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When Henry York Found Cupboards Hidden Behind His Bedroom Wall, He Never Dreamed They Were Doors To Entirely New Worlds Unfortunately, Henry S Discovery Freed An Ancient, Undying Witch, Whose Hunger For Power Would Destroy Every World Connected To The Cupboards And Every Person Whom Henry Loves Henry Must Seek Out The Legendary Chestnut King For Help Everything Has A Price, However, And The Chestnut King S Desire May Be As Dangerous As The Witch Herself N D Wilson Concludes A Remarkable, Worlds Spanning Journey That Began With One Boy And One Hundred Avenues To Adventure From The Hardcover Edition

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    Read this before, maybe it was in manuscript Listened to it again on Audible Still marvelous.

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    Simply gorgeous C S Lewis once said that Lord of the Rings burned like cold iron, but, you know, in a good way Wilson s Chestnut King sears like ice fire, a glorious euchatastrophe, a beautiful and at times terrifying story that caps off the trilogy very well In fact, in reading the book I found myself doing something I have t done since I was young I stayed up late reading, desperately devouring every page The metaphors are well done, the allusions to classical literature all in place, and the triumph of creation over darkness I think he really accomplished what he wanted with the story, that of making an American flavored fantasy There is a magic door in Kansas that opens into the air, like an American Narnia.And the book also features the best scene I have seen N.D write yet, a scene between Frank and a sea captain who knew him long ago The scene built perfectly, shifted mood and peaked, and ended wonderfully There are a few nitpicky points where the story seemed to need expanding like, for instance, why didn t we learn about the Emperor in book two There is an undeveloped subplot between the Emperor s sons, jealousy, envy, and so forth that was just lost in the mix that would have, I think, really added to the story But oh well As I said, nitpicky Get Read Enjoy And the next time the world is birthed again into spring, don t step on the dandelions They have a magic, and it is a blazing fire.

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    This is my second read through of the 100 Cupboards series, and I just want to take a minute to call attention to something I noticed it the first go around, but it stuck out even this time I am referring to N.D Wilson s rare and remarkable ability to write children s fantasy stories with compelling roles for parents adults Why is this so rare, so difficult to achieve My guess is because in real life situations, it is the grown ups who are generally in control Kids in trouble and danger are going to head to Mom and Dad for help In a fictional story, however, young characters will not hold much interest to readers if they are not forced to face challenges on their own, to change and grow This is probably why fiction breeds so many orphans, why parental figures so rarely play a major part in children s books It s a tricky game, keeping the focus on a young character if they have that safety net of trustworthy adults beneath them There s not a lot of drama in that But Wilson somehow escapes all the pitfalls, incorporating great adult characters into his books, while at the same time never letting them detract from his younger heroes and heroines Anyway Brilliant characters Brilliant book Brilliant series.

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    Being a new series is hard work Readers finish the first installment, eager to jump into the next, but it doesn t release for another twelve months and memory dims Interest fades When book two is finally delivered, the process begins all over again.Well, N.D Wilson s 100 Cupboards trilogy is officially sealed and seasoned you no longer have any excuse.Once I find myself protesting in a review complex worlds with mazy customs and tongue twisting names are not my cup of tea But Wilson writes than that He combines, to quote Tamora Pierce, the secret and the ordinary Kansas and Hylfing Black blades and baseball Dream walking and fathers and cousins and dandelions And then slowly, you realize that the lines between the secret and the ordinary are blurred Not just in other worlds In ours.People gush all the time about writers who weave words Whose prose sings Friend, countryman, show me the writers I will show you N.D Wilson.When the faeren speak Wilson has created his own delicious, lilting language of colloquialisms which, despite its beauty, you can actually hear someone speaking Your eyes follow the words and you cannot help the desire to laugh out loud and repeat them out loud I can t believe I m saying this, but I can only compare it to the words that flow from Lord Peter Whimsey s mouth And you know Harriet married him just to hear him talk piddle So this faeren speak is good.However, The Chestnut King is not all about pretty prattle There is plot, and there is character, pressed down and shaken together and running over.If you ve never tried N.D Wilson, I suggest acclimating yourself with Leepike Ridge , a fantastic stand alone Then, after your toes are wet and warm, scoop all three novels in the 100 Cupboards trilogy You ll want to chain read them You ll get to chain read them Lucky you.

