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BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WITCH FORBROOKLYN SPARKS IS INVISIBLE Because she's not a popular kid or an übernerd Brooklyn is stuck somewhere in the middle of the high school food chain But all of that is about to changeOn the eve of her sixteenth birthday Brooklyn comes of age as a witch Her strict parents finally unbind her powers and along with giving herself an instant makeover Brooklyn discovers her true gift She was born into a line of magical matchmakersAfter spending so long being overlooked Brooklyn's getting exactly what she wants including entrée into the elite crowd and her crush's undivided attention But there's a price to pay The use of her powers puts Brooklyn in the same dangerous position as her Salem ancestors if anyone finds out who she really is and what she can do her life is overNow that she has everything she's ever wanted Brooklyn has everything to lose

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    To see full rant review click hereThis is going to be a rantIt's not going to be impartial If you like this series you might as well get the hell out of here because this is not going to be pretty Currently I am studying for finals which means I have high stress levels am writing this during my limited breaks and have had three cups of tea Though to be honest I think this book accelerated my heart rate than the tea did and that's not a good thingI'll be blunt about it this book sucks assThe only uasi redeeming feature is it's cover for it's pinkness and that stupid wannabe Leven Rambin ruins thatOkay now that I have the disclaimer for going bat shit crazy out of the well I'm going to say it how the fuck did eighteen million people view this shit fest on Wattpad because that's how it got published And that's honestly why I picked it up because I was excited that someone got picked up from Wattpad but thisthis piece of elephant shitOkay I've cursed it but I haven't really gone into why this book bothers me or what it's even about Well have you seen that old 1980's movie Teen Witch that's this movie but add an extremely creepy counselor and an even obnoxious heroine who has body dysmorphic disorderOh yeah our little darling of a heroine named Brooklyn like the bridge get it has body dysmorphic disorder And it's not even dealt in a way that's appropriate Instead of her parents talking to her rationally after she zaps herself a boob job and a Kim Kardashian rear she just gets told to use her magic carefully because of the Salem Witch Trials which happened four hundred years ago and a lame story about some great aunt who was killed by a reporter there were so many plot holes with that explanation I'm not even going to go into how stupid it was It would be a waste of my time since I have to complain about thirty other things that were wrong with this book and try to get myself relaxed enough to fall asleep so I can start studying at the crack of dawn tomorrow law school makes you such a happy bitch during finals The thing is she's radically changing her appearance and the majority of the readers for this book are impressionable teenage girls who are probably insecure about their appearance from the get goLook I can understand why she'd want to give herself these things but no conseuences? No talk from her parents? And the only person that really gives a flip is creepy counselor and I think there's really creepy motives there that we're going to get to in a minuteit's just wrong I'm all for not having a heroine that's prettier than she really thinks she is but this is the wrong direction to go in Is it wrong I want Rose Hathaways and Suze Simons who are satisfied with the way they look imperfections and all Having this twit zapping herself some new tits a butt and a couple of inches in addition to changing her hair and eyes oh and lips too that's just wrong on so many levels Especially considering that she was the I'm pretty but don't realize it type to begin withMost sane people would've stopped after the insta makeover but I continued Only to get some bizarre version of Mean Girls Seriously the popular people at this twit's school call themselves The Elite YeahI know And I thought Starseed was the only book to go to that level of stupidity But nope Gregaotelis seems to take the same idea of thinking that Mean Girls is an accurate portrayal of high school lifeNo Just noAs much as I love the Tina Fey movie it's satire It's true that high school girls are probably some of the most evil people in the world but they aren't that overt And most popular kids I know wouldn't dare name their little group something let alone The EliteAnd why the hell does Brookie even want to hang out with them? It's obvious to anyone with half a brain that they're using her And it's not even like her Man cessory hangs out with them So it's completely stupid And irrelevant All we get out of it is she hurts her bestie the freaking school counselor that's right our main character's best friend is a school counselor who is about ten years older than her Isn't that creepy The school counselor is my age and her best friend is a sixteen year old who's her student They eat lunch and trade Little Debbies every day maybe not the Little Debbie part but they eat lunch together every day Like bestiesI have no wordsYou know it's one thing to have a favorite teacher or administrator I can maybe even understand the lunch thing if Brookie was working as an office aid or something But it's like bff lunch The counselor is jealous when Brookie starts making friends her own ageOh and also apparently becoming a school counselor is a fate worse than death since apparently creepy counselor used to be a cool high school chick before listening to high school melodrama hey she majored in education it was her choice And what's so sucky about being a school counselor? You're helping people that is a good and noble career Okay I think I need a wine breakThat's better So yeahthe school counselor was just about as weird if not weirder than the love interest and his sister who just randomly show up Oh and the love interest has magic powers too And these magic powers they're never really explained The world building is zipI really want to know what makes this book so popular Eighteen million hits is a lot It's very impressive When I saw this I was impressed Excited to read this But then all of this? I notice a lot of people thing this book is aimed towards a younger audience but honestly I'm calling bull shit on this Because younger readers shouldn't have to put up with this trash They aren't stupid and there are so many good middle grade books out there that suggesting this is really a good middle grade book is ridiculous This book is just a waste I hate saying it But it made me angry I don't like writing reviews like this I don't like DNFing another book but that's what I had to do I'm just so infuriated right now I read two hundred pages of this book waiting for the main character to grow up a little and she hadn't not one bit And even if she did I don't think I'd care I was hoping for a light frothy witch book that was sort of like Sabrina the Teenage Witch but what I got was a pile of shit that I'm not going to get out of my mind soon Seriously you think Mean Girls is reality Maybe Tina Fey should write a movie about that and people who think The Titanic wasn't real aka sheer stupidity

