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Phyllis Curott S First Book, Book Of Shadows, Was An Inspirational, Spiritual Memoir That Chronicled Her Journey From Ivy League Educated, New York City Attorney To Wiccan High Priestess By Inviting Readers Of All Faiths To Share In Her Own Personal Transformation, Phyllis Debunked Many Of The Myths Surrounding Wicca And Revealed It For What It Really Is A Spiritual Movement Whose Tenets Of Goddess Worship And Reverence For Nature Were A Great Deal Accessible And Familiar Than She D Ever Expected In Witch Crafting, Phyllis Digs Deep Into The Practices And Principles Of Witchcraft To Provide A Comprehensive Guidebook That Anyone Novices And Seasoned Practitioners Alike Can Use To Incorporate The Beauty And Power Of Wicca Into Their Own Daily LivesFar From Being Just Another Mechanical Spell Book, Witch Crafting Is The First Book To Offer Readers Not Only The How To Of Witchcraft, But Also The Why To, Explaining The Profound Spiritual Tenets Behind Wiccan Techniques Filled With Both Traditional And Innovative Shamanic Practices, Phyllis Also Provides An Empowering New Definition Of Magic And Reexamines The Ethics Under Which Witchcraft Is Practiced, Offering A Groundbreaking Alternative To The Threefold Law With Enchanting Stories From Curott S Own Experiences, Witch Crafting Will Also Teach You How To Master The Secret Arts Of Effective Spellcasting Create Sacred Space And Personal Rituals Perform Divinations For Spiritual Insight And Earthly Success Tap Into The Power Of Altered States, Such As Dreaming, Meditation, Prayer, And Trance Keep A Magical Journal And Create Your Own Book Of Shadows Keep A Magical Rich With Detailed Advice For Making Magic, Working With Nature, And Finding The Divine Within, As Well As Thought Provoking Evaluations Of This Remarkable Spirituality, Witch Crafting Is The Special Volume That You Ve Been Searching For Whether You Are A Beginner Or Have Been Practicing Witchcraft For Years, Whether You Worship In A Coven Or On Your Own, Witch Crafting Is The Ideal Handbook For You, Or Anyone Seeking To Unlock The Divine Power That Makes Real Magic Happen And Experience The Ecstasy, Energy, And Gifts Of The Universe Fully From The Hardcover Edition

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    This was the first book on Wicca that I picked up when I was 15 or so I still have it, if that means anything This is a great primer on the Wiccan religion She covers the fundamental Wiccan beliefs, holy days, traditions and lists correspondences for spellcraft This book s tone is predominantly spiritual religious, so if yer lookin for an intro to spells, either casting or writing, I suggest perhaps looking into something else I found Power Spellcraft for Life to be helpful, and the Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells was awesome.

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    Phyllis Curott is utterly sensible in her writing style, and I appreciate that, especially since a great deal of pagan books are way less down to earth This is a great practical handbook for both beginners and oldbies like me I ve been pagan for almost 14 years now , giving explanations of why we do what we do that are easy to understand and often not discussed Some of us, particularly practitioners who have never been part of a coven, don t get these theological explanations of how and why spells work and what to do when they don t, in addition to historical contexts for our practice.That said, it is a long read There are lots of activities she encourages you to engage in, but even if you skip over some of them which I don t recommend I think all of them are really useful , it will probably take you a long time There s a lot to absorb, even though she phrases it simply Really enjoyed this practical not quite how to guide to paganism It makes you think about the reasons for ritual, and helps organize your beliefs a bit better Good thinking through exercises and excellent suggestions in general I d recommend this for pretty much any pagan, n00b or old.

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    The way everyone first read or was told to read Starhawk s Spiral Dance in the 80s when seeking Witchcraft books, well, this is the book everyone I know suggests today It s ALWAYS one of the main books used in my WC apprenticeships The part about quantum physics is great at explaining magic I like that the energy of the Universe is Divine Love and not neutral as other books say the reasons for getting rid of the scare tactics of the 3 fold law are amazing getting rid of all poorly understood Eastern faith concepts would be even better for anyone, Witch or not and it sure is nice to have a Witch writer who is a high powered lawyer and into rock concerts Not all of us go to ren fairs and work at goth comic book stores or live on communes and practice Reiki

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    Great read This author backs up magical lessons with science, while not getting entangled in it

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    As someone who had never read anything besides online about Wicca, I learned a lot from this book It gave a very good overview of one tradition of Wicca, The Tradition of Ara While before reading this book I was interested in paganism in general, but not specifically Wicca, Witch Crafting has caused me to consider Wicca though not necessarily the Tradition of Ara as a potential path It also contains some very helpful exercises in meditation and visualisation, as well as lots of useful tables.

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    One of my favorite books on the subject, I love the way Phyllis breaks things down and describes them, she makes the subject so accessible I like that she challenges notions blanketly accepted by Wiccans today, like the Law of Three The chapter on how quantum physics supports the concepts of magick is also particularly interesting.

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    An excellent Witchcraft how to of use to the folk Crafter and the Kitchen Witch especially Very rich in sensory experience and hands on work and imagery, acquainting oneself with the natural world, etc I still use a variation of Curott s ritual bath formula to clean ritual clothes and altar cloths.

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    Probably the best beyond the basics books on witchcraft that I have ever read.Perhaps even the only beyond the basics book I ve read that, in fact, goes beyond the basics I borrowed it from the library and didn t want to return it.

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    This is an OK book Not my style but nothing really wrong with it I think it is misleading that she really does not have any real magical workings in the book, it is all spiritual based But like I said, not a bad book.

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    I should preface this, once again, by saying that this was never going to be a book for me In many ways I am just not the target audience, and that is okay It ll be good for someone, I m just not that someone.That said, I did eventually start skipping whole sections because I could not engage with the material on any level Philosophically I agreed with enough of it often enough that I couldn t even engage in a mocking way, but of course it didn t resonate with me nearly enough to be positively engaging.I did appreciate the outlook on black magic or good vs evil magic, at least than I appreciate most Wiccan outlooks on the subject On the other hand, I was pretty turned off by a quote from a well known anti trans bigot in the community, and I just hope that the author wrote this quoted That source before that person became so well known for bigotry.