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Can The Secret Circle SurviveLured into the most popular in crowd imaginable Cassie is intoxicated by her newfound strength a power as addictive as it is perilousCaught between two members' consuming desires to use the coven's mysterious force Cassie turns to one of their boyfriends Adam and falls captive to her own dangerous loveBewitched by the promise of love through magic Cassie captures Adam's heart and upsets the delicate balance of power unleashing a storm of fury no one anticipatesOr Will The Dark Struggle Of Good Evil And Tormented Love Consume Them All?

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    The Captive The Secret Circle #2 LJ SmithInitiated into a coven of young witches Cassie is intoxicated by her new found strength powers as addictive as they are dangerous She is caught between two rival forces forced to choose between two impossible actions should she betray the ones she loves or confess all and risk expulsion from the circle for ever?The Secret Circle is a supernatural young adult series of books created by L J Smith The narrative follows the character of Cassie Blake as she is initiated into a Circle of eleven other teenage witches and the danger that ensues when they accidentally unleash a dark force upon their town Matters are further complicated when Cassie finds herself in a love triangle that threatens to tear the Circle apartتاریخ نخستین خوانش سال 20123 میلادیعنوان اسیر کتاب دوم از سری دایره مخفی؛ نویسنده لیزا جین الجی اسمیت؛ا شربیانی

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    When I review a book I usually look at two things first is if the story is good and second is if the characters are likeable1 The story I liked the story very much the suspense was exciting and as they're coming to reach a conclusion I feel that I wanna find it out with them Sometimes I can't put the book down because I wanna know what's next Cassie's inside conflict was kind of ridiculous for me but the issue about the evil spirit was kind of cool2 The characters I tried really really hard to like Cassie sure she's got some good ualities but I thought she was really dumb I mean c'mon? Dont you watch movies? Falling for a blackmail is like the stupidest thing you could ever do I think protecting Diana was just an excuse but in fact she can't take responsibilities for her own actions She doesn't want Diana to find out because she'll hate her I also didn't like the fact that she's a jealous insecure traitor always comparing herself to Diana Im sorry I really tried but she doesn't click to meNow we're on to one of my favorite characters NICK haha I don't know why he's so mysterious and uiet but he's always there when he's needed DFinally I really enjoyed reading it Its definitely better than the first one

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    This book was even better than the first one We get to know things about the people who form the circle something i really needed because i couldn't distinguish them in the first book Twelve characters were a lot for me to handle and i'm really impressed with the author because not only she manages to involve them all in the action but she also made each of them uniueI'm glad Cassie got stronger in this book both in spirit and in magic seeing the main character being weak all the time in the first book was not so fun What's also exciting is the fact that Cassie develops a darker side which made her a interesting character Then ending too was so intense i can't wait to read the third book

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    Wicked she could almost hear Faye chuckling throatilyYou're not evil you're just wicked like me The Club is divided between Team Faye and Team Diana Cassie who loves Diana very dearly is hiding a naughty secret that would destroy Diana and cause everyone to hate her if they found out Unfortunately the one person who knows Cassie's secret is Faye Faye being the crazy bad bitch that she is blackmails Cassie into being her own personal puppetAfter a homecoming dance gone awry another unexplained murder and a rigged Circle meeting that appoints Faye as new leader the Circle gets in over their heads Halloween Samhain is upon New Salem and an evil spirit is unleashed Another Circle member finds their Book of Shadows and Cassie is on the verge of losing everything she holds dear

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    Read this whole series back when i was 13 14 and i was BLOWN away by it so much so i DESPERATELY wanted to be a witch hmmm maybe i just wanted Adam

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    ◆ It's a uick and easy read full of tropes including girl hate ◆ The writing is easily digestible and the pacing is fast and concise which makes it hard to DNF ◆ I consider this series to be the best of the worst ◆ There are some uniue twists to old tropes like Cassie's decision making ◆ All of the characters are unbelievable ◆ We don't learn about anyone's motivations except the protagonist's ◆ There is not even a response to people dying in town◆ On two occasions the protagonists including our main good girl protagonist casually consider killing someone ◆ Cheating is a major part of the story