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    Ugh this book is atrocious It’s just unbelievably appallingBrooklyn is one of the worst female characters ever She’s self absorbed stupid superficial has a superiority complex lies manipulates people literally and is just horrible First of all I don’t know or get what her obsession is with becoming popular and joining the Elite is It’s not as if joining them will solve your poor body image you have of yourself or your insecurities It’ll just be a mask to cover your troubles before it gets ripped offEveryone in this book must be dense or dumb as heck because once Brooklyn gets her powers she changes EVERYTHING about her appearance Giving herself blonder hair changes her eye color makes herself taller and of course has to give her herself the prereuisite big boobs and ass Not to mention the absolutely perfect and stunning skin complexion LIKE NO ONE NOTICES THIS CHANGE OVERNIGHT? REALLY? The Elite just thinks she got real good plastic surgery come on gag me now and her parents tell her she should just be careful and not overdo her magic use WHAT KINDA PARENTS ARE YOU? Damn enablersThe Elite are just terrible people Bullies out to destroy the lives of others that don’t agree with them or present them with a problem They want everything and will do anything to get what they want even if it means tearing down other people and ruining their lives to get it Brooklyn however keeps going along with their schemes and there are moments where she feels conflicted and bad that hey what they’re doing is NOT GOOD she continues on with them anyway UghHer boyfriend what was his name? IS A FREAKING SAINT He liked her before she started in on her crazy hijinks and still managed to tolerate her even when she became so fake and superficial upon joining the Elite He was so supportive and tried to be understanding even though he vastly disapproved of what she was doing and what the Elite did Although the amount of lying Brooklyn did to him made me want to RIP ALL THE PAGES OUT OF THIS BOOKThen later she cheats on him by making out with another guy because HEY declaring it not official or exclusive means you’re free to dally around with other guys NO WAY THAT IS STUPID If you are both in a serious relationship and not seeing other people YOU ARE THEREFORE EXCLUSIVE The worst part is when Brooklyn and the Elite are caught for all the terrible shit theyshe were doing and Brooklyn has the NERVE to gaslight her boyfriend about his anger betrayal and hurt feelings WHAT THE FUCK Look up gaslighting on Wikipedia if you’re not familiar with the concept Only terrible people do this shit to other peopleUGH THIS BOOK IS AWFUL I hate Brooklyn I hate this book and I hate all the messages it sent to readers in the story The only reason I really wanted to read this book is because it had such a funny witty title Not anySTAY AWAY FAR AWAY

