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In So Deadly A BattleUnited at last with Diana the mistress of her coven Cassie must first sacrifice her love for Adam to save the Secret Circle and the town of New Salem from the evil powers of the witch FayeThreatened by the possibility of her destruction in a final battle between good and evil Cassie must hope that her supernatural gifts are strong enough to obliterate the powers of evilIf victorious Cassie will win than she ever dreamed But if she and Diana fail the Power will go to those who seek only to destroyCan Anyone Triumph?

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    The Power is the third and final book in The Secret Circle trilogy by L J Smith In this story the Circle are shattered by Faye's revelations at a time when they need to be at their strongest Black John is back and Cassie is horrified when it is revealed why she feels such a strong connection with him He has returned to claim the Master Tools and become the leader of the coven of twelve that he had such a hand in creating which means that one member of the Circle must dieI think that L J Smith writes perfect teenage escapist fiction as long as you suspend your disbelief and don't look for the plot holes Although the first two books in the trilogy The Initiation and The Captive are pretty strong and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them this third one did not captivate me in the same wayMy main problem was the sudden switch in focus between Nick and Adam the two men that Cassie is attracted to Because Adam is with Diana and forbidden to Cassie she looks to Nick for a relationship and that relationship is written in a very sweet manner Nick becomes a character that I really enjoyed reading about the gradual unthawing of his cold manner and the way he becomes so protective of Cassie are extremely well written So it was a disappointment to discover the way that L J Smith chose to resolve the situation and this coloured my reading experienceI also didn't feel that there was enough book for the plot development that L J Smith added concerning the change in attitudes of the 'outsider' school children and then the switch to something approaching truce It all rattled through at a breakneck pace which felt a little too fast In the first two books the pace was balanced well with the plot development and the strong characterisations but here it felt like Smith was trying to pack in too muchAs with The Initiation and The Power I did love the way Smith wrote these characters Over the course of all three books she has managed effectively to juggle twelve personalities depicting their different attitudes abilities and emotions with rare skill There was never a moment when a name was mentioned and I thought 'Who is this one again?'I read this trilogy with great nostalgia and fondness for characters that I first discovered in my teens and I was pleasantly surprised to realise that the books stand up to both adult eyes and a second read They give a lesson to any YA authors who wish to write strong female characters and genuinely gorgeous male characters Recommended as a trilogy despite the fact that the third book is not as strong

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    15 stars It's readable and has a couple of cool bits when they discuss crystals or other fictional or realistic witchcraft but that's all it has going for it

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    This is the final novel in the Secret Circle trilogy which I read when it first came out back when I was a kid Do yourselves a favor and read it infinitely complex than the TV series and it explains why Harry Potter felt like a bad clicheRereading this trilogy was startling I had forgotten how good it was how well developed the characters were and how strikingly Cassie the protagonist goes from being a meek mouse to becoming a strong and capable leader despite her own self doubt showing the multidimensional characterization These books also linked for me many different Fantasy interests paganism druidism Greek gods and goddesses reincarnation More than 15 years later I can actually say that I see how these books influenced me in my spiritual search and informed my love of nature and respect for the elements I sympathized deeply with Cassie her feelings of being an outsider of having to take on leadership despite being ill prepared She was and still is a wonderful role model especially for younger readers Highly recommended I couldn't put down My only complaints plot is so addictive I blazed through the trilogy in 24 hours; and why weren't there any seuels?? I would have liked to see how everyone in the Circle ended up especially Cassie's romantic life

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    My line has the sight and the power she thought I want to use that power to stand up to him To face him 45 stars No spoilers I'm deducting5 stars for Diana being a sweet cinnamon roll and suffering for it She's either really into polyamory or she's the biggest doormat who ever lived and everyone is okay with it Either way I don't like what happened to herHere are my final thoughts on this book I want Diana and Nick to be together SOOOO DAMN BADLY But don't worry about it Nick's a nice guy and I know you won't hurt him You know how special he is Cassie nodded but she was startled to hear her own words on Diana's lipsShe hadn't known Diana knew I still think Cassie is a lesbian Laurel's eyes twinkled at Cassie from across the flames and Cassie let her own eyes twinkle back I'm joking But not really Using the beach as one giant magical crystal was genius I'm still loving the mythology crystal and herb references And the additional past lifesoul mate references LJ is doing a great job tying small details from her previous books into this one The chalcedony rose Portia and her brothers and character uirks I wonder what's going to happen now after that showdown????

