM at night, as is likely to be the case sometimes with any witch I particularly like the scrying training in this book, which is excellent That alone is worth buying it.

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    This is literally just a beginner s book on witchcraft Some of it pertains to dreaming and night magick Not worth it.

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    Interesting, appealing and with useful information and examples for each lesson, but I m not 100% sure everything will work I m not too convinced, even after the author encouraged the readers too many times to experiment the results by themselves I may give this a try someday, although I m already using a couple of techniques already, and they are resulting.Interesante, atractivo y con informaci n til y ejemplos para cada lecci n, pero no estoy 100% seguro de que todo funcione No estoy demasiado convencido, incluso despu s de que el autor animara a los lectores muchas veces a experimentar los resultados por s mismos Puedo intentarlo alg n d a, aunque ya estoy usando un par de t cnicas, y est n resultando.

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    When it comes to using magic in World or WarCraft, you have two choices You may embrace the light and be a mage or hide in the shadows and be a warlock as of this writing.Well, When I began reading about Wicca, all I had been learning was aspects of the light and I felt out of balance All I was reading about was The Light side.There were some references to the Dark aspects but they never really went into detail I know Scott Cunningham would have been happy to share that knowledge Then I was browsing a Barnes Noble store shelf in Lexington, KY and came across this book with a dark cover and silver lettering Which is flaking off.Nocturnal Witchcraft Magick After Dark by Konstantinos I said, Finally, A gateway to understanding the Dark Side It is almost like being a Jedi Apprentice and learning about both The Good side and The Dark side of The Force and taking the path to The Dark Side, but without burning to a crisp on Mustaphar and being rebuilt and refitted with black cybernetic armor and a breathing apparatus.After reading this work, I finally felt the balance I was looking for as the book also appealed to my dark nature.

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    While this book did a lot to touch on some aspects of practice that get left out in fluffier works, for the most part I felt like this was geared toward the Gothier than thou crowd, and found the tone a bit smug and annoying in places Listen, some people are night people, and some people are day people, and while the author did try to restrain himself, there was a bit too much What a special Hot Topic snowflake I am in this for me to take it totally seriously The author s desire to preserve his mystique may have caused him to leave out some practical information, and some intense workings were mentioned and expounded upon a bit, but were never really given the kind of attention they deserved, considering their gravity The good parts however, are pretty good, and while I don t agree with the execution always, I do understand the spirit in which some of this was intended, and did incorporate some of the rites into my practice for a while It s a book to pick and choose from read the thought provoking parts, try to use the bits about drama without lodging your head up your ass, and be ready to overlook some pretentiousness.

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    I found this book to be really fun and the author s writing full of personality I haven t tried out his mind reading exercises, but they sound like they d be really fun to try This is a very non intimidating introduction to the darker side of witchcraft not black magic as other reviewers have noted, in fact he opens by defining Good Dark and sounding an awful lot like a Dungeons and Dragons alignment guide in the process.It s very detailed without being overly prescriptive.All in all I think this book could proudly share a bookshelf with The Spiral Dance by Starhawk and Power of the Witch by Laurie Cabot and is an excellent accompaniment to these volumes It is also complete enough to stand alone as one s first book on the topic You wouldn t necessarily need any others for quite some time, if ever, depending on how much you value others experience of the numinous versus making your own observations.Highly recommended to any new witches or experienced witches seeking some fresh perspective

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    I think it was an overall good read and worth the read but at times I felt as if he was just going over a script.he did however have good technics on skrying and building up energies As for this being the darker side of the craft other than night time rituals it is not would like to read other books from him to see if they have the same rehearsal feel to them.

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    Konstantinos teaches us that magick after dark, at the dark of the moon, need not be what is widely considered to be black It is simply another aspect of the moon s phase, as such, is aligned to a different type of working Keeping one s mind open learning different paths makes one a educated witch.

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    Kind of hokey with all the references to the night Some of the exercises are decent and can be used to good enough effect Not one I would tout as an essential reference book but if you can find a cheap used copy it wouldn t hurt to have around.