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Mia’s life is thrown through a loop when she discovers her family secret — that she and her brother Dino are witches After they are sent away to study their craft they begin down a path that will change their lives foreverSuddenly thrust into a world where handsome warriors command the power of nature and people’s thoughts and actions can be manipulated at will Mia and Dino struggle to navigate their own allegiances and do what they know to be right when everything around them seems beyond their control

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    JUST READ THE BOOK FOR A SECOND TIME AND OH MY GOD IT WAS JUST AS GOOD THE SECOND TIME I read it in 25 hours and it was just wonderful I am craving the second book now Only two days to waitCome watch my video review and author interview with Gabriella Lepore I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH HANDS DOWN MY MOST LOVED WITCHCRAFT READ

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    I love this book so much I couldn't put it down All the characters are amazing and I love the writing style For anyone who hasn't read this you should pick it up

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    Well this book certainly had two things going for it One no insta loveTwo it was a uick read Not only page count wise but I did feel uite entertained end to end and never had the urge to skimI did find myself struggling with another urge though giving in to my confusion and asking out aloud all those uestions that kept piling up in my head likeWhy are there two kinds of witches and what exactly are their purposes?What kinds of Arcanas are there?Why are the Hunters called Hunters? Who is it they're supposed to be hunting? Are they some sort of security guards? Are they evil? Why are they emotionally detached? Why is it they're drawn to blood? What's their story?What's up with the castle? Is there any sort of schedule the kids have to abide by or are they actually free to do anything they want without any kind of supervision? Is Wendolyn the only person of authority in the entire castle? And if so why is she MIA all the time? What does she do all day long?Does Mia really have no sense of self preservation at all? What's up with Dino? Why are his actions so unreasonable? Why is he such an ass?Why exactly do they suddenly profess their love for one another? Where the hell did that come from? I wasn't aware they even liked each other and so so many Seriously while the premise had some potential it was totally ruined by laughable world building lousy charactersization ridiculous drawn out dialogues and major plot holes The characters didn't leave any impression on me at all whether it be positive or negative well except for Mia's constant TSTL moments and the romance was completely lost on meI kept reading though and I uickly made it to the end but it was out of confusion and the hope that some of my uestions might be answered later on than out of actual intrigueUsually when I give a two star review I'm at least a little pissed This time though indifference All I feel is indifferenceWhich is why I'm at a total loss as to how this book managed to get so many positive reviews and such a high rating I would definitely not recommend it to anyone with certain standards regarding the uality of the books they read

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    This story does not deserve such a gorgeous cover I really tried to like this story I swear I did but everything about this book from the characters to the world building was just undeveloped predictable and cliche making for a horrible book I'm honestly regretting not dnf ing this book it was that badThe Witches of Glass Castle follows sister and brother Mia and Dino The story begins as the two are dropped off for the summer at Glass Castle to discover and learn about their witch powers Mia is instantly excited about the idea about being a witch whereas Dino considers his powers to be a curse Things begin to spiral out of control as the two face encounters with Hunters another type of witchBecause I found so many bad ualities and criticisms I'm going to make an easily readable pros cons list so my head doesn't explode from paragraph after paragraph of ranting Cons Characters There's no disbelief over the idea of being a witch or that witches even exist Mia's a complete idiot when you're told not to do something a few hours before you don't do it Colt's an Edwardcliche vampire wannabe no humanity likes the taste of blood super fast suppose to be feared etc Total insta love that made NO sense The aunt Madeline is ridiculous and self absorbed even in times of need Mia's a horrible protagonist For a mind reader Wendolyn was pretty clueless on how much Mia Dino keep screwing up Such prejudice against these Hunter witches you literally learned about two seconds ago and who was this you ask? Can you guess? It was our lovely naive protagonist Mia Such awkward horrible dialogue Dino ripped out a page from a book and I was not amused The Writing A few grammarediting mistakes you would think after being published for the third time these mistakes would have been caught Switching POVs without warning sometimes as freuent as every other paragraphWorld building There literally was none There was no rules on how magic worked why is raising someone from the dead so easy? No indication of when and where this story took place For a school that was suppose to teach young witches how to use their powers there were surprisingly no classes teachers or instruction What even is the point of everything about the Hunters?The Plot Once again; the insta love I cannot Predictable twists Climax rushed too easily resolved The very few Pros The newest cover Both Mia Dino developed friendships at Glass Castle though Mia pushed her's to the background once her love interest started getting screen time Benny Blue Dino's friend Colt called out Mia's stupidity The aunt though ridiculous was amusingHonestly the first 30 40% of this book was mediocre but afterwards everything about the book went downhill like the author rushed the end and couldn't be bother to try to revise it I literally don't understand how this book has such a high rating Did I read a different story or something? As you can probably guess; I will not be continuing on with this series nor would I recommend this book to anyone

