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There Are Alternate Cover Editions For This ASIN Here And HereIf You Ain T Scared, You Ain T HumanWhen Thomas Wakes Up In The Lift, The Only Thing He Can Remember Is His Name He S Surrounded By Strangers Boys Whose Memories Are Also GoneNice To Meet Ya, Shank Welcome To The GladeOutside The Towering Stone Walls That Surround The Glade Is A Limitless, Ever Changing Maze It S The Only Way Out And No One S Ever Made It Through AliveEverything Is Going To ChangeThen A Girl Arrives The First Girl Ever And The Message She Delivers Is TerrifyingRemember Survive Run

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    This book was recommended for fans of the Hunger Games series, a series that has become one of my favorites I began The Maze Runner excitedly, hoping for an equally enjoyable, dystopian adventure I didn t find it.The plot was intriguing and kept me reading in fact, it was probably the only reason why I kept reading Some writers are able to seamlessly integrate characterization and good writing with a fast moving plot James Dashner is not one of them The pacing is strange, and Dashner s use of cliches became very irritating.The main character, Thomas, was annoying Rather than allowing his readers to feel what Thomas feels, Dashner chooses to tell We are told many times how frustrated and confused Thomas is, but we can t identify with him Some of the supporting characters, such as Minho and Newt, could be interesting, but they remain secondary to Thomas In addition, I was frustrated with the character Teresa Teresa is the only female main character instead of making her an intriguing, powerful female, she is christened with flimsy adjectives such as very pretty and smart , becoming yet another 1 dimensional character I realize that this is a plot driven story and not a character driven one, but I would hope that the characters would at least be appealing to the reader.Criticism aside, I found the book enjoyable, and the plot kept me hooked I felt that the epilogue was well written and I might seek out the rest of the series when it is published Ultimately, it s unfortunate that Dashner s poor writing takes away from a good story line in the hands of a writing master, I believe that The Maze Runner could have been something extraordinary.2.5 5EDIT More than a year later, I have not procured any other books in the series, nor do I intend to Personally speaking, this is one series better left alone.

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    This book would have been great IF 1 the characters had some personality2 the main character Thomas weren t such a Gary Stu and showed some character development and growth instead of conveniently remembering important information to advance the plot3 the book weren t filled with atrocious made up slang shuck face, really, is this supposed to be cool 4 the villains Grievers were actually scary or dangerous5 the maze had some kind of mystery about it and not limited to moving walls and un threatening prickly Grievers6 the plot weren t based on constant withholding of information by everyone and releasing it 200 pages later than it should have been7 the smartest of the smartest kids actually did something smart and uncovered some mysteries of the maze during the 2 years spent there8 the death of main characters evoked any feeling in readers9 the book weren t so slow moving thanks to constant withholding of info and BORING In the present form The Maze Runner deserves nothing than an OK rating for moderately interesting premise The hype and comparisons to The Hunger Games are unwarranted.

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    You know how sometimes you re running really fast from a horrible creature and, in a moment of panic, you turn around to see how close it is only to run straight into a brick wall No I don t know what that s like either But that inattention to detail would probably totally screw you over because a now you re knocked unconscious and b the creature is going to devour you Good job.I guess this is kind of like Lot s wife looking back on Sodom only to be turned into a pillar of salt And it is also kind of like reading The Maze Runner Stick with me The first half of James Dashner s The Maze Runner maintains a superbly frantic pace Thomas, our empty shell of a protagonist is thrust, via the Box, into a curious and unfriendly world populated by dozens of teenage boys He remembers nothing, and the boys are uncooperative, refusing to reveal any details regarding their home, the Glade The Glade is surrounded by stupendously tall walls, outside of which lays the Maze During the day, the Maze is kinda sorta safe But at night, the Grievers emerge These are half slug half woodshop tools that enjoy slicing and dicing apart anyone unfortunate to encounter them They can also sting you, which causes much mayhem and requires the administering of Grief Serum, which triggers the Changing SIDEBAR What Is It With Authors Of Dystopian Novels Capitalizing Really Important Words It s Annoying Find A New Stylistic Approach That I Can Later Become Exasperated With.Anyway, Thomas situation is bleak, made bleaker when a number of unfortunate coincidences causes him to bear witness to some truly awful acts of violence Let s just say one untrustworthy soul is unwittingly tossed into the Maze at night and then a girl not a boy suspiciously arrives the day after Thomas All of this, despite the Unnecessary Capitalization and the boys using completely pointless terminology like klunk and shuckface, is totally kitty fantastico The constant psychological mystery keeps nagging doubts at bay and the variety of personalities that populate the Glade is totally believable They talk like teenagers, they generally act like teenagers, and they form cliques and factions the way teenagers would From here on I m covering up spoilers , even though I think they re total nonsense and hilariously awful And because I advise you not to read this book, you should click them Just keeping the haters at bay Then Thomas view spoiler spends a night in hide spoiler

