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Humans And Half Bloods Agree Percy Jackson And The Olympians Is A Series Fit For Heroes Relive The Adventure From The Beginning With This Boxed Set Of The First Three Books With Glorious New Cover Art By John Rocco The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson Is A Good Kid, But He Can T Seem To Focus On His Schoolwork Or Control His Temper When His Mom Tells Him The Truth About Where He Came From, She Takes Him To The One Place He Ll Be Safe Camp Half Blood, A Summer Camp For Demigods On Long Island There, Percy Learns That The Father He Never Knew Is Actually Poseidon, God Of The Sea Soon Percy Finds Himself Caught Up In A Mystery That Could Lead To Disastrous Consequences Together With His Friends A Satyr And Another The Demigod Daughter Of Athena Percy Sets Out On A Quest To Reach The Gates Of The Underworld Located In A Recording Studio In Hollywood And Prevent A Catastrophic War Between The Gods The Sea Of Monsters After A Summer Spent Trying To Prevent A Catastrophic War Among The Greek Gods, Percy Jackson Finds His Seventh Grade School Year Unnervingly Calm But Things Don T Stay Quiet For Long Percy Soon Discovers There Is Trouble At Camp Half Blood The Magical Borders Which Protect Half Blood Hill Have Been Poisoned By A Mysterious Enemy, And The Only Safe Haven For Demigods Is On The Verge Of Being Overrun By Mythological Monsters To Save The Camp, Percy Needs The Help Of His Best Friend, Grover, Who Has Been Taken Prisoner By The Cyclops Polyphemus On An Island Somewhere In The Sea Of Monsters The Dangerous Waters Greek Heroes Have Sailed For Millennia Only Today, The Sea Of Monsters Goes By A New Name The Bermuda Triangle Now Percy And His Friends Must Retrieve The Golden Fleece From The Island Of The Cyclops By The End Of The Summer Or Camp Half Blood Will Be Destroyed But First, Percy Will Learn A Stunning New Secret About His Family One That Makes Him Question Whether Being Claimed As Poseidon S Son Is An Honor Or Simply A Cruel Joke The Titan S Curse When Percy Jackson Receives A Distress Call From His Friend Grover, He Immediately Prepares For Battle He Knows He Ll Need His Powerful Demigod Allies, Annabeth And Thalia, At His Side His Trusty Bronze Sword Riptide And A Ride From His Mom The Demigods Race To The Rescue, To Find That Grover Has Made An Important Discovery Two New Powerful Half Bloods Whose Parentage Is Unknown But That S Not All That Awaits Them The Titan Lord, Kronos, Has Set Up His Most Devious Trap Yet, And The Young Heroes Have Unwittingly Fallen Prey Hilarious And Action Packed, This Third Adventure In The Series Finds Percy Faced With His Most Dangerous Challenge So Far The Chilling Prophecy Of The Titan S Curse

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    It s a series for children, I know, but don t we all need to reconnect with our inner child sometimes And this is perfect for pleasure reading At least if you can find humour in ancient Greek mythology in connection with American younger readers pop culture.And now that I m done with the first three I cannot wait to get my hands on the others.

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    Beats the pants off Harry Potter Wonderful YA literature, and one of the few YA works that doesn t draw a thick black line between boys and girls while, at the same time, it paints a light, subtle and entirely realistic picture of a normal boy s dawning awareness that girls exist.You can tell Riordan knows his Greek myths inside and out, loves them, and gets it My only quibble is the way he casts the epic battle s in terms of Good vs Evil a very Judeo Christian view, and one that is antithetical to the spirit of the Greek myths, where the Gods just jerk mortals and each other around on a level playing field.

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    This series makes my top 5 favorite series list My friend made me read them and Im so glad she did

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    I loved it I finished the first book, The Lightning Theif, in a day It s awesome I kept thinking how good it would be to read this to any kid, especially those with struggles like ADHD and dyslexia The struggles these kids have turn out to be a blessing Instead of not seeing correctly, it s that they see overly well They re given superpowers and are than mortals It s a really fun read based on Greek mythology in modern times.

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    I have so much love for Percy Jackson and respect for Rick Riordan.

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    Read them in 4th and 5th grade but eh, why not put it on here.