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    Review at Miss Book Reviews WARNING This section contains spoilers for the first book Now that Cassie is officially in 'The Club' and now known as one of the 'in' group at school she finds life so much better she feels welcome and wanted not like a disease everyone is trying to avoid Unfortunately for her she is dealing with her desires for Adam Diana's boyfriend whom she fell in love with on the beach last summer One meeting is all it took She loves Diana and she would never want to do anything to hurt her so she avoids Adam at all costsMeanwhile the coven are still dealing with the crystal skull and the dark magic that was released from it the first time they tried to activate it People keep dying and they have no idea why or what the connection is so they're trying to do everything they can to figure out this mess In this book Cassie was a lot stronger than she was in the first book You see her grow and change That's nice to see because I know that if she hadn't of grown I would have gotten tired of her and the way she always needed to lean on people for support You see her take control of herself in this bookDiana is still as strong and as lovely as ever Although she is seen as a bit too naïve in this book too trusting but she has no reason not to trust anyone So I feel it's completely justified and that she's not naïve she just completely and wholly trusts the people she's close to As you shouldAdam is strong and someone you could trust He puts people before himself I love that he's definitely the one to call if you need help In this book we get to see way of him he's a good guy yet also comes across as kind of mysteriousNick is mysterious but temperamental Still he grows in this book and becomes a little patient and interested in the coven He's so mysterious that I've developed a little crush on him and I really want something to happen between him and Cassie What is it about guys that are mysterious? I guess it's because they just don't tell anyone what they're thinking or feeling you kind of have the fight for it so it's not easy or something like thatFaye is as bitchy and nasty as ever Yet I still don't hate her you can see that she has this nice side to her You can even see why she does the things she does to get what she wants They're completely selfish reasons but those reasons always have to do with herself they're never just so she makes people feel horrible That's a by product of her actionsWe get to see a bit of everyone else in the coven without getting lost at who's who I think that's very important because when there's so many characters in a book if they're not described well or there isn't a subtle hint at who they are you get lost very easily and can't remember who's who and who is what to each other That didn't happen in this book I found everything to be clearPersonally I really liked this book too I think it was as good as the first one in every way There was some thing about the writing of this book that just drew me in in every moment I was asking uestions or trying to find out the answers to uestions I had already asked Who was this person? What did this mean? I was trying to put the pieces together to figure out what was going on but some of the clues were so subtle that by the end of the book I was still surprised I love it when you haven't guessed the reveal at all in a book even though those clues and hints are thereI haven't read all of L J Smith's books but I am really enjoying this series so I think I will check out her other books as wellI think this book was entertaining a fun read and a book that I could come home to and just relax with There wasn't anything that I found hard to read I wasn't disgusted or confused by anything I was just a little shocked A little shock is always goodI was pretty interested in the content too like all the little witchery stuff the crystals they used for certain things the herbs they used for certain things I kind of wish I had had an aunt or something that was interested in that stuff and had taught me all about it as I grew up And by 'stuff' I mean the good uses for crystals and herbs etcI really liked this book just as much as the first one so I'm pretty excited to read the next book to see what happensThis was written in 1992As I was reading this book it definitely gave off this vibe of the 90's Like the way people thought the fact no one had cell phones at school or at all You had to call someone from an actual phone that was plugged in to the wall if you were by yourself and realised you were in danger you were pretty much screwed since you couldn't just txt someone So that's not good but it was true It felt like life was less cluttered with technology and everyone was closer and communicated better because you had to go over to someone's house to see them you had to call someone on the phone to talk to them you couldn't just txt them you had to make the effort I never call people these days to talk to them but I think I will start I kind of miss that communication I also got the impression that the kidsteenagers treated their elders with respect respect than I see a lot of kidsteenagers do these days That's a sad thought to think that I don't know of many young people that use manners profusely or respect their elders Perhaps that's just the area I live in or perhaps that's just what I choose to see Now I'm just ramblingAs I envisioned everything it reminded me of the 90's and my childhood The excitement of the outdoors or sleep overs with friends where we would get up to mischief like midnight snacks or talk about our crushes the whole night there was no bitching about anyone and there was no spending hours and hours on the computer I was only 2 in 1992 so I guess I'm thinking of 1998 but still it was this weird nostalgic feeling that I gotLife these days doesn't feel anything like it did back then Maybe that's because I was a kid and saw life through a different set of eyes Obviously I see it differently now but it's just interesting to remember how much this world has changed from twenty years a goAlso the male protagonists in this book compared to the YA books now are so different Well that's how I feel They aren't treating the girls like crap deliberately hurting them or ignoring them they aren't masking their feelings for them they're honest and straight forward about it And I bet if they did the girls wouldn't take it they would stand up for themselves Maybe that's only in this book but it all feels less complicated Where has chivalry gone? I sound like I'm really old nowMiss J x 

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    LJ Smith certainly knows how to build the suspense And that cliffhanger ahhh Grabbing the next book in the series right this second

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    This is book 2 in The Secret Circle series See my review of book 1 here This book was just as good as the first in the series The tension is building as Cassie is black mailed into helping Faye wrestle power away from Diana Cassie finds herself hurting those she cares most about and also suffers a great loss in her family Cassie’s grandmother also reveals important information that none of the Circle knew about previously in hopes it will help them battle the dark force that was releasedFaye is one scary witch and you have to wonder how sane is she? Poor Cassie finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place and must decide if she will let Faye hurt Diana by revealing the connection between Cassie and Adam or hurt Diana herself by supporting Faye in her bid for power Deborah Nick and the Henderson brothers are much likeable in this book and the suspense of finding out whose side they will end up on as well keeps you hooked It’s been so long since I’ve read these books that I can’t wait to read the last book in the trilogy

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    2nd time read I must read the next book now that Cliffhanger😱 I am in love with this series again