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This Trusted Guidebook By Popular Author Raymond Buckland Has Introduced Candle Magick To Than , Readers From Winning Love To Conquering Fear, Obtaining Money To Improving Relationships, Practical Candleburning Rituals Is Filled With Simple Candle Rites That Get Real ResultsNewly Updated And Re Organized, This Edition Includes Thirty Seven Rituals Adapted For Christians And Pagans That Can Be Performed At Home With Readily Available Materials No Prior Magickal Knowledge Is Necessary Diagrams And Simple Instructions Make This Candle Magick Primer An Ideal Practical Guide For Beginners

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    Once again Buckland gives us authentic rituals that sound as though they were lifted by bargain basement gypsy fortune tellers, and ask us to abandon any sort of dignity or reason as we mumble the sacred words to make our wishes come true Try not to wonder how our ancestors acquired the proper colour candles or the right incense to ensure success for their rituals, or how this mysterious lore was handed down only to someone like Buckland The next time someone mentions how Anton LaVey was the literary equivalent of a car salesman and he basically admitted he was , I would like to point out Raymond Buckland and his vast library of arcane literature.

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    One of the first books on magick that I acquired as a teen It was a shocker in that it included pagan and christian variations of the same spells I also quickly realized that the enormous number of candles, space, and time these rituals would take made secrecy a problem If you are in a situation requiring a high level of secrecy, this isn t the book for you The smell of wax and smoke will linger Many of the rituals require several days to complete or for candles to burn all the way out You can t just pack this stuff away in a hurry.

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    Seems to be a good introduction for beginners, but I wasn t a fan of the large amount of spells used for negative purposes it s one thing to have a spell to open people s eyes to your good qualities, for example, but it s quite another to break up an existing relationship.

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    One of my fave spell books I use it quite often Good basic candle spells.8 5 18 I have grown a lot since I last read this book, used these spells It s time for this book to move on.

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    Good reference bookQuick read and good reference book for candle rituals I will keep it handy if I ever decide to use one of the rituals.

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    This was literally the first book related to witchcraft I ever owned I bought it with my own measly little income from working at Kmart in 1998 However, at that time, I lived within the confines of a VERY Christian family deep in the heart of the Bible Belt Don t even get me started on any of thatSo, yeah I was never actually able to perform any of the spells in this book at that time I had to obtain another copy of it recently, mostly feeling nostalgic, and now I d rather I hadn t spent the 10 on itWitchcraft has been a part of my ancestry Hundreds or thousands of years ago my early ancestors were performing magick rituals for various needs While I do think they could have used herbs and flowers to produce candles of a certain color, my thoughts are that they wouldn t have gone to that effort most of the time due to cost or danger So, color might seem important, and this author seems to think color is EXTREMELY important, but I don t really think that s the case at all I think it s the INTENT, not the COLOR that matters, and in modern times, I can totally see why assigning a color to a candle would help one to establish a firmer intention But, that he was making it sound as if you couldn t make your ritual work without all the right colors put me off I don t think my ancestors would have been all that concerned about the colors, since they wouldn t have been able to get, say, a gold candle very easily.Another thing that put me off and that I hadn t remembered this book included when I first bought it so many years ago was how LONG these rituals apparently take to complete I understand that sometimes magick works slowly, but one of the rituals in this book takes as many as NINE DAYS I don t have that long, like, ever I don t have a place to conduct my ritual for that long, and even if I did, I d have to be subject to questions and accusations from family members that I d just rather not put up with.Of course there s creative visualization , but I don t think that s nearly as effective as putting that energy into a physical ritual At least, in my experience, that hasn t been the case.The general feel of the spells seem as if they would work, so long as you have the right mindset before you get into it, but I don t agree with the strictness of it I somehow doubt that the Universe much cares if I have a gold or light green candle or whether I m able to conduct a ritual for 2 weeks straight without disturbing my altar so long as I had a real intent and plenty of energy invested in my goal After all, isn t that like what our ancestors would have done As for the additions of black magick, I have no opinion I m not Wiccan, and I do think we all have to balance things out when somebody is insistent upon whacking balance all the hell If I have to be the one to get that balance back where it should be by sending a punishment against he or she that caused that imbalance, so be it I don t believe my actions will cause a three fold retaliation from the Universe Decent book to get some ideas from, but I question the need for its strictness.

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    The 1 5 Star Review is the total of what I have to say about this book, specifically.Caveat This review is historical archival in nature Date read is speculative.This book is one of many books I have read about the occult paganism witchcraft This was the readily available faith in my household as a child Additionally, I worked for a company in this field, 2015 2016, and had to read an ocean of this stuff to do my job.Like televangelists, and snake oil salesman, these publishers prey on the vulnerable The authors are mentally ill suffering from magical thinking and delusions Worst of all, most of them can t write worth a damn.Llewellyn Worldwide is the absolute worst on both counts I wouldn t even trust their overpriced CALENDARS to be accurate.These books are also big offenders on the the cultural appropriation front In fact, they re in the running for worst case ever So called eclectic witches steal aspects of other religions and mythology They make it clear that they don t understand them, or feel the need to, before shitting in someone else s bed The publishers authors then profit off this, leaving the reader less smart and broke The living Venn diagram of demographics for these books would look like this She s a white, American woman She dropped out of college to attend massage cosmetology school Growing up, her strict parents took her to church every Sunday She kissed a girl 10 years ago, and likes Katy Perry To quote Holden from Chasing Amy, Over or underweight people who don t get laid they re our bread and butter Though a copypasta of it, these books never tell you about hermeticism They don t prime you to understand hermeticism Hermeticism, by the way, is also total bullshit It is, at least, historic and seminal in almost all spooky fiction involving rituals or alchemy.If I give one of these books anything above 2 stars, it s a decent example of this type of book It might have a redeeming feature, like reference material for fictional world building Having worked in this field, including sales of these exact books, I can tell you the fix is in, they know it, don t buy this stuff.

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    This book was alright I wouldn t gush over it but if someone is new to candle magick then this would be an asset to your collection Check out The Enchanted Candle by Lady Rhea People either love or hate Raymond Buckland In any case, he has made significant contributions to the Pagan community whether or not you agree with his approach This book is alright as I mentioned before It covers a lot of the basics.

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    No est mal, pero tiene muchos rituales para sobreponerse hacia los dem s, incluso para hacer da o La magia est para todo, pero pienso que hay que usarla para cosas ben ficas, como el desapego de lo material, la conquista de uno mismo y generar m s paz y amor.

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    I liked it I could relate to much of the writing angst and decisions about stepping away from the novel writing Not sure I d recommend it for non writers though.