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This is a good book if you want a thorough overview of magic magical practices, but if you re looking for something deeper withexplanation then you re better off with another book or books Illes does have a very inviting writing style that feels like having a conversation with a friend while also being informative in the aforementioned overview sort of way It is a useful reference and an easy read for a book so large you could kill someone with it.The one thing I really feel shouldn t have been a part of this book is the briefly biographical section on notable witches The names they adopted for themselves made me roll my eyes and none of the information was necessary or contributed to the overall tone and narrative yes, I am saying that in regards to an encyclopedia because of Illes s come on in and have a cuppa writing tone which is again, a bonus Otherwise, a handy reference, but if you are looking for really in depth information the section on herbs and plants is seriously lacking, for example then you need to look elsewhere. Full of information, a comprehensive volume. This Is The Definitive Celebration And Exploration Of All Facets Of Witchcraft, Serving As A Complete Reference Book But Also As A Source Of Entertainment And General Interest Contents Judika Illes Explores The History, Folklore, Spirituality, And Mythology Of Witchcraft Wicca Will Be Discussed, But The Focus Will Not To Limited To Wicca As With Element Encyclopedia OfSpells, This Book S Focus Will Be Cross Cultural And Will Span The Centuries Right Up To The Present Day And Popular Culture Meet Mythic Witches, Modern Witches, Sacred Goddess Witches, Even Demon Witches, Male And Female Witches, Witches From All Over The Globe Includes A Miscellany Of Facts Including Magic Spells, Rituals, Potions, Recipes, Celebrations, Traditions, And Much This Is A Reference Book That Appeals To Both Insiders And Outsiders That Is Of Appeal To Those Who Adhere To The Tenets Of Some Form Of Witchcraft, As Well As Those General Interest Readers Interested In Folklore, Mythology And History Everything you ever wanted to know about witchcraft. Wowzers What a huge, comprehensive read Plenty of information here to get you started on your magickal quest for further exploration Take what you can from this book, there s plenty of information there to wet your whistle. This is an excellent reference and companion to The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 spells It is fairly comprehensive I don t remember many instances where I went looking for something about witches and didn t find it here in some form or another Unfortunately, I don t find myself needing the information in this book very often. Very well written, this is a great reference book and I reckon this is an essential part of any occult or magickal library. It s a long book, I mean look for the page count, and I took my time with it I skimmed here and there, but it was interesting and written in easy going style, and I learned a little bit. An excellent, 850 page information book on everything relating to witchcraft and how much of history, mythology, language, storytelling fairy tales, literature and television , and so many other universal cultural aspects were influenced by paganism, ancient deities, nature, and women from the beginnings of human civilization Correspondences, Sabbat and Esbat info, animal info, colour info, birth signs, real witches list, and spell casting included The author, Judika Illes, is incredibly well learned, and has a good sense of humour as well It is very dense and some parts are easy to skim through, just like any encyclopedia, but overall The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft is fascinating, interesting and educational Especially about the Burning Times and Witchcraze Horrific, terrifying, an eyeopener It makes you understand how prejudice still works today, and why.Final Score 4 5 Not a complete waste of time Interesting historical notations lead to further study.