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    After only receiving positive feedback about this book I finally decided to read it myself People told me it would be a bit like Harry Potter Well for me it´s definitely notThe plot is about two siblings Mia and Dino experiencing that they have witchcraft powers While not having been told anything about that they are brought to a special school called the Glass Castle Both are trying to develop their special powers there Unfortunately there also are others things they have to worry aboutFor me this book has not much in common with Harry Potter despite the Schol of Wizardry and Witchcraft But nevertheless I absolutely adored that book and I couldn´t stop reading I really like the author´s style of writing and the way she develops the story Also because it is written in different points of view which I generally like because it gives you an overview obout several charactersI would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes to read YA Romance and Fantasy books and I´m really looking forward to seuel which is coming up this month december 2014 I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes I´m no native speaker

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    For me the first uarter was a little bit slow However it soon picked up and I found myself yelling at my kindle at times The twist really got to me and I ended up throwing my kindle onto my bed and yelling at it in a good way To me you know a good book when you start yelling at it and wanting to throw it across the room I enjoyed it However at times before the twist it was a bit predictable but I liked it in the end I did like Mia and Colt's relationship but I don't 'ship' them as in they are not a couple I'm going to drool over and beg for me from them If there is a seuel I will be picking it up and reading it but as a stand alone it's pretty good

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    45 StarsI loved this I loved how it wasn't just following one specific character but all of them I loved how the story progressed and I loved the ending

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    Overall Rating 4 Rockin’ ★★★★Gabriella Lepore's book The Witches of the Glass Castle is a heart warming story of powerful witches friends family and finding true love The story was well written and the characters effectively developed I was ensnared by the story line immediately and captured by the delightfully crafted charactersMia and her brother Dino have just come into their powers as witches Needing a place to further learn about themselves and the gifts that have been bestowed upon them the siblings find themselves at the Glass Castle However there is an unforeseen power that wants Mia's brother DinoColt is a Hunter A sentry of sorts for the Glass Castle With great powers of his own he was born and bred to hunt and kill all sorts of things witches included Although never is his wildest dreams did he think that he would learn to be human really human in a way that he could love He was born to be cold and vicious but the day that Mia walked into the Glass Castle everything changed for himI loved this story It brought about wonderful feelings of love and family The feelings of knowing that how you are born is not a choice but the friends that you trust is a choice that you can make A story of coming of age finding oneself and living life to the fullest contain the concrete theme throughout this book I recommend this book for sure I can't wait to read about this story Beautifully done Gabriella Hero 40 starsHeroine 40 starsSteam Level 30 starsPlot 40 starsCliffhanger N0Would I recommend this book Yes If you want a story to uplift your soul then read this book You won't be disappointedWould I read other books by this author Yes Gabriella has a gift of writing I look forward to reading from this authorReceived an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest reviewThe Witches of the Glass CastleGabriella Lepore

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    So very good Ms Lepore is such an amazing author I made up a play list with songs that seemed to fit the book It was that good

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    Benjamin recomended this book so i was pretty excited to read itIt inst amazing as he said but it's really good The story could have development when cames to the powers and abilities but i did enjoy how the author create the world The character are adorable I laugh a lot during Mia and Colts dialogues Mia's Aunt was hilarious too I'm very excited to the next book D