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    I loved this book It was my favorite out of the whole trilogy I laughed out loud I cried like a small child I smiled like a loon At times I was reminded of Tolkien and C S Lewis in the writing and story plot Not in a bad way In a nostalgic way The symbolism is what reminded me of C.S Lewis and also the wars When reading one passage in particular I was reminded of the battle of Christianity against the fallen world and the meaning of salvation Silence Jacques is in the right Her evil cannot reach us here Let us burn the ancient three mace trees and close off the ancient ways Tear down the tower, the crown of our barrow, and let us hide ourselves from evil Let no one leave the mound, and if evil grows, we shall flee farther No Nudd roared Let evil hear the pounding of our feet Let evil hear out drumming and our chanting songs of war Let evil fear us Let evil flee In any world, may dark things know our names and fear May their vile skins creep and shiver at every mention of the faeren Let the night flee before the dawn and darkness crowd into the shadows We march to war I richness of the characters is one thing that sets this book apart The characters all play a role, have their own courage, have their own personality, and all fight for what they believe in.Update A few days later I was reading book on mythology and came across a passage talking about the god, Dionysus He was captured by pirates and magically made vines sprout from the ship and the pirates jumped off the ship That reminds me of Monmouth s story of changing the ships planks to trees.

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    The 5 star rating is for the series as a whole There is such a joy in falling into a fantasy world crafted by a person whose worldview I agree with, and whose writing I already respect I got to experience that joy with this series I have read N.D Wilson s Notes from a Tilt a Whirl and grown in my grasp of how incredible God is, and how truly magical this world is in which we live Examples Magnetism is an invisible force Our earth spins around the sun Muskrats build really thick huts when they sense a hard winter is coming Those simple things are amazing, and we ought to marvel, while worshipping the Creator who made them Elements of that mentality pervade this series, and than once we see that what is ordinary is actually incredible That humility and self sacrifice are the greatest mark of true power and virtue That there IS such thing as virtue I loved that the story arc didn t just include stuff happening but characters growing in self control and love And I certainly loved the way the story reflects the Great Story Get lost in this world You won t regret it.

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    Such imagination Wilson s stories are so fun and meaningful.

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    N.D Wilson has written an enthralling finish to the 100 Cupboards series Although I got a little lost in the second book, I really enjoyed this read I think the ingredients that created this enjoyment for me were as follows Firstly, Henry was paired up for a lot of the book with his cousin Henrietta again, and I really enjoy the interaction Wilson writes between those two characters It was nice to have Henry s buddy Zeke very prominent throughout as well and him adventuring along with Henry and Henrietta was new and entertaining Once again, Wilson s style of writing, of using clever, vivid metaphors and imagery, although still sometimes a little over the top for me and therefore confusing, most of the time are extremely effective, and I can really see, smell, taste, feel, and hear what is going on I also really liked the fact that Henry s Aunt and Uncle and cousins, are all hurled into the adventure with his mother, father and sisters, and it is exciting to meet one of his biological brothers too Uncle Frank s cool and calm, down to earth Kansas comments in the midst of danger and treachery made me smile, and the ending loved the ending I would recommend this series for any adventure loving reader An exhilarating clash between fantasy and the real world, and the warm and fuzzies of family and, well, in Wilson s case baseball.

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    I don t know when I read these first, but I loved them just as much or the second time They are grand Lovely Real Endearing Honest.I ll stop thesaurusing.I love Caleb and Tilly I love Rags I love Hylfing I love the Franks I love Hyacinth I love Henry And everyone, just everyone.The story telling, the imagery, the weaving of lessons without being preachy.Also, the ENDING It s kinda perfect.I don t have much else to say I love them If you hadn t gathered that yet.

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    I really enjoyed this series The biggest problem with it, that came to a head in this final book, is the massive amount of characters and the lack of those character s development As the series went on, you met and characters and didn t get to know too much about any of them and the ones that should have had better development, got little or none Richard never went further than a comic relief and Uncle Frank should have had his character teased out Other than this problem, the books were great I think the reason for this lack of development is just the massive cast and not enough time to properly give enough attention to each character.