Download Prime The Legend of Grizzly Adams: California's Greatest MountainmanAuthor Richard H. Dillon –

The Greatest California Mountain Man Of Them All Was Grizzly Adams He Was Also One Of The Most Mysterious Men In The History Of The Far West In This Colourful Biography, Historian Richard Dillon Chronicles The Life Of The Man From A Dull New England Town Who Cultivated A Society Of Bears In The Wilderness Of The West I found this at the Cincinnati library at the same time that I found the DVDs of the television series from the late 70s at the Clermont County library This was originally published in 1966 I make this point because the TV series, at least as far as this book documents, was greatly made up to fit the time period The Grizzly Adams portrayed in the book was as different from the TV series as night from day I confess to being somewhat disappointed, because when I originally watched the show, I enjoyed it although I don t think I was watching from a historical perspective as much as an entertainment.The book acknowledges that Adams frequently referred to himself as James Capen Adams, but that was actually his brother s name There was nothing about Mad Jack, the narrator of the TV show, and also nothing about going to the wilderness to escape false charges of manslaughter The Adams of the biography did eventually have a tame grizzly named Benjamin Franklin, which appeared to be as much a companion to Adams as portrayed in the show I would highly recommend this book I have another about Adams to read it should be interesting to see how it compares.