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OKay, I was a huge fan of her first one, The Expected One, and have recommended it up and down the halls , so I was eagerly awaiting this book.McGowan is a talented writer and takes us on the next step of her new theology with The Book Of Love More a wishful theory than suspense novel, Love takes us into the next chapter of Maureen s quest to prove that Catholicism and it s tenets are, at best, a misunderstanding, at worst, a willful abuse by history s church leaders and kings.This is a book that made me happy while reading it.I cried at times, because wouldn t it just be nice if all the church let the teachings of Christ be as simple as Love There is also a parallel theme which allows for Jesus marriage to MAry Magdelena, as the continutation of a eternal heiros gamos or soulmate relationship This is, perhaps, my favorite part of the book I can t give anything away, there are few secrets here just in how the story develops I have loved you beforeI love you now,And I will love you again.The time returns Kathleen McGowan, The Book of Love Having just finished TBOL, I have to say I was slightly disappointed I throughly enjoyed The Expected One, mostly due to the way in which the characters were protrayed and developed throughout the story Both their internal conflicts and external interactions were well written and engaging With TBOL however, I felt as if none of the things I enjoyed in The Expected One were present While the sections on Matilda s life were interesting, I much prefer to read about Maureen s story The thought the author focused far too much time on the past and then had to rush through the ending I was left feeling as if there wasn t a full explaination on either what Maureen discovers within TBOL or what the other characters think of her discover I m still planning on reading The Poet Prince simply because I hate to leave a series unfinished , but I hope Ms McGowen goes back to the style she first used in The Expected One and gives her readerstime with the characters they have invested so much time with. I did not feel as though this book lived up to the hype surrounding it The characters were right out of a corny romance novel, and were not worthy of such a long winded novel I don t know, maybe it was the title as well as the cover which smacked of those silly romance novels This just didn t do it for me Maybe her next one will be better I thought the first volume was a cheap imitation of Dan Brown s DaVinci Code this one is even worse.I was hoping for something fresh especailly after the author contacted me on GOODREADS to promote her new book after I didn t like the first one.I wanted to like it I really did Butit just didn t do it for me. I loved this book It tells the legend of Jesus Gospel written in his own hand Maureen, The Expected One the next in the long line of Magdeline s searches for the Book of Love She uncovers centuries of conspiracy to erase early Christianity and Jesus marriage to Mary Magdeline from the history of the church Last year at this time I read Faulcolt s Pendulum, that tells the same story only from a very male perspective Katherine Neville touches on it in Eight through the metaphor of Chess Ms McGowan s research is excellent and she carefully explains in her notes what is fiction and what is based on historical references The book reminds of my Mother When a child, she imbues me with a different kind of Christianity one based strictly on Love and includes an acceptance of reincarnation My Mother was born in Grenoble France, very close to the area where these stories have been passed down for 2,000 years This book is a personal 5 star book Maybe it would not be for everybody. Meh That s probably the best comment I can make I remember reading the first book, The Expected One, and thinking that it wasn t the greatest Magdalene story, but it was pretty darn good And I was excited about the second part Reading this one, tho, I had very mixed feelings view spoiler hide spoiler What could have been a hopeful sequel to the fun if historically questionable The Expected One, turned out to be a good story within a bad one Over 1 2 of the book was about Matilda of Tuscany, instead of the main character Maureen I sensed almost no character development, and the main plot was so fragmented by the historical flashbacks that I had to flip back to the previous present day sections There were several intriguing reveals about the heretical religion that McGowan has presented in her two novels that I enjoyed, and it was thought provoking. OMG If I hear onesilly review which mimics the author s redundant phrase Those with ears to ear,let them hear , I am going to barf All of the 5 star reviews seem to add this trite over used phrase to the end of their reviews It makes me wonder if they have ANY originality what so ever McGowan uses this phrase every 500 words throughout her 500 page novel Just imagine how many times it appears in the book As if we did not hear enough of it whilst reading the novel geez Gimme a break All of the 5 star reviews sound curiously similar in context, and seem to end with this over used phrase What, pray tell, is there to hear After all, this book is not profound wisdom It s a freaking historical romance based on fantasy Wake up You know, theI think about it, maybe these similar reviews are orchestrated by the marketing department for Kathleen s books Hey, it certainly is a possibility to try to dupe the public The only problem is, WE RE NOT THAT STUPID Get real It is difficult to critique one of an author s books without comparing it to his or her other books The Expected One was literally a revelation to me It opened my eyes, mind, and heart to my Savior in a profound way The Book of Love follows the same characters, now on their search for the legendary Book of Love, a gospel written by Jesus own hand At the end of the book, McGowen explains the immense editing and condensing that was required to make the story readable While she may certainly take poetic license with certain historical figures and events, the result is compelling and beautiful The notion of a Heavenly Father and Mother is a notion I have always accepted I loved the accounts of various biblical and allegorical couples mirroring the perfect love and balance of God and His Beloved I found myself growing to love and care about Matilda as Maureen learns her story and struggles This is another powerful book of spiritual lessons and inspiration For those with ears to hear Thank you, Kathleen for another excellent novel. Maureen Paschal Thought She Might Rest And Work On Her Book After Discovering The Gospel Written By Mary Magdalene That Revealed Jesus And Mary Magdalene Were Married The Truth Of Their Story Rocked The World And Made Maureen A Target Of Those Who Did Not Like Her Discovery And A Heroine To Those Who Did Then Maureen Receives A Strange Package Containing What Looks Like An Ancient Letter Written In Latin And Signed With A Symbol She Discovers That Its Author Is An Extraordinary Woman Whom History Has Overlooked Or Covered Up Countess Matilda Of Tuscany, And In The Letter Matilda Demands The Return Of Her Most Precious Books And Documents Maureen Soon Finds Herself In A Race Across Italy And France, Where Hidden Dangers Await Her And Her Lover, Berenger, As They Begin To Realize That They Are On The Trail Of Another Explosive Discovery The Book Of Love, The Gospel Written In Jesus Own Hand As Maureen Learns About Matilda, An Eleventhcentury Warrior Countess Who Was Secretly Married To A Pope, She Begins To See The Eerie Connections Between Herself And Matilda, Connections She Must Trace To Their Source If She Is To Stop The Wrong People From Finding The Book Of Love And Hiding It Forever Weaving Together Matilda S Little Known True Story And Maureen S Thrilling Search, The Book Of Love Follows Two Amazing Heroines As Their Stories Intertwine Through Time Maureen Is Immersed In The Mysteries Of The Labyrinth, The Beautiful Poetry Of The Song Of Songs, The World S Greatest Art And Architecture, And Matilda S Amazing Legacyuntil A Potentially Fatal Encounter Reveals The Book Of Love To Maureen And To The Reader