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    Honestly, this was one of the best series I have ever read in my life no kidding The plot twists and how Rick Riordan introduces the new characters and monsters are truly pulling me in to read I can t wait to read the 4th and 5th book to finish the series At the end of book three, it ends with a cliffhanger, with makes my dyingly want to know I can t believe all three of the main gods all had children Percy and Nico who appear in the story, are truly contrasting characters Even though Thalia joined the hunters and Zo Nightshade, Bianca Di Angelo have given their lives in the quest, they are also apart of the hunters, which is lead by the goddess Artemis My friend told me that, After Nico hears that his sister has passed away, he turns into an emo kid Percy is still the same Always getting kicked out of school and fighting monsters with is pen sword, Riptide So far, my favorite books of the series were the Sea of Monsters and the Titan s Curse If you are interested to read books about Greek Myths, and truly want to read an amazing book, I recommend this Series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

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    The two stars are mainly because of my history with this book, plus the fact that he wrote it for his son.I used to love these books, they were very favorite books when I read them and Riordan was, as far as I was concerned, a genius Then I read some other things, and I got interested in some other books that became my favorites instead of these, but I still remembered these books as really, really great.Then, a couple of weeks ago, I reread the series I had been reading about them online and hearing about them, mostly some negative things, and I was wondering if I had been wrong the first time I read them Well, it turns out I was, at least in my opinion.First, the writing is junk I am not saying the plot or the characters yet , I am saying the writing I recognized what I saw here, and I can recognize this in all of his kids books This was a guy who didn t know how to write, and knew this about himself, but was clever, and put just enough or less witty remarks and corny jokes in to distract the readers from the fact that he can t write I recognize his inability to write in his adult books, too Even though he has written many, many books by this point, both before and after Percy Jackson, he can t exactly write a book.The next thing which irritated me were the jokes on their own Just bad It was funny at times, I admit that And in the first couple of chapters it s fine But by the time you are third of the way into the first book and have been hearing these not so witty, not so funny jokes then I kind of just wanted to throw the book out of the window When a series has a couple of remarks like this scattered about, and used at important times, then it s funny, or at least one can stand it But just the jokes every five seconds were making me claw my own eyes out.Maybe I am being unreasonable about this one, but I found his portrayal of the Greek Gods and Goddesses to the very, very disrespectful Particularly Dionysus got on my nerves He was a God that, like all of the others, was worshipped by people for many years as a big part of their lives, and in Percy Jackson he is depicted as a loser he gets drunk on soda Riordan does similar things with other Gods and Goddesses I wouldn t mind them being in the series if he was just a bit respectful.I also was bothered by the main character s dyslexia Obviously, I was not bothered that the main character has dyslexia, what bothered me was how Riordan made having dyslexia be like At one point, Percy main character sees a sign that says Private Event as Pirate Event I have researched dyslexia a lot for personal reasons, long before I read Percy Jackson for the first time and no one with dyslexia would have seen Private as Pirate In the fifth book, Percy sees Gods as Dogs not only is this one highly unlikely if even possible , it also contrasts what he wrote in the first book For example, wouldn t he likely see gods as os , since he couldn t see the R or the V in Private I feel like he could have made the dyslexia realistic it is not something to laugh about, it s a real obstacle in the lives of people who have it This annoyed me the first time I read this book, too, but I got past it.This book series also totally copied Harry Potter, but without a lot of the things that made Harry Potter a work of art Lots of books now have slightly copied minor things from that series, but never a complete copy, and never as bad as Riordan For example, the main character has messy black hair and green eyes, and has never had many friends Harry Percy and is raised by at least one abusive member of their family The Dursleys Percy s stepfather Next, he finds out he is has magic and gets a special weapon Harry s wand Riptide and he goes to school to learn about his magic Hogwarts Camp half blood he meets a very wise teacher who he likes Dumbledore Chiron and one teacher that he doesn t like Snape Dionysus Though Snape was a much better and complex character then Dionysus was in Percy Jackson The main character s two best friends are boy who is very loyal, but not that smart Ron Grover and girl who is brilliant but can be a little bit of a know it all sometimes Hermione Annabeth There is a boy with longish blonde hair who is cruel to the main character Malfoy Luke , and a set of mischievous brothers Fred and George Travis and Connor and set of twins where one dies Fred and George Caster and Pollux The villain s name is not supposed to be said Voldemort Kronos , and at some point the main character is known for surviving something no one has before Harry survived the killing curse Percy reached sixteen , there is a character who is not in the series very much, but is very kind and nice to the main character, but he dies Cedric Beckendorf and this character was also dating a girl who was nice enough but cried a lot Cho Chang Silena Beauregard I could go on It appears that Ridordan had a pretty good idea for a book series, but couldn t think of a plot so he found one that had already been used and was popular, but changed it slightly.In short, I can t think of Percy Jackson as anything then a cheap, Harry Potter rip off.

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    These are the first three books of the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians All the books of this series were very good Although I did enjoy all of them, the one that was interesting was the third book The third book was Percy Jackson and the Titan s Curse This book, in my opinion, had the most adventure They lost and gain new people throughout their Prophecy None of the other books really had that in them You may disagree and like other books, but the third book remains the best to me.

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    This series was one of the most fun in fantasy fiction, for me It is real, to the point, very tongue and cheek and almost always full of surprises For instance when Percy steps out of the elevator that takes his trio to Olympia, he steps out and nearly has a heartattack It has fantasy mixed with very real human emotions None of the thinking about mankind and the greater good conflict, this guy wants to know which bully will beat him up in his next school and who his mum will date next I couldn t put the books down till I had finished them and re read the funny bits again