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Interesting and informative. An excellent book for those newly on the path of Wicca and those who have been stumbling along for a while unsure of where they are going Don t let anyone tell you Buckland is a fluffy bunny No matter what modern Wicca have done to the religion, this is how it was meant to be. At Last, Here Is A Book To Guide Every Wiccan Through The Seasons Of Life Wicca For Life Provides A Modern Approach To Life, Embracing Such Themes As Feminism, Ecology, Attunement, Brotherly Sisterly Love, Planetary Care, And Equal Rights For All BeingsReaders Will Learn How To Use Positive, Age Old Magic To Create The Reality They Desire Wicca Can Help Cure Problems, Improve Opportunities, And Enhance Enjoyment In All Realms Of Life At School, At Work, And At Home Included Are Instructions On How To Become A Witch And Follow Wiccan Tenets, Share Knowledge Through Celebration, And Construct The Tools Necessary To Create Daily Magic Readers Will Learn How To Use Magic To Develop Natural Psychic Abilities And Healing Tendencies Focus Powers And Sharpen Wiccan Wishing Block Curses And Open Up Channels For Positive Energy Balance The Dimensions Of Home, Using Elements Of Feng Shui Cope With Crisis And Ward Off Negativity Improve Relationships With Friends, Family, And Lovers This is the book that changed my life It was the very first book I d ever read on the subjects of Wicca and witchcraft Buckland has a way of explaining things to laymans that makes everything make sense He comes about very slow and gentle He maps things out for you and explains concepts several different ways The rituals are perfectly written and easy for a beginner to follow The reference material in the back is a great addition I just love this book If you are considering looking into Wicca to either practice or just study, I HIGHLY recommend this book As long as you can get by the this is the way it should be done in this book it s fairly decent and has some interesting stuff in it. Another good introduction to Wicca and the different beliefs. This book is FANTASTIC Everything you would need to know about Wicca is here the history, the methodology, EVERYTHING I HAVE to get this book I didn t read all the way through this book but not because of the book itself, just because it didn t resonate with me the way I hoped it would It s a good introductory book and givesinformation than many others that I ve looked at without being overly dry I d recommend it to someone interested in Wicca as a lifestyle and religion and I m glad it s finally recognized as a legitimate religion it s about time It also recognizes that not everyone can find a good group near them and so authenticates the role of a solitary practitioner which is important Lots of good stuff in this book. This was the first time reading a work of Buckland and I actually liked his way of writing, it s very simple and accessible The book itself is useful for those beginning and it shows an interesting way of work,connected to traditional Wicca in covens opposed to, for example, Scott Cunningham s books This is a good book to whoever is starting in this path, I did find a bit annoying, in this specific translation, that Witchcraft is always synonym of Wicca, even though there are others paths within Witchcraft that aren t Wicca I don t know if it was due to the translation or if it is something the author does since he is an elder member of Wicca and back then there really wasn t this distinction, but just though I would note it Overall the book is pretty good and I would recommended it, it has lots of resources and information, some you won t even usually find in regular beginners books such as explanations to Sex Magic, Sigils, Inactions, etc Very interesting to see this content explained so simply and clear. This book is the book I ve leafed throughthan once I found it early on in my search for the God and Goddess, and it s knowledge has been very useful though it repeated a lot of what Buckland said in his other books, especially Uncle Bucky s Big Blue Book There was a chart towards the end of the book showing the similar credos of other beliefs religions and how they were similar to the Wiccan Rede I use it for a reminder that though we wage wars because of our beliefs and how we differ, truly, we are the same and too stubborn to admit it This book is an invaluable source for any pagan.