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    What the spell? More like what the hell?I could honestly write a better book myself That's not saying much since I have the mind of a child I feel like Geragotelis wrote this when she was a freshman and she was mad at the cool girl for dating the boy she had a huge crush on Am I right or am I right? Brooklyn's obsession with being popular made me want to stop and just throw it away I have never ever wanted to be popular Okay maybe a little Let me just say I would never go to those extremes to be popular I also found the main character flat and unchanging I hate books with an unappealing main characters I have no idea what Asher ever saw in her It was like he saw her and went I'll date her Like good Lord Asher seems to have most of his crap together Why would he want to date a mess of a person Also I want to point out that Asher actually talked to Brooklyn AFTER SHE GOT HER FULL BODY MAKEOVER Is the author trying to tell me I will never get a guy unless I change myself? Ahem anyway I probably wouldn't date Brooklyn either without her flawless makeover Her personality doesn't really make you interested in herCan we talk about the makeover thing again though? Her parents literally unlock her powers and the first thing she does is transforms herself All the same night? Look I get that high school is rough and people don't always have high self esteems We have all gone through it If I had powers I would zap away my fat Not on the same night though No freaking way It would have been a slow transformation so I wouldn't draw attention to myself Because I would have LISTENED TO MY PARENTS AFTER THEY SAID DON'T DRAW ATTENTION TO YOUR POWERSBut this is a book so logic doesn't matter Brooklyn just poofs all her problems and no one uestions it They just enjoy the fact that she looks good If you had done that at my high school you would be considered fake and become a joke Or we would suspect that you are a witch Whatever worksThe book ended with a Pretty Little Liars moment where the girl gets threatened by an unknown number Immediately she rules out the girl who's life she just destroyed Now call me crazy but that girl would be my number one suspect Brooklyn goes I know it wasn't that girl because she would have just texted me from her usual number Uh noYou destroyed her so she knows you won't take her crap so it may be possible that she got a new number to threaten you Maybe it's just me being my evil self but that's what I would have done if I was in that girl's position Heck I would have done that if I went to the same school as Brooklyn The girl never even redeemed herselfI'm guessing there is a second book and Brooklyn will be exposed and all that crap No way am I going to find out My eyeballs would bleed if I cracked open another one of this lady's novels The best part was when Asher left Brooklyn and she was sad I literally sat on my bed going Hell yeah bitch You got what was coming for yaEDIT I read online that she tried to get this book published for TEN years There is a reason for that

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    WHAT THE SPELL is a spellbinding witchy read that explores what it means to be a teen with a little magic on their side Many giggles were had during my time reading the book though that reaction may not have been the authors intent in certain places The situations that Brooklyn went through were at many times ridiculous and a few times inspirational I didn't fall completely in love with the story as I expected I would but I still think that this will be a popular read with the younger teens trying to find their place in the intense world of high schoolBrooklyn was someone who I had a very difficult time connecting with While at first I felt for her loner status and wanted better for her the moment her powers are unbound she becomes a completely different and superficial girl Her actions made me cringe She became very callous and willing to go to extreme length to be accepted in a group that had bad intentions However by the end of the novel she grows into a much stronger girl who learns from her terrible mistakes and begins to transform into someone the reader can identify with I have high hopes for her in the next bookWhile I didn't like Brooklyn for a majority of the novel the plot kept me going I wanted her to be able to overcome The Elite and learn about her powers There's also a developing back story surrounding her adorable love interest Asher which will definitely play a bigger role in the next book I also think there's a lesson for younger teens to learn about being true to themselves and not changing who they are for others who can't accept what's already there WHAT THE SPELL is cutesy YA debut that is on the lighter side While I feel like Brooklyn could have been fleshed out a bit and a few events in the book bugged me I still think certain readers will come to love WHAT THE SPELL

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    Lost me as a reader a short time after she changes her body with her magic Not just removing bad hair or zits but making her butt and boobs bigger What do the parents say in reaction to this?? Your using magic too much Honey your gonna get burned at the stake WTH How about honey your beautiful just the way you are Her teacher showed concern about her body image hatred Clearing up bad skin is one thing but changing everything about yourself just to get some popular twits to notice you is far beyond stupidMaybe a moral will show up later Not interesting enough to find outThis confronts the uestion of if you had magic powers when you were a teenage what would you do? I personally would become a super genius graduate in a month and blow the joint This chick just wants to be popular Hmm

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    This book totally reminded me of As You Wish which I read at the beginning of the summer It was cute light had a twist of magic in there and generally just pretty fun to read Though I'm not super into the I have to be popular storyline because honestly who cares? I do know it's a big part of younger YA audience and lit so I'm okay with it being a thing hereBrooklyn is just REALLY adamant about getting into this crowd but they're not even nice Still after her makeover they notice her and start giving her jobs to do essentially hazing to prove herself worthy enough to join this group But the twist is the magic There are kind of two storylines that happen in this book and I was okay with both of them One was completing these tasks and hiding her magic the other was learning about her family history and magic and dealing with what would happen if someone found out they existedI obviously liked the latter of the two better and the book left off with an intriguing enough ending that I'm trying to find the second book in all my boxes so I can read it because it's got to do with the interesting plotAs far as the characters I didn't care for Brooklyn so much but she finally started to get the hang of things at the end so it wasn't ungodly irritating I liked Asher a friend she makes at school just fine but who I really liked was his sister Abby She was much dynamic and her personality was so much interesting than the other people in the book I really wanted to know about herI was kind of angry with something that happened toward the end A certain someone accused someone of a something and I just have a hard time believing it Like after one viewing being like obviously THIS is the reason I am 100% positive No That would not be it Seriously? I was a little mad at that But maybe there's a reason for that that will crop up in book #2This was a fun and friendly book with a few things that were weird but other than that I really enjoyed it Read When You want a little bit of magic and mystery and a lot of ridiculous high school drama