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    Q if you could edit this book, what would you take out A the words. Have you ever had an eight year old kid try to describe to you winning a level of a video game Have you ever had a middle aged man try to describe to you completing the games section of the New York Times Did those experiences involve multiple conversations like this What is the maze Stop asking so many questions I have to say that this book was boring than having someone tell you in painful detail about winning a video game or finishing a crossword puzzle It is boring if only for the constant, What are you talking about No I won t tell you This book is astonishingly boring I know that I am predisposed not to like it because there are no female characters no, I do not count the leggy, blue eyed girlfriend as a female character , but, really, I ask you are there any male characters either If you say, yes, then I challenge you to prove it Are Mario and Luigi and Princess Toadstool characters in Mario Kart What about the ducks in Duck Hunt Are they characters We have to draw the line somewhere And I submit to you that there are no characters in this book Or, at least, there are fewer characters in this book than there are in Duck Hunt.Also, a couple of things that bothered me throughout 1 What famous scientist was Minho named after Okay, I just googled that and apparently Dashner purposely named a few characters after scientists who will supposedly exist in the future Like the only Asian kid in the book Because there are no Asian scientists today that he could name someone after facedesk And like Zart Zart and the Asian kid were not named after scientists double facedesk 2 Why can t the grievers climb over the wall They obviously can climb But not over the wall Did I miss this At first I thought the kids were in some kind of dome, but then it seemed like it was just a really tall wall That it was impossible to climb WHYYY 3 What purpose does the telepathy serve None is the answer It serves no purpose 4 Why is this book so, so, so long and boring So, maybe a third of the way through the book, I developed this false hope that this book would be some kind of pretty metaphor for children going through the grieving process and supporting each other in loss I thought, Oh, grievers Maybe the challenges of the maze and the bonding of the boys in the glade will have some larger message No This book is not about that It is about doing the NYT games section and then maybe vague talk of zombies later Total bullshit.I have to think this book came out while LOST was still on and before its terrible conclusion, which forced millions of Americans to face the fact that when it looks like a story will have no purpose, it probably has no purpose I have to think Dashner thought he could bank on the millions of us willing to suspend our skepticism and keep watching a show whose writers clearly had no plan I am hoping that in the wake of that disaster, we will have grown up a little and be less willing to stand for bullshit like this I googled it, and, yes, I was right Cashing in on gullible LOST audience Unacceptable.

