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Here Is The First Real Look At The Facts About Witchcraft And The Religion Of Wicca As Renowned Author Scott Cunningham Plainly States, The Practice Of Magic Is Not Supernatural Or Satanic Witches And Folk Magicians Are Only Utilizing, Through Timeless Rituals, Natural Energies Found Within The Earth And Our Bodies To Enrich Life By Creating Positive Change It S All Revealed Here In The Easy To Read, Understandable Style That Was Scott Cunningham S Trademark

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    Gotta love the Veronica Sawyer lookalike image on this book s front cover Anyway, while I have no real interest of Wicca or the occult I used to be during a very long goth phase in junior high , I think this book is still very timely and important today, as it dismantles some of the widely held stereotypes and misconceptions about modern day witchcraft , especially the tired old notion that people involved in it are somehow evil or Satanic Like any form of spirituality, the harmful incidents that taint people s understanding are often only the most extreme of cases, and nothing like what anyone is expecting While The Truth About Witchcraft Today could definitely do with a recent update for the digital age, it s an informative little book with a lot of engaging information, one which is not attempting to convert anybody, but which shows that people who are interested in witchcraft are not in some Rosemary s Baby esque cult eating babies in the forest or whatever the latest notion is.

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    I gave this book to my family and friends when I came out of the broom closet It s a great reference for people who are really trying to understanding that I am not dancing naked at Black Masses or worshiping Satan.

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    The Truth About Witchcraft Today is a good introduction to Wicca and Folk Magic, giving the basic information on the ideologies, practices, and how to get involved in the religion if one is so inclined The only drawback is that it has a very defensive tone, as if expecting that the readers had been wallowing in misinformation and believing those who practice witchcraft to be Satanists prior to picking up the book This is likely due to the fact that it was published in the eighties, when the general public was significantly hostile to religions outside the mainstream Overall, it s a good and quick read if you re interested in learning about witchcraft.

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    five stars for nostalgia i found this book after reading the mists of avalon and it intrigued me enough to study further cunningham has an eloquent writing style that makes his the best reads of any pagan books i ve read so far.now look at me, i m a big ol eclectic pagan.

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    I love all of Scott Cunningham s books and therefore cannot give less than 4 stars The book is a great overview on Wicca but as some others have mentioned it is rather defensive and even hostile towards Christians I can understand where he is coming from but I am not sure how much this would help form a better picture about Wicca At one point he states that Wiccans know that there is not the one way to deity and therefore accept all different faiths Now it is true that Wicca was not as accepted when he wrote the book and there are still enough misconceptions, which he successfully explains But I don t think a hostile attitude, generalizing all Christians won t help Of course there are always individuals like the ones he describes, but as much as Wiccans don t want to be put in one category, neither do Christians.So overall an easy and fun read, with great information, with a little too much hostility towards Christianity I would still recommend it to anyone wanting to get a short overview or Wiccans who want a short introduction for family and friends to read.

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    I ve been curious about Wicca since middle school, but after reading this book I m even sure that the religion isn t for me, even as someone who considers himself a polytheistic animist As with Buddhism, there are too many rules for me, and too few deities According to Mr Cunningham, the only deities in Wicca are a god and a goddess, and any belief system I d want to partake in would have to have far gods, goddesses, and other deities than that It s possible that the layout of the book had a negative effect on my perceptions, with its emphasis on combating misinformation about Wiccan practices rather than talking much about the practices and beliefs themselves I don t think this is all of it, though It also annoys me that the book was written by a wealthy, white, straight, cis man who uses trigger words, discusses gender in a very binary way, and just generally comes from a place of ignorant privilege Can t say I recommend this.

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    This is an informative book that would would be good to use as an introduction for family friends, however, I personally find Cunningham to be very defensive and sometimes hostile in his attempt to clear up the misconception that witchcraft satanism Overall, tho, I thought it was interesting worth the reading time.

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    This is a good book to give someone if they are freaked out about the fact you are a witch Other than that, though, it is really too basic for any other use.

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    The 1 5 Star Review is the total of what I have to say about this book, specifically.Caveat This review is historical archival in nature Date read is speculative.This book is one of many books I have read about the occult paganism witchcraft This was the readily available faith in my household as a child Additionally, I worked for a company in this field, 2015 2016, and had to read an ocean of this stuff to do my job.Like televangelists, and snake oil salesman, these publishers prey on the vulnerable The authors are mentally ill suffering from magical thinking and delusions Worst of all, most of them can t write worth a damn.Llewellyn Worldwide is the absolute worst on both counts I wouldn t even trust their overpriced CALENDARS to be accurate.These books are also big offenders on the the cultural appropriation front In fact, they re in the running for worst case ever So called eclectic witches steal aspects of other religions and mythology They make it clear that they don t understand them, or feel the need to, before shitting in someone else s bed The publishers authors then profit off this, leaving the reader less smart and broke The living Venn diagram of demographics for these books would look like this She s a white, American woman She dropped out of college to attend massage cosmetology school Growing up, her strict parents took her to church every Sunday She kissed a girl 10 years ago, and likes Katy Perry To quote Holden from Chasing Amy, Over or underweight people who don t get laid they re our bread and butter Though a copypasta of it, these books never tell you about hermeticism They don t prime you to understand hermeticism Hermeticism, by the way, is also total bullshit It is, at least, historic and seminal in almost all spooky fiction involving rituals or alchemy.If I give one of these books anything above 2 stars, it s a decent example of this type of book It might have a redeeming feature, like reference material for fictional world building Having worked in this field, including sales of these exact books, I can tell you the fix is in, they know it, don t buy this stuff.

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    I m sure it s always difficult to understand another person s religion, but I m not sure this book does the best job possible I feel like I have a greater understanding of what Witchcraft isn t rather than what it is.I guess I ll keep looking If anyone has a recommendation