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    45 stars What the Spell is the first book in a planned series about teenage witches and is rooted in the story of the Salem Witch Trials which is definitely not new territory for a book but the author does a really great job of breathing brand new life into a subject that has been tackled before One of the standout parts of the book for me was the main character of Brooklyn She is smart but she doesn't always make the best decisions I loved loved loved her voice in the book You want so badly for her to do the right thing and when she fails or stumbles you are still pulling for her because you've already been shown that at her core she really wants to try to do the right thing and that she's going through all of those things that so many teens go through want of acceptance first love etc You know exactly what she's thinking throughout the book and I really think that that it helped to pull me into the book and see things through Brooklyn's eyes Being a little bit older than her character I felt like there were a lot of decisions that Brooklyn made that weren't great especially when it comes to changing her appearance or some of the decisions she makes surrounding the popular group in her high school but having once been a teenager myself I totally got why she makes the decisions she makes At one point in my life I would have made the same decisions She's not perfect but it made her seem realI loved the sort of tug of war in the book between families like Brooklyn's who are low magic households because of what happened during the Salem Witch Trials and families like Brooklyn's love interest Asher's who believe that they should fully grab on to their gifts and it may have gotten them into trouble in the end With the cliffhanger around Asher's family in the end of the book I can't wait to see where the next book picks upBottom line A great contemporary YA read with a paranormal twist

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    I didn't think I would like this book as I prefer supernatural and less social situation but I found the story really engaging First I think every parent who wants to protect their children needs to read this book It is a warning of what will happen if you shelter your daughter and then suddenly set her loose in the world with absolutely no social or emotional survival skills Brooklyn's parents bound her magic until her sixteenth birthday on the assumption that she would suddenly have the maturity to deal with it They didn't use magic in front of her so she had no role models and they didn't seem to notice that she had no friends even though the only people at any of her birthday parties were her parents and her BFF was her guidance counselor When she finally has magic Brooklyn makes a never ending series of poor and inappropriate choices in the name of popularity which she believes will solve all her problems and set herself up to save the world some day Never having had friends she seems to value influence and power over all else and makes all sorts of excuses for her lying and destructive behavior She constantly justifies hurting other people with immature reasoningHOWEVERI don't know how Geragotelis did it but I didn't hate Brooklyn Normally this kind of single minded selfishness would completely turn me off but I understood enough of how she came to be that way to know that she is fumbling around like all of us had at one point in our live if you never fumbled you probably shouldn't read this book She thinks her intentions are good even though they're not but it's because she can't understand the situation because of her rigid and lifeless upbringing She is emotionally a child with a set of adult sized magical toolsPoor kid Poor poor annoying kid Can't wait for the next book

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    What the Spell? is the first book in Brittany Geragotelis’ Life’s a Witch Series For sixteen year old Brooklyn she wants nothing than to be the popular girl that gets all the attention especially by a cute guy When her traditionalist parents finally liberate her powers she wastes no time in giving herself a makeover complete with new friends and finally getting the attention of her crush Asher But just like her Salem ancestors this insinuation puts her in a position that if she is revealed for what she really is; she may be denigrated and could lose Asher foreverThe direction this uniue story takes is fully engaging and will have readers captivated from the beginning Author Brittany’s presentation of Brooklyn was wonderful She may not make the right decision at time and may get into bad situations but readers will remain loyal to her and root for her to succeed Brooklyn’s sheltered life is described in great detail and readers will get a true feeling of her emotions towards certain things in her life Brittany’s writing style allows for Brooklyn’s life lessons to be told in a beautiful presentation of a young person trying to figure out who they are as they come to age She provides readers with a world of witchcraft and seamlessly integrates it into this uniue coming of age story What the Spell? is simply adorable and has the uality that will have readers coming back to it time after time It is thrilling to know that his book is the first in a series and that there are to come35 Stars

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    High school politics are hard to navigate even if you are a witchI know that every high school has that cliue of students who are the 3 Ps pretty popular and powerful People we hate but secretly wish we could be or at least be around But this group is evil I understand the reason behind The Elite but what did they really want from it all? I wish there was talk about their futures and why doing bad things will get them there I read somewhere that this is part of a 3 book deal so I was disappointed that there was not talk about what was going on with Asher's family I am pretty sure it delves deep into the history of witches and a possible upcoming battle not a spoiler but an intuition based on my book reading history More ground work and information would have been nice For Brooklyn to be so desperate that Asher would not break up with her how could he leaving without notice leave Brooklyn at peace?What I hope the most is that young readers see what is morally and ethically wrong in this story and learn from it If your gut tells you something is bad it is Do not give up who you are for something fun Look what happened to The Elite Wait you have to buy the bookUntil next time live life one page at a time