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    Okay so before I start I want to say something.I personally hesitated to read this book because I heard too many bad reviews and things about this book.But let me tell you something.Yeah it has it s problems like the written style but this book has one of the best story plots I have ever read about.And believe,once you get into the book,you will not care about the writing or anything else.I am seriously so angry I haven t read this book early and even for listening or reading those really bad reviews for this book.I know everyone has their own taste but really I heard things that really discouraged me to read this and they are not true.And one last thing before I continue with my review,this book is awesome without having instalove,or love at all,without having nakedness or anything like that.So if you find this interesting,pick it up and decide for yourself,because for me is totally worth it ____________________________________________ If you ain t scared you ain t human ____________________________________________ 4.8 RUNNY STARS You can find the full review and about this book on my blog I admire this book,really from the first page to the last.I have been waiting for a dystopian like this.The Maze Runner is a full action pack novel with awesome badass moments and thrilling and suspense scenes.____________________________________________ I ve been shucked and gone to heaven ____________________________________________ The world,the maze is one of the greatest ideas,and it was awesome.The way it was build,with sections and everything,the glade,the grivers,they were all so thoughtful and really well made.I also watched the movie and I must say it is a lot similar to the book,and it has visualized my thoughts.____________________________________________ You are the shuckiest shuck faced shuck in the world ____________________________________________ The characters were also great.What I liked was the conversations they had with each other.They felt normal and real,exactly according to their age.Thomas is a great main character,but I don t know he has a thing for crying,and somehow he seemed weak sometimes.Newt was my favorite character.I also liked Teresa and Minho.____________________________________________ Shouldn t someone give a pep talk or something Minho asked, pulling Thomas s attention away from Alby Go ahead, Newt replied.Minho nodded and faced the crowd Be careful, he said dryly Don t die ____________________________________________ The reason why this is not a 5star book for me,is because of the writing style.Like a lot of people,I had a problem,a minor problem with it.It was annoying,especially at the beginning.Also annoying were the repeated phrases like the names,and the sentences were somehow short and not very rich.But beside that everything was perfect for me ____________________________________________ It s kind of hard to ask a dead guy what he did wrong ____________________________________________ The story follows a boy named Thomas who finds in a unknown place,with unknown boys.He doesn t remember anything beside his name.Others don t neither.He learns that he s placed in a maze,and there is no way out,at least not found yet.After his arrival,strange things start to happen,things that has never happened before,things that could bring only destruction and death.There must be a way out,and he has to find it ____________________________________________ Just follow me and run like your life depends on it Because it does ____________________________________________I highly recommend this book to every reader out there,and as I said don t judge it before reading it.For me it was awesome,for someone is not,but you should try for yourself Pictures from the review are not mine, I took them mostly from Google images or Tumblr

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    You are the shuckiest shuck faced shuck in the world 2 1 2 stars It s funny how just a few years can change everything your reading tastes, your expectations, your standards because when I read The Maze Runner in early 2011, I enjoyed it a lot It seemed fast paced, exciting and a little scary Plus, I thought the slang was a nice touch Three years and a million dystopian sci fi books later and everything about me has outgrown this book It s not terrible I can still see why someone who is new to YA dystopias might get caught up in the loosely plotted read nothing happens drama and think that shuck amounts to a clever invention of a new language But as I was rereading this before seeing the new movie, I realised just how much it pales in comparison to many others in the genre.The thing about this book is that it is so simplistic and immature, I guess I m not here to simply piss off the book s fans I enjoyed it too, remember and I can still see why it might provide some light entertainment But the characters and plot are so underdeveloped The language seems silly now The scary Grievers no longer seem scary, but cartoon comical instead Dashner uses that tiresome old writing technique called withholding information to propel the non existent plot along The whole book is built around a single mystery that of the maze and our supposedly intelligent beyond belief characters keep the novel going by standing around and scratching their heads It s so lacking in any depth, layers or complexity Comparisons to The Hunger Games are frankly quite hilarious when you consider Collins intricate world, complex characters and clever plot then consider what Dashner offers up next to it Not to mention that Thomas is an extremely boring, self sacrificing MC.In its defense, though, I was still affected by what happens near the end I would recommend the book with some hesitation for younger readers or those who are new to YA dystopian fiction.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store

