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Yay Always a joy reading Harry Potter. I d much rather attempt Arry P otter, than, um well, see, i can check the English version after every sentence paragraph..I tried a kid s book, but without pictures, i don t get far looking up the words becomes tiresome, so this is perhaps a way to go P I don t care to admit how many times I ve read this series, because it s a little indecent Let s just say I m a fan, okay Having grown up reading C.S Lewis Chronicles of Narnia and Tolkien s The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy, I was primed for another installment of a young, unlikely hero marked by fate to battle the forces of evil, getting by with a little help from his friends Unlike some Tolkien Lewis buffs, I am not offended by Rowling s similarities to their works, because archetypes are the backbone of literature I also think Rowling writes adolescent young adult mentalities extremely well And let s face it I love the British and their ways, and would have loved boarding school Like my friend Ari says, my first choice for my Masters would have been Hogwarts Anyway, I ve read them all numerous times, but thus far, books three and four are still my favorites However, I am currently reading five and six again, and I have a feeling they will grow on me Five Order of the Phoenix is a little less palatable because of Harry s anger management issues and overwhelming angst, but at least the plot developments with the Ministry of Magic and the Department of Mysteries are exciting I look forward to re reading six in preparation for Deathly Hallows to search for information regarding my final theories. My nephews and nieces gave me this set, and I ve so much enjoyed reading them This family got me hooked onto Harry I d be at their House, and they d have Harry games, Harry this and Harry that I could tell I better get caught up quick, so I read the first four books quite quickly, then I felt I was caught up with my family As the movies started coming out, I d read all the book up to and including the movie book each time, so I ve read or listened to them all at least 3 or times each, usually Books 1 4 are much innocent than the last two Book 3 starts getting a little dark, and much in the last ones I like how she has matured the kids in her writing That has been one of the most pleasant parts to read, and of course how much smarter the better educated they are too. Of all these books, the first was my favorite The series gets very dark extremely thought provoking which I absolutely loved And yet, nothing is like the whimsy and falling in love ness I associate with the introduction we get to Hogwarts, Harry, Hermione and Ron Thoroughly delightful all of my children have also enjoyed these well written imaginative stories. This series is an integral part of my childhood It taught me to dream, imagine, create and all other things that are essential to life I remember my grade school and how I and my classmates would imagine that we are in Hogwarts It was that good It inspired young children and even adults to believe and imagine All great things come to an end but the epic that is Harry Potter will continue to live on Someday when I ll have a family of my own, I ll encourage my children to read Harry Potter No book can be compared to this series it is a timeless masterpiece All is well. I started out reading these to my daughter and I was hooked Love them Truly magical in every way. The Exciting Tales Of Harry Potter, The Young Wizard In Training, Have Taken The World By Storm, And Fans Just Can T Get Enough Of The Magical World Of Hogwarts And Beyond If You Buy One Of The Harry Potter Books, We Guarantee You Ll Want The Nextand The Nextand The Next So Why Not Have Them All, Right At Your Fingertips With The Harry Potter Hardcover Box Set Books , Barnes Amp Noble Offers Simple One Stop Shopping For Your Harry Potter Library As Easy As The Wave Of A Magic Wand, You Can Get All Four Harry Potter Books Delivered To Your Doorstep At OncepThe Harry Potter Hardcover Box Set Books Includes Hardcover Editions Of IHarry Potter And The Sorcerer S Stone, Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, I And IHarry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire I The Books Come Snugly Packed In A Sturdy Cardboard Slipcase, Beautifully Decorated With Memorable Scenes From The BookspSo Buy The Set, And Not Even A Pesky Locomotor Mortis Spell Cast By The Evil Lord Voldemor Oooops, Sorry He Who Must Not Be Named Can Get In The Way Of Your Enjoying All Of The Mystery, Adventure, Intrigue, And, Of Course, Magic That Muggles Around The World Can T Seem To Get Enough Of Hold On Tight It S Going To Be A Wild Ride My favorite books ever I m crazy about HP, reading every detail to detail Each summer or winter break, I cannot help myself, and I must read through the whole series once. I still remembered that day, years ago, when I stumbled upon the first book I thought, why on earth that a book about young wizard sitting on the popular bookshelves I took one home out of curiosity and from then on, I am enchanted I also still remembered the scent of the last book of the series, so bittersweet, because after that turn of the last page, there will be no stories about friendship, love, sacrifice and over, courage.