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This Guide Offers A Beginner S Look At The History Of Paganism, Wicca, And Witchcraft, From The Druids And Celts To The Witches Of Today Who Practice An Earth Based Religion, Cast Spells, And Perform Natural Magic The Book, Written By A Practicing Witch, Reveals Details Of The Witches Sabbaths, Ceremonies, And Altars

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    This book seems to hit 50 50 with most people I know It s simple, a lot of people say too simple, and the bottom line for me is that if someone picked it up to understand what I believe in, I would be ok with that It has some good basics in it and the best advice it gives is to read on Wicca There isn t anything in it that I hate, and it has a lot of safety advice I m not sure exactly why so many people dislike this book, I wouldn t call it the be all end all of Wicca information, but if what you want are the general bare basics, then it s a good enough place to start.

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    When I first got this book years ago I thought it was a really good addition to my library However my opinion about has changed Whoever wrote this book doesn t actually carry a lot of knowledge on the history of witchcraft This book is very Wicca There are multiple errors and instead of being filled with research the author gives personal, VERY subjective opinion That being said, the book contains a lot of information on multiple subjects like deities of many cultures and religions, tarot and other types of divination It touches the average subjects like energy, chakras However I wouldn t recommend this book due to a careless historical research which is very false and it would make the reader believe in things that are opinion not fact

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    Lots of information, not a bad book but I can t seem to be able to take The Complete Idiots Guide series seriously really Especially about Witchcraft although I m sure everything in it is correct May be better off with Kate West.

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    This is a really awesome and basic introduction to the world of Wicca and Witchcraft It provided a very solid foundation for the assassin witch series I m currently writing HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    average at best it does have a lot of good points but can be long and drawn out especially in the section of astrology a good source for finding info in other books of the same kind.

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    It s good basic information, but no real practical steps to actually start practicing As with any book on witchcraft and Wicca, take the history section with a fistful of salt I did find some minor errors Asatru is named as a Wiccan tradition It s not It s part of Heathenry.

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    Like any book in the series, this one gives a comprehensive introduction, with surprisingly little bias Quick, easy, accessible, hence three stars.

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    Great introduction to the path

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    Very informative and absolutely fascinating