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    To Summarize Wellllllthat was convenientThomas wakes up in the middle of a glen in the center a enormous maze He along with all of the other guys in there have no memory of life outside of the maze.Absolutely blank slates the lot of themwellll.mostly.Their entire lives were conveniently erased just enough so they d have language, motor skills and just enough memory to understand irrigation farming but nothing of their personal lives Every month, a newcomer arrives to the Glade After a brief orientation, they are sorted into a job and society continues The day after Thomas arrives, a girl Theresa comes for the first time ever Thomas and Theresa know each other, but they don t remember how or why All they have is a cryptic message WICKED is good and a sinking feeling that they are responsible for this whole mess After all, this is YA lit, thus the main form of motivation has to be I justfeel like I need to save everyone To redeem myself. Anyway, the gladers, Thomas and Theresa spend their time mapping the maze, surviving the wilds and.not much else I suppose they invent their own slang, which gets a bit annoying after the first twenty pages You are the shuckiest shuck faced shuck in the world and I ve been shucked and gone to heaven Besides that bit literary genius, this book wasn t too bad The adventure and intrigue of the maze was than enough to keep me entertained That being saidLike most memory absent books, there s a bit of an issue with the longer it goes on, the less believable it became I mean, what are the odds that the main characters always seemed to know just enough for the situation and the rest was conveniently shrouded in shadows I was rather annoyed with the twist at the end view spoiler Mostly because I m so fed up with the whole Government secretly knew everything and manipulated every single string to bring this about hide spoiler

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    Sweat drenched his hair, his hands, his clothes, everything A fear he had never known filled him to the point of insanity Truth be told, I ve been waiting to read this book for ages I don t even know when the first movie came out, but I think it must have been around 2014 or something like that Anyway, because I didn t know better back then I just went to the movies and watched the film only to find out that it s based on a trilogy that was written by James Dashner Of course I was very intrigued and immediately wanted to read the books before I watched the second movie Well, you know what they say about good intentions, right lol The road to hell is paved with good intentions Love that saying by the way P So you can already guess what I did, I watched the second movie before reading the book and then desperately tried to catch up with this series Unfortunately the book was always borrowed from my library and already pre ordered by other people Seriously, what is it with you guys in Austria that you all want to read the same book XD And then a couple of weeks ago, I already had given up hope, I stumbled over a second copy of The Maze Runner in the children s section Haha Imagine my delight when I finally borrowed it from the library And the rest Well, the rest is reading review history as you can see You and Minho get your butts inside, get yourselves checked by the Med jacks You look bloody awful I want the whole story when they re done and you re rested up Considering when the movie came out it s been a while I saw it, but reading the book I realized that it seems to be pretty close to the movie or rather the movie seems to stick with the book If there were some changes they obviously weren t severe enough to notice them so my reading experience remained intact I hate it when they don t stick with the book and make unnecessary changes _ You may call it a personal pet peeve if you wish XD What I found pretty interesting was the fact that in the movie the infected people seem to be like zombies There was none of that in the book, I mean they are in the maze and don t have anything to do with people who are infected with the Flare view spoiler at least not yet hide spoiler