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    OMG What can I say this was a great to a trilogy I could not have asked for It tied all the lose ends The cliffhangers through out the series was amazing I love the heroine Cassie and the love traingle that in the end worked out for the best I admire Diana for here strength in not seeing things as a lost but as a gain in the benefit of the group I really enjoyed the interaction between the characters and it made me feel a part of the story as an outside looking in from a window into a world of magic Amazing

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    Read this whole series back when i was 13 14 and i was BLOWN away by it so much so i DESPERATELY wanted to be a witch hmmm maybe i just wanted Adam

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    That ending was fucked up

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    I picked up this series because I’ve heard its going to be hopefully made into a tv showI don’t know what I was expecting when I read this trilogy which I got through in about three days but I don’t think it was metthis book series just wasn’t very goodit was in no way badI’ve read bad and this isn’t itBut its not very good either its “meh” and bland as hellI could stand cassie most of the time but she’s an utter a moron and a terrible mary sue actually all the characters are pretty dumb most of the time and all are cardboard then fleshed out the plots see through and I predicted everything from the beginning of book one pretty much and the writing was all around mediocreI did like the characters themselves their descriptions their vague personalities etc and I would have liked to actually know about them sadly nothing is really ever giveneven of the main character Cassie she’s especially dull in development so dull the writer had to force cheesy dialogue between characters to make it seem like she’s something she’s not represented to be in any wayand the writer does this constantly its eye rolling badThe most horrible of the three is the last book which just felt heartless the story was all around anticlimactic every moment that could have been good was stolen by terrible storytelling and it just ended like they were all standing around and that was thatI ended this book going “that was it? This is all there is? WTH?” Spoiler belowBy the way was I the only one who felt cassie was just as in love with diana as she was in love with adammaybe so? I mean why didn’t they just become a triangle? It would have much better and much interesting then how it predictably ended

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    What can i say about this book? I loved it This booked showed me everything i wanted to see in all the characters and i'm glad i got to see the circle at it's best The ending was perfect and this book had to offer so much even though it was uite short

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    Of the three original Secret Circle books this one was definitely the silliestThe big bad Black John's plan for fighting the Circle was installing himself as principal creating a new list of rules ex no smoking or cutting class and selecting student hall monitors to enforce these rules The main characters all react to this with such over the top seriousness complete with Nazi comparisons yes really that it's hard not to giggle or shake your head a little during these scenes Cassie being sent to the principal's office is written as if she were being shipped off to await the guillotine with the rest of the Circle conspiring to spring her outBlack John is a fairly enigmatic villain whom we never learn much about beyond the big reveal regarding his relation to Cassie I'm still not uite sure what his actual objective was or how he managed to come back to life besides just magic I also wish we had gotten backstory about how he swindled the last generation of witches in New Salem At the same time it was nice to see Cassie grow a backbone in confronting both him and Faye whose presence in this book was arguably smaller than in the previous two The actual prose of The Secret Circle has been consistent throughout the entire trilogy clear concise well paced and engaging I don't think I'm the only person who believes that YA hasn't been as strong for the past few years overall which makes this series by LJ Smith a writer for hire who was eventually replaced by a ghostwriter so refreshingI do wish we were able to see of the supporting characters in The Power; the heart of this story has always rested in Cassie Diana and Faye who in a clever twist form a triumvirate to lead the Circle by the novel's conclusion but I missed the bonus scenes with brilliant Melanie coy Suzan fiesty Deborah and compassionate Laurel Aside from one bonding scene between the seven girls where we're treated to of the excellent symbolism that is sprinkled throughout the trilogy the story is largely overshadowed by treasure hunts and boy dramaNick is finally given room to shine but his role in The Power is largely limited to a short lived romance with Cassie that neither expects to last even though the two have much chemistry than Cassie and Adam although both pale in comparison to Cassie and Diana which we'll get to in a bit Nick handles rejection well and Cassie is free to pine after Adam who still hasn't been given any depth over the course of three books There's remarkably little spellcasting in The Secret Circle but the third novel's climax is enough to make up for it I loved how much thought was put into the mythology of the story and how so much of it the stones the rituals the paintings of goddesses is used to symbolize each specific character When the Circle casts their climatic spell each contributes a line that reflects on their character fire for Faye ice for Nick earth for Melanie etc and it added a depth to an otherwise straight forward storyI was genuinely surprised by the reveal that one of the witches had unwittingly been assisting Black John all along and I liked how everything tied together in the end Smith left plenty of open room for later installments such as the acknowledgement that different families could have an inclination for particular powers and the possibility that Diana and Faye are each one half of the reincarnation of a Puritan witch whose soul split in two There was always an element of mystery and elitism to the Circle who ruled the town through the sheer power of everyone else being intimidated by them In The Power we finally see the Circle reckon with their reputations and agree that it is past time to make amendsThe weakest part of The Power for me was as always the romance between Cassie and Adam As mentioned before Adam is given remarkably little character development and any person reading this series today would come away believing that Cassie was actually in love with Diana not him And while the teenagers of The Secret Circle have never been particularly realistic Diana lovingly handing Adam off to Cassie in front of everyone else was just too unreal to be taken seriously All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this series and hope that it continues to find new fans in the years ahead I look forward to reading the seuel trilogy and seeing how it compares to the original