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Allah With That Shrill Cry, Three Muslim Terrorists Blow Up A Key Soviet Oil Complex, Creating A Critical Oil Shortage That Threatens The Stability Of The USSRTo Offer The Effects Of This Disaster, Members Of The Politburo And The KGB Devise A Brilliant Plan Of Diplomatic Trickery A Sequence Of Events Designed To Pit The NATO Allies Against Each Other A Distraction Calculated To Enable The Soviets To Seize All The Oil In The Persian GulfBut As This Spellbinding Story Of International Intrigue And Global Politics Nears Its Climax, The Soviets Are Faced With Another Prospect, One They Hadn T Planned On A Full Scale Conflict In Which Nobody Can Win

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    Ah, clancy If you like his stuff, you ll love this book If you like the books that he didn t write that have his name on them, you ll probably really like this book.Few people know that this book was written as part of a competition that clancy had with Stephen King, to see who could write the longest book in a week Sadly for clancy, King won, but that s only because Clancy took 15 minutes out of the contest to call up the army and ask them the names of some cool guns and planes and stuff A nice touch this book contains one word for every bullet that was fired in the vietnam war.Russians run out of oil, decides to attack NATO to get lots , it doesn t work, and everyone forgets about it Fortunately for the good guys, Russians only know how to fight by following the rule book, and Americans know when to throw the book out the window Also, everyone that dies in war is either someone that you don t know or care about, or they die in a removed, abstract sort of way How convenient While this book does have 350,000 words, it s easily readable It s clearly written by a war nerd he says in the introductory author s note that he developed lots of the plot while in discussion with a guy that created a war simulation game Sweet His enthusiasm is clearly evident, and it does make the book pleasurable to read.

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    My relationship with this book got off to a bad start I ve never known much about or cared much for the Cold War, and while I read of the Russian Politburo plotting a way to seize oil from the Persian Gulf without incurring NATO opposition, I was wiki ing terms like KGB and Kremlin Things didn t improve when the Russians failed to break up NATO, World War III started, and I was searching my dictionary for things like fighter and carrier.But 830 pages gives you a long time to learn, and within a few hundred pages, I was checking my dictionary less and enjoying the book Clancy is brilliant Most fight scenes to me are boring, endless combinations of shooting, bombs and explosions While most of Red Storm Rising was fight scenes, there was so much thinking go on that I never got bored waiting to see if a strategy would work, and I was continually surprised by unmentioned strategies that did work Clancy is not just smart, he s hardworking too He clearly did his research, with lots of knowledge on war maneuvers, Soviet politics, war machinery, and everything else related to war It amazed me when I realised that the ships he mentioned, like USS Pharris or HMS Battleaxe, really do exist in real life The fact that he never let the war degenerate into a nuclear war, so common in 1980 s fiction, allowed him to show off his knowledge of conventional weaponry and gave him control over the events so that they were always realistic.It could have been difficult to manage the many groups of people and many places involved in a World War, but I felt that Clancy handled it quite well As I ve said, there were many well developed main characters, but all the other characters were identified by their roles rather than by name, helping me keep all the characters straight Clancy also broke the book down into various small sections, a few paragraphs set in Germany, a few in Iceland, a few in Scotland, and so on, allowing him to continually update the reader on what was going on in each area and how different groups of people were cooperating or not with each other The shortness of each section also made a long book easier to read.While the book was largely technical, Clancy did not forget the human aspects of war, and there was just the right amount of humanity to be emotional without being unnecessarily tear jerking I also enjoyed how both sides were portrayed in a somewhat balanced manner Sure, NATO were the good guys and the Russians were the bad guys, but Clancy was quick to note that not all Russians are bad, and even as I rooted for NATO and in particularly Ed Morris and Jerry O Malley, I rooted for Alekseyev and the Sergetovs as well In fact, characterisation was a strong point of the book There were many characters, in keeping with the fact that the book was about a World War, but the main characters were all realistic people that I could feel for That is, apart from Vigdis, a beautiful and courageous Icelandic girl, perfect in every way Not all stories need a love interest, really.It takes something extraordinary to make someone like me interested in a book about war, and Clancy clearly has that something extraordinary.

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    The procedural book of what could have been World War III Told through the eyes of a wide array of people from an Air Force meteorologist in Iceland, a navy reservist who works for the CIA, a stealth bomber pilot, a female aircraft courier, a submarine captain, Russian politicians, and others the war between the Warsaw Pact And NATO erupts Not your typical war story Recommended for those who lived through the Cold War.