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    The last page is turned and all I have to say is this What for the love of all that s good and pure was this foolishness Aaaaand rant When I m sick the snotty phlegmy febrile kind of sick and my brain feels sizzlingly fried, I sometimes turn to easy reading fluff to give my neurons a break Sometimes this strategy backfires and the fluffy book actually tries to break my long suffering brain cells with its sheer stupidity.It s not even mediocre mediocrity would be elevating this book to the undeserved heights It s simply boring, uninspired, ridiculous and poorly executed Let me sum up the things that I thought were awful, stupid or just plain ridiculous apparently my febrile brain likes making lists The dumbed down plot full of holes that relies on pointless withholding of any useful information Seriously When there is no reason for keeping the characters in the dark, all suspense goes out of the window There was no reason why nobody could tell Thomas what was going on when he showed up in the Glade or when he saw the Doors or the Maze.While I m at it, can anyone please explain why the klunky shanking shuckface are the words randomly capitalized Is the book meant to evoke the thoughts of the German language where the nouns are capitalized Or was the author too lazy to come up with proper names for places and instead just threw in some capitalization Foolishness, I say.The frustrating to me approach of never discussing what happened with those who went through the Changing The lack of curiosity about the only potential exit from the Maze that the boys have found in two years The pointless doing the same thing over and over again just to come up with the same results, relishing in the special status of the Runners instead of just sitting down to discuss the situation and their findings The atrocious unbearable awkward slang Replacing fuck with shuck and shit with klank for PG purposes does not work when you shove it unto the readers faces every sentence or so At least be inventive or make it sound organic, but all that s achieved is sounding like a five year old complaining to her Mummy You re the shuckiest shuck faced shuck there ever was I rest my case in the face of this nonsense The silver plate on which everything is handed to the absolutely special protagonist Because Thomas is so special at fragging everything He doesn t even need to try Instead, when we need a proof of his awesomeness, the get the sudden impulses and urges that are never wrong, or if that fails, simply a quasi recollection that saves the day Which segues into my next frustration point The lack of any character development besides the author wants it so approach The author knows what he wants to happen in this book, and he moves the characters along like checkers pieces, just to make plot happen The characters are just sorta there, are static, and therefore I could never get invested in them enough to care even when some of them died Especially when the death of at least one of them was pointless The pointless villains and scares that should have been comic relief instead Yes, the Grievers and the strangely non menacing way they were portrayed The Maze that is anything but intimidating that effect is due to the non spectacular writing, really The Changing oh so scary of experience that does not really affect Thomas the Special Snowflake, not even a minor inconvenience The pointless vilifying of perfectly reasonable characters for the sole purpose of making our special protagonist even snowflake ish It s poor Gally, who s labeled as a bully before he s had a chance to do anything even remotely bully ish except for staring at Thomas with dislike To cement his unlikeability, Gally is described as physically unattractive because in shallow books like this one if you look like a villain, you must be one Gally, whose distrust of Thomas is perfectly logical if any of the characters would take any time to think about it instead of singing accolades to the Special Snowflake The too stupid to live characters Seriously Every few pages my reaction was really You guys haven t tried that You haven t thought of this You haven t talked about that Ugh The action scenes that read like a video game narration This does not work in real life even the kind of real life that involves a few dozen of teen boys stranded in a few square miles area where they successfully run a farm, a slaughterhouse and an industrial size kitchen The big reveal that is simply told to us, without anyone really earning it No, the characters do not work hard just to get the pay off they get told all that s happening, like a cheap trick The absolute lack of any suspense or motivation to help propel the plot forward No, everything is simplistic, childish and therefore strangely light and unconcerning There is no depth, no real substance, and no complexity It s page filler, easy to read, easy to forget.1.5 stars.Yawn A frustrated yawn, at that.

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    EDIT 09 05 2013 Holy crap, that looks perfect I am way better at writing reviews for books I hated, but I m gonna give it a go anyway Okay Breathe, Inge, breathe. Oh, this is gooooood.The Maze Runner was like a breath of fresh air to me I needed a nice, clean cut from the typical YA books filled with whiny protagonists, insta love and love triangles, and I got exactly what I asked for This book is like a giant puzzle that you solve along with the characters It is filled with unexpected twists and turns, full of action and I sighed every once in a while because it was so much to take in at once It started off highly confusing, but soon took a turn for the exciting and left me hanging with so many unanswered questions after the last page, I was still begging for The Maze Runner had me gripping my seat until the very end A great and very thrilling read.Thomas was a curious, smart and brave protagonist and basically everything the Gladers needed at the time I didn t really connect to any of the characters because they were a bit snappy and unpredictable, but I could definitely understand all the reactions and feelings I felt all the emotions myself I felt the sorrow, the despair, the excitement, the need for survival, everything Though the idea of slug like creatures didn t really appeal to me at first, I got used to the image of the deadly Grievers after a while They ended up being quite gross and I started fearing them as well The arrival of the girl definitely lightened things up, not much, but enough The deaths were very predictable but they did add to the story.And that ending Ooooh, that ending killed me I was so happy when I read the last sentence, and then I read that freaking epilogue That was heart wrenching I knew it wouldn t be a happy ending because it s a trilogy, but I didn t really know what to expect I definitely didn t expect this Now I must get my hands on the sequel as soon as possible Damn you, James Dashner.Like the publisher said, Thanks, James It s not like I wanted to sleep for a week anyway And it s not like I had any studying to do or anything whistles innocently