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The Heroic Son Of Poseidon Makes An Action Packed Comeback In The Second Must Read Installment Of Rick Riordan S Amazing Young Readers Series Starring Percy Jackson, A Half Blood Whose Mother Is Human And Whose Father Is The God Of The Sea, Riordan S Series Combines Cliffhanger Adventure And Greek Mythology Lessons That Results In True Page Turners That Get Better With Each InstallmentIn This Episode, The Sea Of Monsters, Percy Sets Out To Retrieve The Golden Fleece Before His Summer Camp Is Destroyed, Surpassing The First Book S Drama And Setting The Stage For Thrills To Come Ugh, I m sooooo late with this review not that anyone has been holding their breath since let s be real I m probably that 0.01% who hasn t read Percy Jackson in their life but hey better late than never, right Soooo, this book This book was epic For a middle school series, Rick Riordan truly went all out The characters, the plot, the battles, the adventures the pre wedding it was all spectacular Notice all the vague adjectives I m using bc I m a loser who went ahead and read the next book before writing this review so like don t blame me if I end up monologue about scenes from book 3 Percy and Annabeth will completely be the death of me, I mean they aren t even a ship yet and I ve become such dedicated trash, it s wonderful I actually spend hours on a daily basis sighing over fanart So in this book, we continue from where book one left off Percy is back in a mortal school and so far he s year has been shockinglyaverageBut the fun is yet to start when Percy successfullythough unintentionallydestroys yet another school and getting expelled in the process.He lands himself back in Camp Half blood, which is slowly wasting away due to a curse and it s up to him and the others to set everything right again by retrieving theGolden Fleece To sum up, action, characters, fun.Although this series is meant for middle schoolers, my very adult self hush, I m allowed to say that now was continuously engaged in the plot Let s all acknowledge that events aretotallyunrealistic but I think that just adds fun to the story And let s not forget the hilarity of this series, like the CHAPTER NAMES ARE GOALS and the characters are so sassy omg how come I wasn t this sassy back in middle schoolYou weren t able to talk sense into him Well, we kind of tried to kill each other in a duel to the death I see You tried the diplomatic approach Anyways, we all know that I already finished the next book and I m trying to rectify my terrible laziness for writing reviews by pretending I m doing the responsible thing but like, the next book is waiting for me so byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeThat s what makes heroes so special You carry the hopes of humanity into the realm of the eternal 4 stars gotta catch up with the rest of the world Ahh so good Rick does it again I enjoyed this so much Though I will admit that I didn t enjoy it as much as book one Percy is such a fun narrator and I m excited to continue following his journey. A 80% Very Good NotesIt finds emotion and character in shame and open wounds set beyond humanity s shores, adrift in primeval bedlam.