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    I read it once when I was too young to understand many key themes so it was an action thriller at the time During my second read through my perspective changed, gone was the line between clearly good and clearly evil Instead I found myself rooting for the Russians Not because of anti americanism or any foolish rubbish, but simply because it seemed the west had an abundance of four leaf clovers and lucky charms Any and all luck was on their side and despite the desperation of the situation, America is always going to win Everything they do and have is better, and what could have been a brutal conflict with the challenge of facing intelligent nations both with the will to come out on top into the equivalent of shooting paper targets on a range I m not disputing the outcome, I would have just rather read about actual struggles instead of random secret technologies being pulled out of the sky at just the right moments In the end the final message I got from this was America fuck yeah and democracy hurr

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    I m guessing Tom Clancy novels are mostly a guy thing If it s a Tom Clancy novel I m probably going to check it out I m something of a Naval Action freak I blame the 1943 Lawrence O Donnell science fiction short story CLASH BY NIGHT, which I read in Junior High, for my fetish Asimov made me want to read science fiction Lawrence made me want Naval Action RED STORM RISING presents a global non nuclear war between the U.S and Russia that involves our NATO allies The first read through I read everything, but on re reads I skip many parts, depending on my mood, and focus on the parts involving the weatherman in Iceland, a U.S Air Force lieutenant who is the main hero There is also a cute love story that develops here There is some great submarine action here Many readers think Clancy novels are technical over kill, but what he does in RED STORM RISING works for me hg47

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    Awful, boring overlong story of war and rape The only good portion of this novel aside from the victim finding love is the end which should have ocurred one third of the way through this travesty 2 of 10 stars

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    Tom Clancy s writing style leaves a lot to be desired sometimes, even to a fan of this genre Let me just say off the bat that this book like most of Clancy s novels is rife with blatantly false stereotypes of Russian and Soviet characters, and a very poor understanding of the Russian language Maybe the tense relationship between the U.S and the U.S.S.R when Clancy wrote these books means he had little practical experience to go on, but given some of the other, accurate depictions of Soviet life by other Western authors during the same time period, I have to conclude that Clancy either didn t do his homework or was trying to appeal to a specific anti Soviet worldview popular among some Americans at the time.That all being said, this is the tenth time at least that I ve read this book For all the technical flaws in his writing style and the factual errors, Clancy does spin a good yarn The underlying plot is compelling, as are most of the main characters All the characters remain somewhat two dimensional, as is typical of Clancy and other writers in this genre Clearly the focus of the book is on drooling over high tech weaponry and battle scenarios Where Clancy is successful is in making sure the gadgets actually drive the story forward I ve never been in the intelligence business or the armed forces, but maybe those folks derive greater pleasure out of what I assume is his accurate portrayal of those communities.I rated this book three stars because at the end of the day this is pretty much a run of the mill techno war thriller, and is very typical of that genre Coupled with Clancy s overly simplistic or deliberately misleading portrayal of Soviet characters and life in the U.S.S.R I can t say as this is a book worth raving about Still, it is an interesting story particularly if you re nostalgic for the Cold War days or interested in vintage intelligence and military trivia I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys the genre, otherwise don t bother.

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    Dry narration of hypothetical WWIII Full of strategic tactical military, naval, and air combat technical details Hardly any character development, pages after pages of insipid writing Best avoided.

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    This is my favorite Clancy novel I m currently re reading it for the fourth time.Published in 1986, at the heigth of reaganism, it probably read as a near future techno thriller Now 2012 , it reads as an alternative history thriller What if the USSR chose to risk a limited war with Nato in order to gain a geopolitical advantage in the Middle East Don t let me mislead you The political set up is dull and at the point of na ve The main point of this part is to lay down the premises for the military confrontation A limited, non nuclear confrontation in Western Europe with a lot of action in the North Atlantic What follows is a portrayal of the war, as seen from multiple perspectives mostly american soldiers and soviet generals and politicians.The special forces , often the focal point of modern military fiction, is rather absent from the story This is a war fought with conventional armies and large machines of war planes, battleships, tanks and missiles.Why is this my favorite Clancy novel, or, indeed one of my favorite thrillers I don t know It s possible to list a lot of negative aspects The writing style is bland, the characters are not very interesting and the political plot reads like a piece republican propaganda However, I grew up in the 1980s, when a major war between USA and USSR still was considered a possibility.RSR is a survey of then current military technology and tactics, it s fast paced and quite exciting.

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    In Sweden at least this one rode high on the success of the first few Ryan books The characters of this one is even one dimensional and the whole story has a feeling of taking place on a higher level than personal most of the time Unavoidable due to the scale of things, I guess Nevertheless, it is quite suspenseful and if you re going in with an understanding of what you are about to read, it s captivating and readable.